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Cleaning Products & Equipment, Material Handling & Storage

X®TWEEL® TURF Caster eliminates downtime from punctures.

Oct 25, 2016

Suitable for zero-turn commercial mowers, MICHELIN X TWEEL TURF airless radial caster tire-wheel assembly replaces standard 13x6.5x6 front caster tire. Designed specifically for landscape professionals, wheels are fabricated from high-strength poly-resin spokes. Casters come with durable, poly-resin tread that absorbs impact and reduces bounce for improved operator comfort while consistently... Read More

Material Handling & Storage

Airless Skid Steer Tires are available in 31/32-inch tread depth.

Oct 24, 2016

Suitable for skid steer loaders and zero turn radius mowers, Michelin’s 10N16.5 X TWEEL SSL All Terrain airless skid steer tires address issues of flat tires. Weighing 177 lb, product features 31/32-inch tread depth with 10/32-inch undertread. Can support 3,700 lb load per tire. Product is damage resistant and easy to mount. Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Transportation Industry Products

Pre-Mold Retread targets medium-duty delivery vehicles.

Jun 29, 2016

Designed for regional, medium-duty vehicles with 19.5 in. tires, MICHELIN® MD XDN® 2 Pre-Mold™ Retread has attributes consistent with food and beverage, parcel package, and pick-up and delivery applications. Retread features 18/32 in. tread depth for 190/200 tread sizes and 20/32 in. tread depth for 210/220/230 tread sizes. Tread design minimizes internal casing temperature to extend life,... Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products, Material Handling & Storage

Sprayer/Harvesters Tires reduce soil compaction, increase yield.

Jun 16, 2016

Sprayer tire, MICHELIN® SprayBib™ VF 480/80R46 177D, provides 16,094 lb max load capacity at speeds to 40 mph while maintaining low-inflation pressure to minimize soil damage and maximize traction. For high-clearance sprayers and row-crop tractors, MICHELIN SprayBib VF 380/90R54 176D features pressure that increases footprint to deliver traction required in narrow-row spacing. Harvester and... Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Transportation Industry Products

Heavy-Truck Tire provides durability against road hazards.

Jun 09, 2016

MICHELIN® X® Works™ Z improves uptime for mixed on/off road applications. Groove-to-groove protector ply and shock-absorbing cushion gum, respectively optimized for width and thickness, provide impact shock protection and casing durability. V-channels and groove bottom protectors provide dual-layered defense against stone retention and stone-drilling. Sidewall features double treatment of TW6... Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products, Material Handling & Storage

Agricultural Tire suits large combines and grain carts.

Mar 08, 2016

Featuring 486 in.² footprint, MICHELIN® VF520/85R42 CFO 177A8 CerexBib™ Tire offers load capacity up to 21,960 lb. Very High Flexion tire is built with Michelin Ultraflex Technology, which enables operation at up to 40% lower air pressure than standard radial tires. Large tread footprint provides optimized traction in all conditions, while casing with reinforced sidewalls extends service... Read More

Material Handling & Storage

Line-Haul Steer Tire features durable, fuel-efficient casing.

Mar 03, 2016

With casing designed for endurance and fuel efficacy, SmartWay®-verified MICHELIN® X® Line™ Energy Z features dual-energy compound tread. Top layer controls tread stiffness and stress to reduce irregular wear; decoupling grooves and directional miniature sipes promote even tire wear. Bottom layer provides ultra-fuel efficiency and retreadability to minimize internal casing temperatures... Read More

Transportation Industry Products

Self-Powered Pump maintains optimal truck tire pressure.

Mar 03, 2016

MICHELIN Auto Inflate, powered by Halo, utilizes automatic tire inflation technology to maintain optimal pressure on drive and trailer tires. As retrofit for existing vehicles or add-on to new equipment, wheel-mounted tire management device works with duals and wide-base single tires to reduce tire-related downtime events, extend tire life, improve fuel economy, and increase safety. Self-powered... Read More

Material Handling & Storage

Drive Tire Retread offers maximized tread life, scrub resistance.

Aug 31, 2015

Available in 220, 230, and 240 tread widths (all with 21/32 in. tread depth) for regional and super-regional applications, SmartWay®-verified MICHELIN® X® Multi™ Energy D Pre-Mold™ retread features dual energy compound. Top layer lends to removal mileage optimization, while bottom layer allows tread to run cool to minimize internal casing temperatures for low rolling resistance and... Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Transportation Industry Products

Loader Tire helps maximize productivity.

Aug 25, 2015

Equipped with Michelin's patented B2 technology, MICHELIN XTXL® E4/L4 minimizes rim slip thanks to flat bead wire, which strengthens clamping force on wheel and increases contact surface with rim. Tire also benefits from added solid steel cables, thick sidewalls, and steel belt offering protection against punctures in tread area. Shoulder design helps tire to cool quickly, while wide... Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Transportation Industry Products

Strong, Long-Lasting Tire is designed for light trucks and SUVs.

Aug 06, 2015

Delivering durable tread life for light trucks, SUVs, and crossovers, DEFENDER® LTX® M/S with EverTread™ is designed to hold up in tough conditions for extended periods while improving gravel wear, all-season confidence, and fuel efficiency. All-weather traction solution, designed to meet torque demands of modern vehicles, is offered with 50,000–70,000 mile warranty and comes in 71 sizes... Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Transportation Industry Products

Skid Steer Airless Radial Tires eliminate flats, related downtime.

Oct 30, 2014

Available for skid steer loaders, 12N16.5 X® TWEEL® SSL All Terrain and Hard Surface tires promote operator comfort and reduce operator fatigue while eliminating air pressure maintenance requirements. All Terrain, designed for rugged, off-road working conditions, has deep, open tread and poly-resin spokes that are self-evacuating in muddy conditions. Hard Surface, designed for longevity on... Read More

Green & Clean, Material Handling & Storage

Regional Steer Tire offers EPA SmartWay® fuel efficiency.

Feb 25, 2014

Available for regional applications in USA and Canada, MICHELIN® X® Multi™ Energy Z has dual compound tread and energy casing that help minimize rolling resistance and extend tread life. Handling is optimized by inter-locking Matrix™ sipes, while casing life is extended by curb guards and rectangular bead bundle. Available in 11R22.5 LRG, 11R22.5 LRH, and 275/80R22.5 LRH sizes, tire... Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Transportation Industry Products

All Season Tires set standard in automotive safety.

Jan 17, 2014

Featuring proprietary rubber compound with extreme amounts of silica and sunflower oil, MICHELIN® Premier™ A/S Tires with EverGrip™ provide high traction in wet conditions, even as they wear down. Rain grooves positioned around circumference of tire have special geometric shape that gets wider as tread wears, helping to maintain amount of water tire can channel away as grooves lose depth.... Read More

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