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Electrodeionization Products help advance water purification.

April 18, 2013

FEDI®-2Rx Fractional Electrodeionization products are designed for pharmaceutical, biomedical, and laboratory applications where installations require hot water sanitization to meet pharmacopoeia standards for Purified Water (PW) and Water For Injection (WFI). With dual voltage technology, FEDI represents next generation of electrodeionization (EDI) technology for production of high-purity water. Read More

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UV Disinfection System kills bacteria in municipal wastewater.

January 28, 2013

Using microwaves to energize electrodeless lamps that generate UVC output to 254 nm, MicroDynamics® Series OCS721 meets dose, log reduction, and water quality requirements for variety of applications. Open-channel system features MicroPace™ flow pacing technology that can match UV dose, allowing accurate control of operating conditions in real-time to save energy. In addition to inactivating pathogenic organisms in wastewater, system is validated for water reuse by NWRI. Read More

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USP Purified Water System serves biotech, pharma industries.

January 25, 2013

Used in high-purity/bacteria-controlled applications, BioPure LSX single-skid, single-pass/RO/EDI USP purified water system addresses needs of biotech and pharma water markets. Design accelerates installation, and standard systems are available in flowrates up to 20 gpm. In addition to automated hot water sanitization of system, features include energy conservation technology and automated adjustment of operating parameters in order to optimize operation. Read More

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Water Filtration System features cloud-connected design.

January 17, 2013

Combining faucet, water filtration technology that replicates nature's cleansing process, and cloud-connected app, Stratus uses Wi-Fi communication to deliver information to smartphone, including remaining life of filter and reduction of contaminants in water. With Hydration Coach app, user can manage daily water consumption requirements. Faucets come in tri-flow and beverage styles, as well as different finishes. Intelligent, touch sensing faucets show status of system with intuitive graphics. Read More

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Mercury-Free Water Disinfection System uses UV-C LED technology.

November 8, 2012

Supporting stand-alone or integrated use, UV-Pearl can produce UV dose of 60 mJ/cm² at flow of 0.5 gpm with 50 mW of optical power. UV LED lamps emit waves of light in deep UV spectral range (UV-C), destroying microorganisms on cellular level. To target specific pathogens, LEDs can be tuned to wavelengths from 240–280 nm. System can withstand unlimited cycling without lamp degradation, is not affected by water temperature, and can continue to operate without any flow. Read More

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UV/Vis Sterilizer fosters sustainability in packaging industry.

October 12, 2012

Applicable to new and existing packaging lines, Claranor pulsed-light sanitation system promotes chemical-free, water-saving sanitation of caps, cups, lids, and films. Pulse of full spectrum light, emitted from xenon lamp, destroys microorganisms through photochemical effect of UV spectrum and photothermal effect of flash of visible spectrum. Each pulse lasts .3 msec, so packaging material does not absorb heat. System can treat up to 25 caps/sec, depending on cap size and configuration. Read More

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Oil Evaporator utilizes azeotropic distillation.

August 16, 2012

With heating range of ambient to 200°C, AQUACOUNTER EV-2000L completely separates water from sample matrices, eliminating any side reactions with interfering substances. Carrier gas is N2 gas or dry air and flow is 30-300 mL/min with inlet pressure at 0.8 MPa or less. Measuring 220 x 340 x 265 mm, evaporator uses molecular sieve dessicant and has aluminum block heater. System is useful for determining moisture in difficult samples such as heavy oils, grease, and peanut butter. Read More

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Control Panels suit intrinsically safe applications.

July 11, 2012

Used in conjunction with other SJE-Rhombus float-based control panels, Intrinsically Safe Retro Control Panels incorporate 3- or 4-channel intrinsically safe module to limit amount of energy to switches, preventing ignition of flammable gases. Intrinsically safe partition isolates intrinsically safe wiring. Housed in NEMA 4X rated enclosure for indoor/outdoor installations, panels include factory-installed terminal block for float connection. Read More