All-Flo® Diaphragm Pumps: Exceeding Expectations

For TT Barge Company, no job is too big. TT Barge specializes in the cleaning of barges, offshore tanks and tankers, ships and railcars. These transporters carry anything from crude oil to specialized chemicals throughout the U.S. gulf coast and inland waterways.

Keeping this equipment clean and in good operating condition directly impacts the efficiency of the operation. In the final evacuation stage, acid based cleaners are pumped with high volume centrifugal pumps. This clears out fluid waste, contaminated water, acid based cleaners and minor debris.

For this stage in the process, TT Barge found the diaphragm pump's design was able to effectively handle waste, entrained air and debris. This pump also has impressive suction lift capabilities, portability and the unique ability to run dry without damaging the pump.


Before turning to All-Flo, TT Barge grew increasingly more frustrated with its pump solutions. The company's existing pumps were lacking durability—directly affecting the efficiency of their operations. When the pumps broke down, they were difficult to service and when repairing, they required several parts, slowing down productivity. TT Barge's pump lift was unreliable, resulting in a sense of uncertainty. Curious about alternatives, TT Barge reached out to its local distributor, Better Pumps Services. Knowing the ease of air motor service and the reliability of All-Flo® Heavy Duty Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps, Better Pumps Services offered TT Barge a trial pump.

TT Barge took their new All-Flo® Pump for a test drive—and were impressed with the results. The company found the previous pump's life was half that of All-Flo®'s Heavy Duty Pump. Because of the pump's performance and Better Pumps & Solutions' knowledge, after 60 days, TT Barge purchased the trial pump along with two other units.


TT Barge found its new All-Flo® pumps offered greater durability, resulting in a better lifespan and ease of serviceability. The costs associated with labor and repair also decreased. These improvements convinced TT Barge to convert its entire fleet of Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps over to All-Flo® Heavy Duty Pumps. Materials range from Aluminum/PTFE to Poly and Stainless Steel with either PTFE or santoprene elastomers, depending on what substances were being cleaned out. TT Barge couldn't be happier with its new pumping solutions and continues to depend on Better Pumps & Services and All-Flo® for all its evacuation needs.

All-Flo® is dedicated to providing the best durability and serviceability to all customers. If you need a company that delivers the safest, most reliable pumping solution for your unique application, contact All-Flo® at (440) 354-1700.


ALL-FLO is committed to the pursuit of designing and manufacturing the highest quality product available to industry. Since the beginning in 1986, All-Flo engineers have used their extensive knowledge of today's engineered materials, advanced air system logic and manufacturing techniques to develop the superior group of lube-free, air-operated diaphragm pumps found in this catalog. Every pump is performance engineered and quality built to provide trouble-free service under the toughest conditions.

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