Allied Machine & Engineering Corp. (AMEC) to exhibit at EASTEC 2008.

When attending Eastec this May 20-22, please plan to stop by the AMEC
booth, #5347, in Bldg. 5. Allied Machine will once again be displaying and
demonstrating the latest, and greatest, metal cutting tooling
available to the industry. Leading the way is the recently
expanded offering, GEN3SYS® High Penetration Drilling
System. The increased range for this remarkable tool is
Now 12-32 mm, with 3x, 5X & 7X drill depth-to-diameter ratios, and is available
with straight and helically fluted holders. GEN3SYS is engineered to provide
improved chip formation, increased penetration rates, and a longer tool life, and is
coated with AMEC's exclusive AM200® coating to ensure optimum tool

Also on display at Westec will be the AMEC Opening Drill(TM), a
sensible choice for costly hole-enlargement applications.
Opening Drill(TM) has the ability to remove massive amounts of
material in just one pass, even on low horsepower machines.

Allied Machine & Engineering Corp. (AMEC), is the leading manufacturer of
replaceable tip drilling systems, offering the widest breadth of high quality
products in the hole making industry. The Original T-A® Drilling System offers a
range in diameter from 3/8" (9,5mm), to 4-1/2" (114mm). The AMEC standard
holder allows for depth-to-diameter drilling up to 32-to-1. AMEC T-A® drill inserts
are available with seven types of substrates; three HSS, four carbide grades and
offer a variety of premium coatings. The flagship of the T-A® drill inserts, is the
GEN2 T-A®. This product raised the bar on hole-finish, quality and hole-tolerance in
replaceable tip drills. GEN2 T-A® is coated with Allied's exclusive AM200® coating,
and has been the subject of many success stories within the industry.
The T-A® Drilling System also offers Special holders and inserts.
Other tooling that utilizes the T-A® Drilling System are: The Structural Steel
Holders, which have opened new avenues of opportunity for the structural steel
industry. XL and 3XL Length T-A® Standard holder for deep hole drilling.
This product allows for a depth-to-diameter ratio unequaled by any other
manufacturer in the industry.

Continuing the focus total hole making at its finest, AMEC offers a wide variety of
Thread Milling tools. The AccuThread 856® helically fluted solid carbide
threading system has been received as one of the highest quality thread mills
in the industry. AccuThread 856® utilizes AM210(TM) coating for increased
penetration rates and longer tool life. AccuThread 856® will also be demonstrated at the Allied booth.

If you drill stainless steel or any other difficult chip forming materials in the 3mm to
20mm diameter range, then AMEC's ASC 320® Solid Carbide High Performance
drill has the solution to your applications.

Superior hole-finishing is made possible with AMEC's ALVAN Expandable
Reamers, available in monobloc and ring style.
Also ask about the line of EcoCut tooling. A revolutionary way to perform multiple
tasks with one tool. This remarkable tool is designed to perform Drilling, Boring,
Facing & Turning operations.
Catalogs for all the tooling mentioned in this release are available on-line at

For special tool designing and quoting of both holders and drill inserts, ask your
AMEC rep to explain how you can utilize the
INSTA-QUOTE(TM) portion of the Allied website.
INSTA-QUOTE(TM) is an AMEC program developed to
provide special length, step and custom design drills,
quotes and delivery information, to our metal cutting
customers in real time.

The INSTA-QUOTE(TM) program allows for On-Line rapid quoting and ordering,
available 24/7 from any internet connection.

Allied provides engineered drilling solutions and superior application support, by
phone or in person, to users of the AMEC product line. New customers are pleased
with the depth of help offered by AMEC engineers

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