ASTM Committee Name Change reflects focus on antimicrobials.

Press Release Summary:

With its new title, E35 Committee on Pesticides, Antimicrobials, and Alternative Control Methods aims to provide industry with better understanding of committee's scope and focus. This includes promoting visibility pertaining to its work on antimicrobial agents as well as potentially reducing duplication in standards development when other groups within and outside ASTM search for antimicrobial standards.

Original Press Release:

ASTM Pesticides Committee Changes Name to Reflect Increased Importance of Antimicrobials

W. CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa.-Previously known as Committee E35 on Pesticides and Alternative Control Methods, E35 is now titled Committee on Pesticides, Antimicrobials and Alternative Control Methods to include reference to development of methods for testing efficacy of antimicrobial formulations.

E35's new name will provide industry with a better understanding of the complete scope and focus of the committee. In addition, the change will provide more visibility to the work of Subcommittee E35.15 on Antimicrobial Agents, as well as potentially reduce duplication in standards development when other groups within and outside of ASTM are searching for relevant antimicrobial standards.

In addition to the title, the first paragraph of E35's scope was changed. The following is the revised scope: "The scope of Committee E35 is the development of standard definitions, classifications, appropriate test methods and recommended practices relating to efficacy, safety, quality and impact in appropriate environments of pesticides, antiseptic and antimicrobial agents, biological agents, devices and equipment. These activities will be coordinated with the interests of related committees in ASTM, and with other professional and governmental organizations."

Formed in 1973, Committee E35 has more than 200 members. More than 50 standards involving antimicrobials are under the jurisdiction of E35 with more than 16 proposed antimicrobial standards under development. For more information, visit the E35 Web page at

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ASTM Committee E35 Next Meeting: April 11-13, 2011, April Committee Week, Anaheim, Calif.
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