Belt Drives Succeed with Right-angle Gearbox 40% Space Savings with Alpha LPBK+ Right-angle Gearbox

WITTENSTEIN breaks new ground with the alpha LPBK+ right-angle gear specifically suited for low-cost belt drive applications. This gearbox offers up to 40% space envelope savings as compared to conventional drive technology for linear applications.

Perfectly positioned to add value to the robust alpha gearbox portfolio, the alpha LPBK+ combines the flexible design of the inline alpha LPB+ with the compactness of the right angle alpha LK+. Being one of the newest economy gearboxes at WITTENSTEIN, this right-angle spiral bevel belt drive works to the extreme in a variety of applications. High positioning accuracy, high power density and simple motor mounting make this gearbox truly one of a kind. Depending on the application, this flexible design can offer many advantages.

Configurations and applications include:

o Flanged output for rotary turntables

o Timing belt pulley for compact linear drives

Experience sensational space efficiencies with the alpha LPBK+. Visit the relevant product pages for more information or contact us today to discuss your application.

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1249 Humbracht Circle

Bartlett, IL 60103

Media Contact:

Miriam Metcalfe


1249 Humbracht Circle

Bartlett, IL 60103

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