Applied Coatings Systems to Offer Line-X Industrial Coatings for Commercial and Military Markets

Baltimore, MD- Applied Coating Systems, a leader in the industrial coatings market, announces the addition of Line-X Industrial Coatings to its wide range of commercial offerings. Line-X, currently a leader in the industry for spray on truck bedliners, is an instant-set polyurethane/polyurea hybrid that offers corrosion protection for metals and wear resistance for most substrates. The patented coating provides many benefits in military and industrial settings, such as prolonged operational life with reduced maintenance and repair needs and enhanced employee safety.

Applied Coating Systems will offer customers the exclusive Line-X formula to protect a wide variety of commercial substrates, including roofs, stairways, parking structures, bridges, tunnels, roadways and ship decks. With a proven track record in extreme environments, including marine and military applications, on ships, submarines and Humvees, the patented material is flexible and offers unmatched wear resistance. Applied Coating Systems will initially focus on using Line-X in military applications, such as bomb blast mitigation and chemical containment.

"We're very pleased to add Line-X to our broad lineup of industrial coatings," said Ronald L. Kaufmann, President of Applied Coating Systems. "The product has a strong brand reputation, and we expect it to be a good fit for our existing customers across many military and commercial segments. We also believe it will provide new opportunities for expanding our customer base."

About Line-X Industrial Coatings

LINE-X was invented by Claudio Burtin, a principle in LINE-X. Mr. Burtin's goal was to develop a highly durable, spray-able, polyurethane/polyurea coating that could be sprayed using commercial grade high temp/high pressure, plural spray equipment common to the polyurethane foam industry. After almost 10 years of research and experimentation LINE-X was born. When he first coated the floor of a racecar trailer, it gained instant popularity. Fifteen years later, LINE-X has grown to become one of the largest franchised businesses in the automotive after-market industry and the leading spray-on bedliner company in the United States. Currently, LINE-X has over 500 locations in the U.S. and Canada, spraying over 20,000 truck beds a month.

More than bedliners - The LINE-X brand has rapidly expanded into a broad array of commercial and industrial applications. From coating ballistic body armor worn by U.S. troops overseas and machinegun mounts on Humvees, to secondary containment in a variety of industrial applications, the LINE-X material has proven very versatile. It is widely distributed and applied throughout the industrial community.

The patented LINE-X PAXCON formula has been demonstrated in applications such as bomb blast protection for concrete buildings and trailers for the U.S. Air Force Research Lab and Army Corps of Engineers. This product has been applied to the walls of several high profile buildings. Similarly, LINE-X has been demonstrated as a non-skid surface on U.S. Navy Submarines.

LINE-X has clearly led a revolution in the coatings industry and is poised for future growth in both the spray-on bedliner markets and other commercial/industrial applications.

About Applied Coating Systems

Applied Coating Systems, Inc. is a privately held corporation based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. The company applies a wide range of decorative and protective coatings for military, micro-processing, and industrial applications. Serving all branches of the military and their subcontractors, Applied Coating Systems provides an extensive range of sophisticated military coating applications, including radar absorbing material (RAM) coatings for military equipment.

The company's 65,000 square foot plant is outfitted with state-of-the-art robotic equipment and task-specific facilities. The Applied Coating Systems management team and its technicians are highly skilled in providing the best in surface integrity, performance and corrosion protection through controlled application of coating systems.

In addition to its line of military and fluoropolymer coating applications, Applied Coating Systems also provides a variety of other specialized coatings for various industries. For more information, call 410-644-4500 or visit

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