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Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment, Materials & Material Processing

Polymer Material suits high-temp jet engine applications.

Sep 23, 2016

Suitable for bearing chambers, sump systems, and internal gearboxes in jet engines, Fluoroloy® A90 enables spring-energized seals to work with continuous temperature above 608°F. Product withstands static hot air sealing in temperatures up to 662°F while retaining mechanical properties with same or less leakage, surface indentation, and material degradation. Material exhibits low linear... Read More

Materials & Material Processing

Thermoplastic Material suits tribological applications.

Dec 23, 2013

Meldin® 5530 is intended for tribological applications, particularly for moving components in applications where friction and wear rate at contact points are of concern. Exhibiting minimized friction and wear even under dry conditions, material promotes extended service life and lowers risk of system failure. Media is oil, counter surface is aluminum, and material exhibits minimal water... Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

EGR Sealing Material helps meet emission control standards.

Dec 09, 2013

Offering exhaust gas recirculation sealing solution for Euro 6 and 7 standards, Rulon® E2 operates well against soft mating surfaces, offers wear resistance, and is non-abrasive. Material provides chemical resistance against sulphuric oxide, which transforms to acid sulfur in reaction with water, becoming aggressive and harmful substance that emerges from diesel engine burning process.... Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Seals handle temperatures up to 200°C.

Oct 07, 2003

OmniLip(TM) XT and OmniSeal® XT Seals utilize Fluoroloy PTFE compounds and stainless steel spring and case material. They provide chemical resistance and reduced friction over elastomer seals. Both types range from 12-65 mm and can handle surface speeds up to +20 m/s. Max pressure is 200 KPa for OmniLip XT and 55 Mpa for OmniSeal XT. Seals are suited for electrical driven tools and equipment,... Read More

Materials & Material Processing

Elastomer Material can provide low-friction hydraulic seals.

Apr 03, 2003

OmniFlex(TM) Fluoroelastomer material exhibits nearly equivalent performance to perfluorelastomer material in chemical resistance and inertness, yet has softer durometer and improved compression set. It offers low temperature performance down to -70°F and operates up to maximum temperature of 424°F. Special shapes can be manufactured to typical dimensional tolerances. Read More

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