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Machinery & Machining Tools

CM602 Sawing Machine automatically selects cutting head feed rate.

Dec 07, 2016

Suitable for cutting short and medium length steel, copper, brass and aluminum tubes, CM602 automatic CNC sawing machine offers material loading using servomotor carriage. Handling tube and bar up to 4 in. dia, unit’s capable blade speed is 5000 RPM. Assisting operator via instruction icons on touchscreen panel, CM602 selects appropriate blade when shape, size and length of material is... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Five-Axis Fiber Laser System machines 3D parts.

Apr 29, 2016

Used to cut 3D formed or shaped parts, LT-FREE is capable of cutting, drilling, punching, and milling. Part does not move during operation; laser head's freedom of movement ensures flexibility and accuracy. Along with powers up to 5 kW, standard features include 59 x 39 in. table; respective x/y/z axis strokes of 116, 37, and 29 in.; and software used to create part programming in... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Laser Cutting System switches from sheet to tube processing.

Jul 21, 2015

Equipped with single cutting head and single fiber laser up to 4.5 kW, Model LC5 offers automatic loading/unloading and can process both tube and flat sheet in single machine. System can handle bar up to 21 ft in length and tube to 4.75 in. diameter. Processing of sheet metal is fully automatic and allows for sheet up to 5 x 10 ft. In addition to automatic pallet changer, machine has 2... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Electric Multifunctional Tube Bender targets HVAC applications.

May 28, 2015

Measuring 13.08 x 7.17 x 6.17 ft, 4-Runner can be configured as dedicated tube bender for specific production application or one complete and continuous process that includes straightening from coil, bending, end-forming, and cut off. Functionality allows, within same cycle, bending in right and left hand, in fixed and variable radius bends, in single and 3-dimensional planes. Machine... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools, Services

Electric CNC Machine can bend wire with complex shapes.

Apr 16, 2015

E-Flex features two clockwise and counter clockwise bending turrets suited for 3D bending during one part operation within same machining cycle. Allowing for various wire sizes and types as well as automatic operation, coil-fed wire is straightened in vertical and horizontal orientation. Process fosters repeatability, while operational flexibility allows for short runs as well as... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

CNC End Machining Center offers continuous production.

Mar 18, 2015

Offering completely automated operation with chip removal and scrap handling managed separately, Model BC80 is suited for cut to length, chamfering, facing, boring, and threading of tube and bar. Machine can provide 24-hour production processing of tube up to 3.15 in. diameter with lengths from 0.4–13 in. All tube changeover adjustments are handled from single location. Available in lengths to... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Laser Tube Cutting System handles diameters up to 8.625 in.

Feb 12, 2015

Equipped with tilting, ±45° head, LT8 CO2 laser tube cutting machine has 1,000 lb max bar weight capacity, up to 40 ft. loading capabilities, and Artube 3D CAD/CAM software. Capabilities for 3D, 5-axis cutting and high-speed piercing allow complex cutting on most tube profiles. Active Focus technology adjusts beam focal position, and clean tube technology is included for stainless steel... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Electric Tube Bender delivers automation and precision.

Mar 05, 2014

Able to bend up to 6 in. dia tubes, ELECT XL150 handles applications with little or no straight between bends or where tight radius bends are required. Features include precise control and positioning of electric axes, multi-stack tooling (up to 8 stacks), and direct gearbox drive incorporated within compact head assembly. CNC controller and 3D graphical programming software are also... Read More

Green & Clean, Machinery & Machining Tools

Laser Tube Cutting System handles small to medium-sized tubes.

Aug 01, 2013

Equipped with 1 kW IPG fiber laser, Lasertube LT5 cuts stainless steel up to 4 mm thick, mild steel up to 6 mm, aluminum and brass up to 3 mm, and copper up to 2 mm. Compared to CO2 laser, fiber laser offers optimized energy efficiency while eliminating routine maintenance and optical beam alignments. Automated cutting system can handle round tubes up to 120 mm in diameter, square tubes up to... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Automated Laser Cutter suits small tube processing.

Mar 18, 2013

Based on 1 kW IPG fiber laser, Model LT5 can process mild steel as well as highly reflective materials such as aluminum, copper, and brass. Unit handles round tubes ranging from 0.5–5 in., square tubes from 0.5 x 0.5 to 4 x 4 in., and rectangular and oval tubes in 0.4 x 0.5 in. to 5 x 2.75 in. range. Accepting tube lengths from 126–256 in., system automatically measures length of each tube... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

CNC End Machining Center suits tube and bar processing.

Oct 10, 2012

Operating in several stages/stations, EM80 automatic sawing and end machining center is used for cut to length, chamfer, face, bore, thread, and profile processing. Parts are indexed by 3-position rotary transfer, with each position providing self-centering clamping jaw, and saw blades can be selected based on material to be cut off. Complex turning operations are made possible via 3-axis,... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

CNC End Machining Center supports tube and bar processing.

Jun 14, 2012

Combined automatic sawing and end machining center, Model EM80, is designed to cut, chamfer, face bore, thread, and profile. Machine handles tube diameters from 10-80 mm with wall thickness from 0.8-12 mm, plus solid bar from 10-60 mm and bar stock lengths from 2,500-120,000 mm. Operating in several stages or stations, machine offers cutting speed of 20-450 m/min. Included bundle loader handles... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Laser Tube Cutting System delivers high degree of automation.

Sep 27, 2011

Able to cut large diameter, thick walled tubes, LT JUMBO Series can process mild, high strength, alloy, and stainless steels. System can be used to cut round, square, and rectangular tubes as well as non-tubular open structural sections ranging from 3-20 in. dia and lengths to 60 ft. All loading, cutting, and unloading operations are controlled by CNC, and system control software automatically... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Automated Tube Cutting System utilizes fiber laser resonator.

Jul 15, 2011

LT FIBER employs 2 kW IPG fiber laser source that enables system to efficiently process highly reflective materials. It also promotes productivity when working with galvanized steel and thin-walled tubes. Depending on chosen configuration, system accommodates tubes up to 6 in. dia with max raw tube lengths of 256-335 in. Automated changeover to different size tubes occurs in as little as 3 min,... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

CNC Automatic Tube Saw offers productive, flexible operation.

Jun 10, 2011

Tube cutting system TC720 operates as stand-alone unit or as part of automated tube processing line controlled by single CNC, integrating downstream functions such as deburring, washing, drying, and accumulating. Programming system automatically selects optimum parameters for job at hand, and complete changeover can be accomplished in less than 3 min with all settings centralized and to scale.... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Multi-Stack Tube Bender features all-electric operation.

Jan 26, 2011

Capable of holding up to 8 tool sets for processing of complex parts and fast changeover, ELECT XL(TM) 12-axis tube bending machine can be converted into right- or left-hand configurations and features both fixed or variable radius bending. All critical machine settings are automatically established by VGP3D software and managed by CNC control. Capable of bending up to 6 in. dia tube, machine... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

All-Electric Tube Bender bends tubes up to 1.12 in.

Dec 03, 2010

Able to perform left and right hand bends, conventional and variable radius bends, as well as multi-radius, tight, and compound bends, 12-axis SMART(TM) Tube Bending Machine provides accuracy of ±0.00196 in. in X axis and ±0.05° in Y and Z axes. Multi-tool stack bender can be fitted with automatic load/unload units for extended periods of untended operation. Providing real-time... Read More

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