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Multi-Analysis System counts particles in oils.

December 12, 2014

With Model CSM 02, users can count particles and solid contamination in hydraulic and lubrication fluids as well as analyze other important oil parameters, such as water saturation, temperature, viscosity, and relative dielectric constant in stationary or mobile applications. In addition, system is suitable for analyzing foamed oils in large gearboxes and flushing test stands. With WSPS 05 and/or IVS 01 sensors, system can provide additional monitoring and preventative maintenance capabilities. Read More

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Handheld Particle Counter displays counts in 3 seconds.

November 26, 2014

Completely self-contained with internal battery and sample pump, 4-channel Model 804 allows users to choose from 7 particle sizes ranging from 0.3–10.0 microns. Portable, programmable unit offers user-selectable sampling time up to 1 minute and displays counts in as little as 3 seconds. Capable of storing up to 2,500 records that may be output to spreadsheet format via computer software, counter uses USB interface for data download and field firmware upgrades. Read More

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Remote Particle Counters feature integrated pump.

June 11, 2014

Designed to eliminate need for external vacuum source, AeroTrak® 6310, 6510, and 6510-VHP feature hot-swap combined particle sensor and blower assembly condensed into 316L stainless steel enclosure. Systems come standard with four 4–20 mA analog inputs that integrate local environmental parameters such as room pressure, temperature, and relative humidity. Environmental data, as well as particle counts, are transmitted back to facility monitoring software via Ethernet or RS 485. Read More

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Remote Particle Counters resist damage from VHP.

March 27, 2014

Designed with Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide-resistant coatings and materials, AeroTrak® 7510-VHP Series is suited for GMP manufacturing applications where accidental VHP exposure can occur. Units integrate with FMS validated monitoring software and can store up to 3,000 sample records for data redundancy. Powered via PoE or local power supply, counters offer variety of connectivity options, including TCP/IP, serial Modbus RTU communications, or 4-20 mA analog outputs. Read More

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Particle and Cell Counter features 10 micron aperture.

March 5, 2014

With 10 micron aperture, Multisizer 4e obtains accurate count, size, and mass distribution for particles and cells ranging from 0.2–1,600 microns. Digital Pulse Processing provides high-resolution analysis in up to 400 channels and dynamic size measurements in real-time. High-speed signal digitalization allows use of various pulse parameters for more accurate cell and particle characterization. Using smart technology, sample management system provides consistency from one analysis to next. Read More

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Particle Analysis System detects particles in rinse water.

May 9, 2013

Operating on-line within production or processing line, FlowCAM®-ES detects, images, counts, and measures metal particles in rinse water to verify effectiveness of rinse step in removing contaminants. System automatically extracts, dilutes, and runs samples of water, taking digital image of each particle detected and revealing actual size and shape using more than 30 measurement parameters, all in real-time. FlowCAM technology excels in testing wash water where particulates measure 2–800 µm. Read More

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Airborne Particle Counter suits HVAC and IAQ professionals. .

May 15, 2012

Equipped with 3.5 in. QVGC color display with backlight and intuitive icons, Fluke® 985 measures airborne particles to troubleshoot and monitor indoor air quality. Unit features 6 particle size channels with range of 0.3-10 µm, and provides in-device storage of 10,000 records for access to historical data. Data can be presented in traditional tabular format or as trend graph and exported to USB memory stick or directly to PC via USB or Ethernet cable. Read More

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Airborne Particle Counter verifies safety of IAQ.

October 7, 2011

Featuring portable, bench-top design, Model BT-637 monitors particulate matter, temperature, and relative humidity. Unit features 6 channel sizes from 0.3-5.0 microns and includes blue LCD that can be read from 3 m away. Audible alarm alerts user to particulate levels beyond selected limits. Operating on battery or AC adapter, counter exceeds ISO 14644-1 standard for minimum sample volume of 2.0 Lpm and uses USB flash drive to store up to 8,000 records. Read More

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Airborne Particle Sensor analyzes wafer contamination.

