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Communication Systems & Equipment

Sodium Monitor is intended for continuous on-line use.

Orion 2111XP Sodium Monitor is suited for sodium measurements in applications such as low-range boiler feedwater analysis, monitoring ion exchange breakthrough, or high acid measurements. Designed for flexibility in ultra-pure steam loop for power generation, it can measure from any distance using visible backlit display. Monitor features step-by-step scrolling instructions for set-up,...

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Cleaning Products & Equipment

PCR Buffer eliminates post-amplification steps.

Formulated with red tracker dye and precipitant in reaction buffer, ReddyMix(TM) PCR Buffer enables samples to be loaded directly onto agarose gel after thermal cycling, reducing number of pipetting and reagent handling steps in PCR testing protocols. This reduces contamination risks and enhances testing reproducibility. Utilization of mixes containing buffer allows laboratories to avoid using...

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Universal Controller aids continuous flow isotope ratio MS.
Controls & Controllers

Universal Controller aids continuous flow isotope ratio MS.

Designed for GC, LC, and elemental analyzers coupled with isotope ratio mass spectrometers, ConFlo IV Universal Interface enables immediate switching between up to 3 sample preparation devices. It includes smartEA(TM) mode, which allows automated pre-evaluation and adjustment of sample gas intensities. Along with flexible, computer controlled auto-dilution of sample and reference gases, software...

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Laboratory and Research Supplies and Equipment

Thermo Fisher Scientific adds FAIMS Capability to Ion Trap Mass Spectrometers: Precise and Reliable Results for Proteomics and Metabolism Analyses

Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry June 06 2007 -- Thermo Fisher Scientific, the world leader in serving science, announces that the Thermo Scientific FAIMS (high-Field Asymmetric waveform Ion Mobility Spectrometry) interface is now available for the Thermo Scientific industry-leading family of ion trap mass spectrometers. The FAIMS capability eliminates interferences and significantly...

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Health, Medical, & Dental Supplies and Equipment

Cell Culture Products suit stem cell research applications.

HyClone AdvanceSTEM(TM) stem cell culture products support expansion and maintenance of undifferentiated murine embryonic and human adult mesenchymal stem cells to directed differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells into adipocytes, chondrocytes, and osteocytes. HyClone AdvanceSTEM(TM) Serum Replacement supports growth of undifferentiated embryonic stem cells in culture with minimal or no need for...

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Communication Systems & Equipment

Analyzer is suited for cement manufacturers.

Designed to analyze and provide feedback on quality of raw materials, CB Omni PGNAA analyzer offers minute-by-minute composition analysis of raw materials in cement manufacturing process. It helps cement manufacturers achieve consistent stockpile and raw mix chemistry, improving kiln efficiency. With ability to mount on conveyor belt without having to cut truss, modular, compact, and lightweight...

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Architectural & Civil Engineering Products

New Line of TurboFlow Columns for Use with Thermo Scientific Transcend Chromatography Systems

June 04 2007 -- Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, introduces a new line of silica-based TurboFlow® columns designed exclusively for use with Thermo Scientific Transcend(TM) Systems. The columns provide scientists in clinical research and pharmaceutical analysis the capability to integrate online sample preparation with LC-MS analysis. The TurboFlow XL...

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Agricultural & Farming Products

Kits minimize steps involved in RT-PCR protocol.

Verso(TM) cDNA synthesis kits and one-step reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) kits combine reverse transcription enzyme, priming options, and optimized buffers to generate full length cDNA. They utilize Verso RT Enzyme that offers dynamic range for maximized sensitivity, allowing users to detect wide range of starting template concentrations. Several kit options are...

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Material Processing

Laboratory Shakers can be used under bench or stacked 2 high.

Available in incubated or refrigerated digital models, MaxQ 6000 shakers are powered by triple-eccentric drive that handles heavy workloads, provides uniform agitation, and enables continuous operation. Incubated chamber temperature range is 10°C above ambient to 80°C and refrigerated temperature range is 15°C below ambient to 80°C. Shakers accept 18 x 18 in. platform that...

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Cell Culture Kits provide concentrated nutrient solutions.

Cell Boost Process Supplement Kit contains 100 g sample of 6 supplements that increase cell productivity in various cell lines. Each supplement is developed through Metabolic Pathway Design(TM) and is chemically-defined with no animal derived components. They provide amino acids, vitamins, lipids, and cholesterol. Supplements aid in fed-batch culture applications by providing concentrated...

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