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Designing and manufacturing the highest quality double diaphragm pumps available to the industry is what we do—and we make it our personal mission to build them to last.

TG Missouri, a global company that provides automatic safety system products such as steering wheels, airbags, side molding and interior/exterior plastic trim for automobiles, deals with plating chemicals on a regular basis. Naturally, these chemicals—tin, copper and chromic acid—are extremely aggressive and corrosive, making them very difficult to handle.


TG Missouri found that its current Sandpiper and Wilden pumps were not easy to repair and required much greater man-hours and parts inventory than what seemed reasonable for the operation. TG Missouri needed a solution—fast. The company turned to Cardinal Pump, a distributor seasoned in finding the best solutions for its customer's most difficult pump challenges.


TG Missouri shared its current pump challenges and feelings of dissatisfaction in an effort to find the best possible solution. The company was relieved to learn there were better options and to receive validation for the frustrations it was experiencing with its current system.

Cardinal Pump thoroughly reviewed all applications with TG Missouri. Cardinal learned the main objectives for the new, higher performing pump was to increase durability and longevity, improve the mean time between failure, ease of reparability and cost effectiveness. Understanding TG Missouri's reason for change and the chemical challenges it was facing, Cardinal Pump reached out to All-Flo® for help. They were confident All-Flo® would be able to offer a pump solution that would handle all the various plating chemicals utilized by TG Missouri, as well as provide the best pump material for the various types of chemicals being pumped.


The fluid needing pumped was a Molotov cocktail of plating chemicals. When diluted, most levels had less than 20% concentration. The pumps would transfer from waste tanks to neutralizing tanks, to evaporator-reducing fluid content before the sludge was removed from the facility.

Because of the strength of these chemicals, they demand many different pump materials to ensure the longest possible pump life. All-Flo provided Cardinal Pump with all chemical information and materials of compatibility.

With this information, Cardinal Pump  recommended the following solution: 1" 1.5" PVDF pump construction with PTFE elastomers model #'s KN-10 KN-15. The reliable polypropylene air center sections these models provide combined with non-metallic clamped casing materials ensure maximum chemical compatibility.

TG Missouri is highly satisfied with its new, heavy-duty solution. All-Flo®'s pumps have provided increased life by more than 45%. They have also proven to be easier and quicker to repair, and more cost-effective. TG Missouri is now converting all of its current air operated double diaphragm pumps to All-Flo®, replacing more than 15 units to date.

All-Flo® is dedicated to providing trouble-free solutions and service under the toughest conditions. If you need a company that delivers the safest, most reliable pumping solution for your unique application, contact All-Flo at (440) 354-1700 to see if they can help, just like they did for TG Missouri.


ALL-FLO is committed to the pursuit of designing and manufacturing the highest quality product available to industry. Since the beginning in 1986, All-Flo engineers have used their extensive knowledge of today's engineered materials, advanced air system logic and manufacturing techniques to develop the superior group of lube-free, air-operated diaphragm pumps found in this catalog. Every pump is performance engineered and quality built to provide trouble-free service under the toughest conditions.

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