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APS is a high-tech company concentrated exclusively on power electronics, providing innovative, leading-edge, quality-engineered products. Our technical expertise and practical experience allows us to develop and produce power electronic products that satisfy the toughest requirements and withstand the harshest environments. APS featuring a complete converter & controllers solution with our SixPac model.

SixPac(TM) Series Converters integrate SCRs, DC filter capacitors, laminated bus, advanced SCR gate firing boards and protection circuits in a single, compact unit. The SixPac configured as a three-phase AC to DC converter power stage incorporates SCRs for full control or SCR/Diodes for half control conversion. The AC Controllers give the user complete phase control of the AC power line. CAP60A3P SixPac(TM) 3Ø SCR AC Controller & CAP90A3P SixPac(TM) 3Ø SCR AC Controller for OEMs and system integrators.

Product selection includes engineered solutions for ; driver boards for IGBT, SCR and MOSFET, high power inverter and converter power blocks, air and liquid cooled high power semiconductor assemblies, high voltage driver boards for IGBTs and SCRs, MOSFET linear power amplifiers, solid state AC and DC contactors, high voltage, pulsed power switches, and high power input and output power blocks.

APS power products are used to improve efficiency, reliability, and quality of the electric power in; heavy industries - steel and mining, power transmission and distribution, distributed generation, solar power, wind power, telecomm, marine and rail propulsion, aerospace, medical, and alternative energy.

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