Airfree® Technology from Fishman® Corporation Improves the Validation to Production Process

Hopkinton, MA—Fishman® Corporation, maker of innovative assembly fluid dispensing systems for the medical device, electronics, fiber optics, automotive and aerospace industries, addresses the need for improving the validation to production process with its patented AirFree® Technology.

Until the emergence of AirFree® Technology, manufacturers were at a disadvantage. The reason for this is they had no choice but to use compressed air to run their assembly fluid dispensing systems. Compressed air is a gas, and as such, it is constantly changing. Algorithms cannot be applied to a constantly changing gas, making it impossible to standardize validation results.

The problems do not lessen after validation. Six months to a year into production the instability of compressed air worsens, requiring daily operator adjustments to be made. Inevitably this leads to human errors. At this point in the cycle, production managers find themselves in a quandary that leaves them with no option for change. Other drawbacks to using compressed air include its high cost, which erodes profits, and its harmfulness to the environment.

Interestingly, many of the issues undermining manufacturers are to a certain extent self-made. This is because the objectives of validation and production teams differ. Although these disparities are not vast, they are enough to compound the problems created when compressed air is part of the equation.

“When speaking with manufacturers, we make it a point to impress upon them how the differing points of view of validation and production teams carry risks, which result in problems that can subvert overall corporate goals,” said Scott Beebe, President, Fishman® Corporation. Beebe went on to explain, “When we describe how AirFree® Technology can help each group achieve their differing objectives, and in doing so improve the validation to production process, we find everyone nodding in agreement. We like to wrap up our discussion by advising manufacturers to try out our solution on an application coming up in the pipeline. We tell them that this approach is not only easy to implement, but it also allows them to experience the benefits of AirFree® Technology more quickly.”

AirFree® Technology provides manufacturers with the ability to attain precise algorithmic control which, in turn, ensures duplication of validation results across multiple systems and production facilities. With this high degree of precision, 100% exact performance and results are easily achieved, time after time. This helps reduce validation costs, increase production throughput and boost profits. Besides achieving results that satisfy the objectives of both groups, AirFree® Technology also helps build greater trust between validation and production facilities.

Adding to the certainty of success is Fishman’s® Validation Support Program. It begins with a Fishman® engineer performing a capabilities study at the Fishman® facility. The results of the study are used to develop a fluid dispense program, which is provided to the engineering staff overseeing the application. Once all the parameters are inputted into the SmartDispenser® with AirFree® Technology,

Fishman’s® innovative assembly fluid dispensing system, it is not unusual for the manufacturer to be dispensing successfully in as little as thirty minutes.

To learn more how patented AirFree® Technology from Fishman® Corporation can take manufacturers seamlessly from validation to installation to full production at one or multiple facilities, please contact Omar Regalado, Director of Global Sales,

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Fishman® Corporation has been innovating since its founding over a half century ago. In that time, the company has been at the cutting edge of fluid dispensing technology, producing dispense systems for the application of assembly fluids for the medical device, electronics, fiber optics, automotive and aerospace industries. As a result of the company’s ongoing urge to innovate, its products and technologies are more advanced than those offered by traditional suppliers. When they become part of a production line, Fishman® solutions improve the process and eliminate human errors, thus helping to increase productivity, yields and profits.

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