Access Hardware with Added Functionality: Pem® Metal/Plastic Panel Fasteners Offer Color-Coding Capabilities

PEM® metal/plastic access hardware ordered with custom ABS cap colors allow for color-coding or matching in an assembly to offer specific practical functions. The color caps can serve as visual identifiers to "flag" components, designate restricted or limited access areas, or correlate with equipment instructions. They can also be specified to match the color of a panel or other component or to simply enhance overall cosmetics.

Optional cap colors include red, yellow, green, orange, blue, and violet. (Black ABS caps are standard and additional custom colors can be developed as required for an application.)

All types of PEM metal/plastic access hardware can be operated by tool or hand. They incorporate fully captive steel screws to keep loose parts to a minimum and eliminate risks associated with screws that otherwise could loosen, fall out, and damage internal components.

Depending on type, this line of metal/plastic access hardware can meet UL 508 "operator access area" requirements and integrates slot, Phillips, or slot/Phillips combination drives. Screw thread sizes range from #4-40 through #12-24 and M3 through M6. Varying lengths are available.

The color-cap access hardware line has further expanded with the introduction of ReelFast® SMT surface mount panel fasteners. These mount on printed circuit boards in the same manner and at the same time as other surface mount components prior to the automated reflow solder process.

For all PEM access hardware products detailed specifications (Bulletin PF) and free part drawings (PEM CAD Library) can be found at
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