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Material Handling & Storage

Rollers and Tires are offered with variety of options.

Metric pallet truck rollers are available with ExtrathaneÂ-® polyurethane tread and aluminum, steel, stainless steel, or cast iron wheel centers, with and without ball bearings. Load capacities range from 750-2,425 lb, and wheel/roller diameters range from 82-200 mm. With load capacities from 22-540 lb, Metric guide rollers with Extrathane tread are available with or without steel wheel...

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CNC Software is built on open control architecture.

OpenCNCÂ-® v6.5 enables manufacturers to integrate off-the-shelf hardware and software technologies. Set of lathe macros helps saves programming time, while hand-wheel feed feature lets user hand feed job stream up to programmed cutting and traverse speeds. Software also provides compiled HTML help menus, lead screw compensation for rotary axes, and Sercos SoftSERCANS support. With winPlot,...

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Test & Measurement

Electronic Calipers feature ergonomic design.

Featuring LCD display with .32 in. high readout, 799 Series is offered in 0-6 in., 0-8 in., and 0-12 in. models. All units provide push-button zero at any position as well as instant inch/millimeter conversion. Design includes depth rod and hardened stainless steel body, slide, and jaws. Thumb wheel provides fine adjustment, and lock screw holds slide in position. Resolution is .0005 in., and...

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Electronic Components & Devices

Backplane is available in 20-slot version.

Dual Star VXS backplane comes in 18-layer controlled-impedance stripline design with 2 hub slots and 18 payload slots. As VME switched serial backplane, 7U unit uses low-dielectric Nelco PCB material to help control impedance and minimize crosstalk. It is fully backwards-compatible to VME/VME64x and utilizes 6.4 Gbps high-speed connector across P0 section of VME64x backplane, allowing use of...

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Sensors, Monitors & Transducers

Photoelectric Sensors offer long sensing ranges.

Measuring 70 x 18 x 47 mm, 05 Series includes background suppression unit with sensing range of 1.8 m, polarized retro-reflective model with sensing range of 7 m, and thru-beam pair reaching up to 20 m. Three-wire sensors are directly compatible with bus systems and I/O blocks. Suited for inspection and error-proofing, background suppression sensor features 2-pushbutton Teach operation. Polarized...

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Software offers thesaurus and word lookup to email.

ABCSpell for Outlook Express offers spell checking without acquiring Microsoft Office. Itegrated English-language thesaurus provides synonyms, antonyms, and related words, while another feature lets users perform online word-lookup using Merriam-Webster's dictionary for instant definitions. Both features are accessed from Outlook Express' right-mouse menu for instant availability.

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Controls & Controllers

Machine Automation System works with graders and dozers.

GradeStar v5.0 software provides 3D grader and dozer automation system for construction industry. Built on ruggedized hardware platform, it is based on CAN interface and utilizes WinXP OS. Consolidated sensor module, GSM5, acts as central communications point between positioning sensors and GradeStar interface. Site Manager software, together with GradeStar system simulator, lets user view,...

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Computer Hardware & Peripherals

Single Board Computer suits harsh environment applications.

With 3U form factor, single-slot C900 operates at 1.167 GHz and incorporates low-power version of G4+ MPC7447A/7448 PowerPCÂ-® microprocessor. Unit self-monitors temperature, controls power dissipation, and provides AltiVec support for real-time vector processing. Featuring multiple on-board I/O and memory features, SBC provides up to 1 GB fast DDR SDRAM with ECC protection, 64 MB user Flash,...

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