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Test & Measuring Instruments

Fourth Generation Condensation Particle Counters can store the CPC data internally.

Aug 29, 2017

Fourth Generation Condensation Particle Counters are used by researchers in nanoparticle counting. Unit can store the CPC data within itself and provides access at anytime both locally and remotely. Product is suitable for aerosol research with enhanced software functionality and performance. Unit can be used as reference counter for calibrating and validating other instruments.

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Test & Measuring Instruments

ChemLite™ Plus Laser Metals Analyzer delivers measurements in one sec.

Apr 24, 2017

Capable of identifying base metals like iron, copper and nickel, ChemLite™ Plus Laser Metals Analyzer comes with class 1M, eye safe laser technology. Equipped with advance user interface and built-in cleaning mode, unit provides argon-free operation.

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Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Automated Filter Tester lessens downtime, increases productivity.

Oct 17, 2016

With ULPA testing up to 99.9999% efficiency and consistent test results, 8130A is suited for QC testing of particulate respirator filters, disposable filtering face pieces, and diverse filter media. Features include customizable, automated testing sequences; salt and oil measurement capability that ensures compliance with multiple standards; and user-serviceable photometers. Operation supports... Read More

Green & Clean, Materials & Material Processing, Sensors Monitors & Transducers, Test & Measuring Instruments

Personal Aerosol Monitor helps minimize worker exposure.

May 25, 2016

Suitable for variety of workplace environments, SidePak™ AM520 provides real-time aerosol mass concentration readings of dust, fumes, mist, smoke, and fog within worker breathing zone. Intrinsically safe, light scattering laser photometer also enables real-time exposure monitoring for diesel particulate matter. Operating continuously for 20+ hours using Li-Ion battery, instrument offers access... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing, Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment, Test & Measuring Instruments

User-Serviceable Photometers optimize filter testers.

Apr 15, 2016

Designed to retrofit to Model 8127 and 8130 filter testers, Model 8177 User-Serviceable Photometers feature solid-state laser diodes and fast response and purge times. Upstream and downstream photometers can be cleaned by trained technician on site in less than 1 hour, minimizing downtime. Capable of measuring filtration efficiencies up to 99.999%, automated filter testers are 42 CFR 84, EN 143,... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Remote Particle Counters resist damage from VHP.

Mar 27, 2014

Designed with Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide-resistant coatings and materials, AeroTrak® 7510-VHP Series is suited for GMP manufacturing applications where accidental VHP exposure can occur. Units integrate with FMS validated monitoring software and can store up to 3,000 sample records for data redundancy. Powered via PoE or local power supply, counters offer variety of connectivity options,... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Air Monitoring Products measure ventilation, air quality.

Apr 27, 2007

Along with integral display for viewing measurements, thermal anemometers come with LogDat2 software package for data logging and reporting. USB data downloading and wireless Bluetooth printing are also standard. Capable of real-time measurements, Indoor Air Quality instruments let users save data and review statistics on same compact unit. Products serve building service contractors,... Read More

Software, Test & Measuring Instruments

Protocol Emissions Analyzers offer step-by-step operation.

Sep 29, 2004

With on-board CTM-34 test protocol, CA-CALC(TM) Series CA-6300 Compliance Protocol Emissions Analyzers guide operators through each step of combustion test process and print reports on-site. Products feature sample conditioner for hands-free, continual water removal and standard, low-maintenance emissions probe. Offered in 4 models, series also features factory-calibrated, field-replaceable... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Micromanometer measures pressure, velocity, and flowrate.

Feb 05, 2004

Model 8710 DP-CALC can provide accurate flow measurements even at very low flowrates. It features 16-point velocity matrix, auto zeroing, and back-lit display. Measurements can be data logged or downloaded to PC software. Instrument utilizes AC power or 4 AA batteries, and is suited for industrial hygienists and certification professionals who spot check clean rooms, biological safety cabinets,... Read More

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