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Chemicals & Chemical Processing

Mini Sifter eliminates oversized contamination from powders.

May 29, 2014

Using vibratory motor, Portable Mini Sifter allows particles smaller than mesh size to pass through apertures while larger particles stay on top of mesh. Optional outlet can be added to continuously remove contamination. Available in selection of polished finishes to meet quality control standards, sifter includes casters for maneuvering from one process to next. System is suited for sieving... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing

Vibrating Screener supports continuous or batch system operation.

Jan 21, 2014

In one pass, Finex 22 can screen materials to remove oversize contamination, impurities, or separate powders to ensure consistent product quality. Adjustable vibrator allows full control of material on mesh screen, and sieve can be fitted with scroll frame to ensure optimal flow of powder across entire screening area. Suited for check-screening and grading powders and pellets, system comes in... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing, Material Handling & Storage

Gated Outlet provides complete check-screening control.

Dec 09, 2013

Available in FDA-approved natural rubber, neoprene, or polyurethane, Russell Gated Outlet™ ensures powder products are check-screened, sifted, or separated efficiently and eliminates need to reduce feed rate. Product operates via pneumatically controlled gate placed inside sieve's oversize discharge outlet to control material flow, and gate can be automatically opened and closed for complete... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing, Machinery & Machining Tools, Material Handling & Storage, Mounting & Attaching Products, Packaging Products & Equipment

Bag Dump Station features 3 in 1 design.

May 24, 2013

Low-level bag tipping station incorporates high-capacity check screener that removes paper, string, and hazardous materials. Magnetic trap below sieve mesh catches ferrous particles smaller than mesh size. Station's dust hood, connecting to any dust extraction system, is integrated with sieve deck to provide dust-tight interface to maximize hygiene. Manufactured with stainless steel, product... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing

Compact Sieve meets 3-A sanitary standards.

Feb 05, 2013

Featuring hygienic design with fully stainless steel construction, FDA-approved materials, and gap-free mesh screens, Russell Compact Sieve meets 3-A sanitary standards requirements. Low profile, straight-through design enables screener to fit neatly into production lines, while quick-release toggle clamps enable screen changes without tools. Product targets users of processing equipment within... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing

Liquid Solid Separator offers separation down to 10 micron.

Dec 11, 2012

Adaptable to virtually any process, Liquid Solid Separator™ removes solids from liquids using centrifugal action of its impeller. Multipurpose machine can process 15,000 gph of materials such as pulps, fibers, insoluble particles, dairy, and wastewater, and design keeps meshes clear of oversize particles to ensure unrestricted liquid flow. Variable-speed drive and angle adjustment provides... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing

Airlock Screener improves powder containment.

Oct 16, 2012

Intended for pharmaceutical industry, Compact Airlock Sieve™ employs validatable pneumatic clamping system that promotes powder containment, product quality, as well as operator health and safety. Oversize contamination is accurately removed by mesh screen fitted to unit, while good product passes through mesh screen and towards next stage of production. Featuring crevice-free, smooth services,... Read More

Mechanical Power Transmission

Vibratory Check-Screener Starter reduces excess movement, noise.

Aug 28, 2012

Supplied in IP66 stainless steel enclosure, Russell Vibrastop(TM) reduces excessive movement and noise on shutdown for vibratory check-screener. This effect, achieved by bypassing sieve's resonant frequency, results in sieve shutdown within 0.5 sec. Whether sieve is mounted on fixed or mobile platform, product will help protect sieve and connecting equipment from damage. Also, replacing... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing

Vibratory Separator sizes, check-screens, and grades powders.

Jun 05, 2012

In one pass, Finex Separator can screen material to remove oversize contamination or separate material into 5 different fractions to ensure final product meets precise specification. Housing is designed around high-mass, machined casting and incorporates standard drive motor, which enables conformance to flameproof/explosion zone requirements. Equipped with oversize discharge spouts that can be... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing

Liquid/Powder Vibratory Screeners have straight-through design.

May 03, 2012

Available in 5 sizes from 10 in. lab unit up to 60 in. production scale unit, Russell Compact Sieves are used for safety screening of powders and liquid slurries. Design promotes transmission of vibration to mesh screen surface, while quick release toggle clamps facilitate disassembly and cleaning. Mounted on rubber suspension system, low-profile vibratory screeners operate at less than 70 dBA... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing, Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Self-Cleaning Liquid Filter has crevice-free design.

Feb 24, 2012

To meet demands of food and pharmaceutical industries, Russell Hygiene Filter(TM) is designed in accordance with hygienic machinery standard BS EN ISO 14159:2008 and food contact regulation EU1935/2004. Crevice-free filter does not require any tools for cleaning or maintenance and dismantles completely by one operator. Featuring reusable, reduced crevice filter element, fully enclosed,... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing

Magnetic Separator keeps product free of ferrous content.

May 09, 2011

Designed for use on Compact sieves, 316L stainless steel magnetic separator helps ensure food and pharmaceuticals remain free from ferrous contaminants. Particles are attracted to and securely held on bars which can be wiped clean between batches. Number and placement of bars promote balanced coverage of open space and magnetic field strength without restricting throughput. Ferrite model achieves... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing, Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment, Sensors Monitors & Transducers

Filter Management System monitors and controls liquid filtration.

Jun 21, 2010

Designed to continually monitor line and differential pressure, Russell Filter Management System(TM) discharges oversize from filter automatically, eliminating operator involvement. System prevents risk of damage to filter and to up- or down-stream processes due to over pressure, while minimizing operator exposure to harmful products. Equipped with backlit LCD for setup and use, PLC-based system... Read More

Materials & Material Processing

Screen Changing Unit promotes operator safety.

Mar 16, 2007

Screen Changer accelerates screen changes on sieves, screeners, and separators while reducing risk of operator injury and mesh damage. With portable design and built-in, rechargeable power pack, unit enables mesh screens to be changed by single operator without manual lifting or additional tools. It lifts up to 4 decks simultaneously, with or without deblinding devices, and allows bottom screen... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing

Sieve targets pneumatic conveying lines.

Dec 06, 2006

Enabling processors to screen and transport material simultaneously, Blow Thru Sieve(TM) eliminates double handling. It allows good product to pass through vibrating mesh screen while removing oversize contamination from powders during dilute phase pneumatic conveying. By combining powder screening and positive pressure conveying, throughputs up to 60,000 lb/hr are achieved. Unit assembles and... Read More

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