All Whitford Nonstick Coatings are Available without PFOA

Whitford offers all the above coatings in versions that are totally free of PFOA (the current low-PFOA formulas are also still available). All Whitford facilities offer both low- and PFOA-free coatings.

Availability: Samples and production quantities of the PFOA-free formulations in our wide range of coatings are available.

Performance: All Whitford’s PFOA-free coatings have been thoroughly tested, and perform the same as those of the low-PFOA formulations. Note: Some customized reformulation may be required to meet specific needs.

Application: The PFOA-free formulations can be applied via spray, roller and curtain application, the same as the low-PFOA versions. Testing: All coatings have been tested according to the Whitford matrix of cookware tests (for more information on Whitford test methods, contact your local representative).

Marketing: To complement Whitford’s environmentally friendlier coatings, a label was introduced for use with the existing Whitford trademarks, or by itself. It makes a clear statement that the coating is “Made without PFOA”, and helps communicate the “greener” aspect of the coating (see leaf above). For more information on the use of Whitford logos on packaging, contact your local representative.

All Whitford nonstick coatings are available without PFOA

Where good ideas come to the surface It’s easy to become confused about the safety of traditional nonstick coatings and nonstick cookware because of inaccurate newspaper articles, TV reports, and advertising claims. Allow us to clear the air and reconfirm the inherent safety of traditional nonstick coatings and nonstick cookware.

PTFE and PFOA are NOT the same PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is a type of fluoropolymer commonly used to create a nonstick surface on cookware, bakeware, small electric appliances, and other food-related applications. PTFE is also an essential component in items such as automobiles, airplanes, mechanical and electrical equipment, oilfield equipment, medical equipment, surgical implants, pollution control equipment, fire-resistant wire insulation, and various household items. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration), NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and other regulatory agencies all make clear that PTFE is completely safe for people and the environment.

PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) is a fluorochemical that has been used as a processing aid in the manufacture of PTFE. In recent years, the US EPA became concerned about emissions of PFOA into the environment; consequently, since 31 December 2015, the EPA has regulated its use.

In the meantime, the EPA has stated: “The information that EPA has available does not indicate that the routine use of consumer products poses a concern. At present, there are no steps that EPA recommends that consumers take to reduce exposures to PFOA.”

PFOA Stewardship Program

As a result of the EPA’s concerns about PFOA, six major fluoropolymer manufacturers joined with the EPA in a voluntary program to “work toward the elimination of PFOA from emissions and products by the end of 2015.” The program is referred to as the “2010/2015 PFOA Stewardship Program” and the manufacturers have met their goals of eliminating PFOA in PTFE manufacturing effective December 31, 2015.

The Stewardship Program does not impact the use of PTFE in any applications. Moreover, the EPA does not intend to ban or restrict the use of PTFE. PTFE coatings are here to stay.

What is Whitford doing?

As a coatings manufacturer, Whitford purchases PTFE from companies that are signatories to the 2010/2015 Stewardship Program. We worked with each of our PTFE suppliers to eliminate the use of PFOA in the manufacturing process of the fluoropolymers we purchase. Since December 31, 2015, Whitford has been offering a wide range of coatings containing fluoropolymers made without PFOA.

What options are available to you?

If you want to use Whitford coatings made without PFOA in the manufacture of your product, please contact your Whitford sales or technical representative for more information.

Whitford’s Consumer Team helps clear up the confusion about PFOA, PTFE and nonstick cookware Where good ideas come to the surface • © Whitford 2016

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