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Vectorworks 2018 Software features direct site model contour editing.

Nov 23, 2017

Vectorworks 2018 Software comes with architect, landmark, spotlight, designer and fundamentals options. Unit features multiple drawing views which offers viewports, views and visibility settings. Product enables user to change 3D, plan, section and elevation views. Software offers add openings, align and distribute windows, reposition doors across multiple layers and reshape walls options.... Read More


BIM Authoring Design Software comes in multiple languages.

Dec 10, 2015

In addition to English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Norwegian, Vectorworks 2016 comes in Spanish and Portuguese versions. Program offers streamlined project sharing, graphical scripting, and subdivision modeling. With Point Cloud Support, designers can use preferred 3D scanning device to capture physical location and import 3D point cloud object into Vectorworks to manipulate and measure.... Read More


Design Software offers BCF and Simplified Geometry MVD.

Apr 08, 2015

BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) Importer, included with Vectorworks 2015 Service Pack 3, lets users read BCF files from collaborators to view project model issues directly within context of Vectorworks model. Also, Simplified Geometry Model View Definition (MVD) lets users export Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) files optimized for other software programs. Export Walls/Slabs by components feature... Read More


BIM Software leverages 64-bit technology for optimal performance.

Dec 02, 2014

Spanish-language release of Vectorworks 2015 incorporates features targeting architecture, Building Information Modeling (BIM), urban planning, and entertainment design applications. Integrated 64-bit capabilities apply to photorealistic rendering engine as well as entire product line – Designer, Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Fundamentals and Renderworks® – for handling larger... Read More


Pedestrian Simulation Software aids building design and analysis.

Jul 07, 2014

As plug-in for Vectorworks software, SimTread 2 lets users simulate and analyze pedestrian crowd movement. It can also serve as evacuation simulation software. Functionality covers identifying crowded areas and factors that inhibit or change circulation flow as well as determining best designs for safe traffic flows. Also, solution supports crowd movement simulations with capabilities for... Read More

Computer Hardware & Peripherals, Software

Cloud Services Software offers broad file storage.

Mar 03, 2014

With Vectorworks Nomad v2.6 mobile application, users can upload and access variety of file types to Vectorworks Cloud Services or Dropbox-enabled storage and view them in Cloud Services web portal or on mobile device. Users can access and share drawing and design information as well as other types of files related to project, including images, spreadsheets, and Word documents. In addition,... Read More


CAD Software is available with Japanese localization.

Jan 20, 2014

Vectorworks® 2014 design software, including Vectorworks Designer, Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Fundamentals, and Renderworks®, is available in Japanese language version. Along with BIM tools for architects, features include site design capabilities for landscape architects and designers as well as lighting devices, documentation, and graphic controls for entertainment designers.... Read More


Modeling Software is available in Spanish-language version.

Dec 06, 2013

Vectorworks® 2014, including Designer, Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Fundamentals, and Renderworks®, is offered in Spanish-language version. Along with X-ray select tool and visualization engine with accelerated, interactive rendering, tools help designers capture, develop, and communicate their ideas accurately and efficienctly. Functionality promotes optimal modeling, BIM management,... Read More


Mobile Application links users to Vectorworks Cloud Services.

Oct 25, 2013

Available for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire devices, Vectorworks® Nomad v2.5 delivers integration that lets users connect their accounts to Vectorworks Cloud Services and access Dropbox files from mobile application. Vectorworks Cloud Services can also process VWX files stored within Dropbox account and generate PDFs. Also included, snapping functionality for floor plans allows precise... Read More


CAD Software offers fast, interactive rendering.

Sep 25, 2013

Built on Parasolid® modeling kernel, Vectorworks® 2014 Software offers persistent rendered 3D navigation, enabling designers to switch between 3D and rotated Top/Plan views. Twist and taper tools let users twist entire solids, solid faces, or NURBS surfaces, as well as taper faces of 3D objects. With 3D X-ray Select, users can temporarily see through solid objects in area around... Read More


Design Software optimizes collaboration and workflows.

