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Health, Medical, & Dental Supplies and Equipment

Epoxy Curing Agents target civil engineering market.

Intended for flooring applications, AnquamineÂ-® 721 and 731 feature optimal adhesion to concrete, rapid hardness development, and concrete protection properties. Since they are waterborne, curing agents emit zero VOCs and exhibit low odor. Anquamine 721 is suited for thin film applications such as concrete primers and paints, while Anquamine 731 targets high-film build applications such as...

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Agricultural & Farming Products

Microcontroller supports real-time smart control panels.

Based on ARM926EJ-S processor, Model AT91SAM9RL64 provides single-chip, smart panel solution with more than 200 MIPS, 6-layer bus matrix, LCD and touch screen controllers, and USB high-speed device. DMA on all on-chip peripherals supports data rates associated with screen refresh, image processing, and user interaction. In addition to 4 Kbytes each of data and instruction cache, SAM9RL64 supports...

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Computer Hardware & Peripherals

Dual Server Suite allows up to 16 cores in 1U chassis.

Housed in 1U chassis, Gemini features 2 completely independent servers, each with two Quad-Core IntelÂ-® XeonÂ-® processors and their own power supply. Units are removable, allowing end user to extract one server while active programs are still running on remaining server without interruption. With up to 64 GB of RAM, dual server suite meets military standards for shock, vibration, and...

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Software enables database administration and development.

Supporting X.509 certificates, external certificates, and query builder syntax ANSI SQL 2003, DreamCoder for MySQL v4.3 includes Knowledgebase that allows users to write their own articles and have questions answered. Knowledgebase consists of collected, filtered, and organized information where users can find articles, announcements, installation scripts, tunings, administration instructions,...

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Communication Systems & Equipment

Wireless Modem suits broadband satellite communications.

Satellite communications (SATCOM) Wireless Modem, flexComm(TM) SDR-4000 SWM, supports black-side IF-to-Ethernet digitization and processing of various complex broadband waveforms. It offers 2 analog input channels and one analog output channel, supporting 70 and 140 MHz IF bandwidth. Modem, link, and network layer processing functionality is provided for network-centric IP-based SATCOM system,...

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Material Handling & Storage

Mold Slide Elements accommodate range of applications.

Comprised of multiple mold slide elements, modular Z1800 system offers variable solutions with compact mounting arrangement for mold designers and makers. Elements offer controlled slide functions directly from mold movement, without any excessive structural modifications. Range consists of basic T-slot guided slide elements that can be interchanged at head should contour need to be adjusted or...

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Laboratory and Research Supplies and Equipment

Biomarker Analyzer automates multiplexed protein assays.

Suited for pharmaceutical research and development, AVANTRA(TM) biomarker workstation enables users to generate data, in real-time, to accelerate decision making. This protein biomarker analysis system features multiplexed immunoassay system that enables non-specialized technicians to perform complex analyses in lab and directly at clinical trial sites. Workstation supports MAX BIOCHIP(TM) 8-plex...

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Computer Hardware & Peripherals

Processor Module targets signals intelligence applications.

Offering 2 banks of 256 MB DDR2 SDRAM, flexComm(TM) XMC-8131 utilizes single user-programmable XilinxÂ-® Virtex-4(TM) FPGA that provides up to 152,064 available logic cells. It provides high performance processing that supports implementation of multichannel, multimode receivers for both narrowband and wideband air-interfaces. Device uses standard Spectrum daughter card to provide modular I/O...

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RF Drivers complement acousto-optic tunable filters.

Eight-channel DFS RF driver, suited for line selection applications, allows independent analog and digital modulation of up to 8 pre-set wavelengths. Internal memory allows up to 16 stored user configurations via USB or RS232 interfaces. For broadband light source filtering and imaging applications, 16 channel DSF RF driver enables independent control of frequency, amplitude, and phase of up to...

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