AirLoc Wedgmounts with Spacer Pads & Horizontal Restraints Keep a Top Heavy Press Stable!

Clark-Cutler-McDermott has a number of large presses used to fabricate automotive acoustic fiber panels supplied to Volkswagen for their new model vehicles. Recently CCMcD moved one of these presses to a new manufacturing cell and wanted to provide a specific working height with precise leveling and horizontal restraints to keep the press in place, even with repetitive, high level dynamic loads. AirLoc 10-VRC Freestanding Wedgmounts with 3 inches of 900 series leveling pads bonded to the bottom of the mounts were used to obtain the correct height. In addition, AirLoc Horizontal Restraints were installed on each side of the press to insure that no lateral or longitudinal misalignment occurs during press operation. The press was moved, installed, and precisely leveled in a day with minimal loss of production time.

With a wide selection of Wedgmounts, Isolation / Damping Pads, and Accessories, AirLoc can provide precise machine leveling and alignment to insure manufacturing equipment runs at maximum production rates and efficiencies. Contact AirLoc for help in providing a cost effective, quality machine leveling system.

For more information regarding AirLoc Pads or Leveling Mounts, contact our headquarters in Franklin, MA or your regional AirLoc Representative.

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