Sep 27, 2012

To simplify BIM tasks, Vectorworks 2013 includes Auto Hybrid command, which lets users graphically convert complex, free-form modeling forms into proper 2D representations with data. Clip Cube mode provides visibility control over large complex models, while Surface Array command allows for duplication of 2D and 3D geometry onto planar or NURBS-based surfaces. With non-blocking... Read More


CAD/BIM Software enables access to designs via cloud.

Apr 12, 2012

With Vectorworks® Cloud Services, users of Vectorworks software can access and share files and make design decisions from any location. Changes to files are automatically synchronized to private cloud storage, allowing user to browse, annotate, and share designs from web-enabled devices using Vectorworks Nomad mobile application. Vectorworks Cloud Services provides cloud-based workflow,... Read More


Design/Rendering Software increases efficiency, productivity.

Sep 22, 2011

Vectorworks® 2012 software products - Designer, Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Fundamentals, and Renderworks® - help designers in diverse fields meet complex challenges. UI fosters design conceptualization, while flexible tools let users document plans and collaborate with open Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflows. Compatible with OS X Lion, software provides 3D modeling... Read More


CAD and BIM Software provides true 3D modeling environment.

Sep 20, 2010

Providing 2D/3D integration, Vectorworks 2011 supports drafting on arbitrary working planes and interactive modeling based on drafted entities. Users will find 3D wall components, floors with components, and optimized space and stair objects useful in creating building model. With rendering engine, users can seamlessly visualize work throughout design process. Vectorworks 2011 also includes... Read More


Modeling Software optimizes design flexibility.

Sep 23, 2008

Vectorworks® 2009 software line - Designer, Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Machine Design, Fundamentals, and Renderworks - is powered by Parasolid® CAD/CAM/CAE modeling kernel. Engine gives users 2D/3D capabilities for modeling operations, and optimized workflows boost productivity while facilitating collaboration. In addition to free-form solids and surface modeling capabilities, software... Read More


Software speeds 2D drawing, rendering, and 3D modeling.

Sep 28, 2006

Running natively on both Intel and Power PC-based Macintosh, VectorWorks v12.5 includes Adobe® PDF import and export support, as well as support for Google(TM) Earth's KML files. It provides unit matching and intelligent detection of Xrefs for smooth DXF/DWG imports, drafting tools, and support for high dynamic range images in RenderWorks, which facilitates creation of realistically rendered... Read More


CAD Software offers wall joining functionality.

Feb 18, 2003

VectorWorks, RenderWorks, ARCHITECT, LANDMARK, and MECHANICAL v10.1 serves as foundation technology for VectorWorks SPOTLIGHT v10, and provides basis for localized international versions of VectorWorks v10. Cavity Join tool allows users to correctly join together walls containing complex cavities. Show/Hide Cavity preference makes it easy to display walls correctly at varying scales. Y joins can... Read More


CAD Software helps user draft complex lighting details.

Feb 18, 2003

VectorWorks SPOTLIGHT v10 allows user to draft light plots, create set and scenic elements, and visualize designs in 3D. Mechanical detailing tools make it easy to draft complex details. Software includes support for photometric calculations, improved truss and curtain tools, flexible Label Legend Manager and Seating Layout command, and new gobo patterns from High End Systems. Read More


CAD Software includes intelligent mechanical objects.

Dec 11, 2002

Equipped with precision drafting tools and NURBS-based solid/surface modeling capabilities, VectorWorks MECHANICAL v10.0.1 offers annotation capabilities and 3D Power Pack. Modeling capabilities include non-manifold modeling technology, and annotation includes welding and surface texture symbols as well as revision bubbles. Redline Suite allows for various shapes for redlines as well as... Read More


CAD/CAM Software increases design productivity.

Oct 11, 2002

VectorWorks 10 offers dynamic zooming and scrolling, customizable context menus, keyboard shortcuts, and palette docking improvements. Presentation features include gradients and image fills, improved Hidden Line and Dashed Hidden Line rendering, and improved wireframe extrudes. Integrated 3D Power Pack provides advanced solids, surface, and solid/surface modeling capabilities. Software also... Read More

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