February 11, 2011

With detection range down to 0.1 µm, WaferSense® moves through semiconductor process equipment and automation material handling systems to monitor airborne particles. Unit reports information in real-time, allowing engineers to validate wafer contamination. With wireless communication and wafer-like shape compatible with existing automation, sensor speeds tool qualification. Available in 200, 300, and 450 mm sizes, sensor can also establish baseline and ensure operations continue on baseline. Read More

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Portable 6-Channel Particle Counter has bench-top form factor.

October 7, 2010

Intended for indoor environment monitoring and process verification, BT-637 is capable of continuous, real-time monitoring at 0.1 cfm and features volumetric flow control and recharge time under 3 hr. Instrument can log up to 8,000 records and be customized with user-preferred size and alarm monitoring settings. Offering connectivity via RS-232, RS-485, Analog (0-5 V), and USB interfaces, counter also integrates memory stick port for data transfer and comes with computer software. Read More

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Particle Imaging Systems use hi-res cameras, analysis software.

July 30, 2010

FlowCAM Benchtop, Portable, Submersible, V-1000, and Birefringent XPL models, as well as PetroCAM model for oil analysis, feature VisualSpreadsheet© v2.4 particle image analysis software and high resolution camera. Suited for use applications where understanding true size and shape of particles and microorganisms is crucial, system takes digital images of individual particles and microscopic organisms, measures each based on measurement parameters, and saves images and data for analysis. Read More

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Portable Particle Counters have max flow rate of 2.0 cfm.

January 11, 2005

Protected by stainless steel enclosure, SOLAIR 3200+ and 5200+ incorporate volumetric flow control system and pump that maintains 2.0 or optional 1.7 cfm flow rate. Airborne particle counters feature GUI with 5.7 in., backlit, color touch-screen. Data can be stored, viewed on screen, thermally printed, or downloaded. Sensitive to 0.3 µm or 0.5 µm @ 2.0 cfm, units count up to 6 particle sizes, display counts instantly, and store up to 3,000 records. Read More

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Contamination Monitors perform fluid cleanliness analysis.

December 7, 2004

Portable Cleanliness Monitor, PCM400, and Particle Counter, PFC400W, obtain fluid cleanliness data in order to detect abnormal contamination. Former uses multiple mesh blockage technology to monitor fluids that are dark, cloudy or contaminated by water or air. Particle counter measures size and quantity of particulate in industrial fluid systems. It combines laser blockage technology with water sensor, which measures amount of dissolved moisture in oil. Read More

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Manifold System offers tool monitoring and qualification.

November 26, 2004

MiniManifold(TM) consists of manifold sequencing system with built-in controller and miniblower for purge flow. It allows single particle counter to monitor up to 6 locations simultaneously. Controller communicates with particle counter and can interface to computer or process tool via RS-485/MODBUS communications protocol. MiniManifold(TM) offers user-programmable sampling and includes built-in buffer to store data records. Read More

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Particle Sizer offers quick set-up for field applications.

June 8, 2004

Vienna U-DMA is used with Condensation Particle Counter to create complete Sequential Mobility Particle Sizer and Counter. Extension kit allows user to change particle size range from 5-350 nm to 10-1100 nm. Remote operation can be via modem, but built-in battery pack, data logging, and auto-reboot facility means that totally independent operation is possible. Automatic self-test operation checks that system is functioning correctly before measurements. Read More

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On-Line Measuring Cabinet is suited for filter cartridges.

May 28, 2004

Designed for on-line continuous measurement of filter cartridge efficiency, particle counting cabinet is based on testing method that allows efficiency and retention capacity of filter to be assessed continuously. Dual flowmeters record actual flows through each sensor, while computer records and processes all data and displays number of particles before and after filter. Computer also displays instant filtration efficiency or ratio. Read More

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Portable Particle Counter offers 0.2 micron sensitivity.

July 23, 2003

HANDHELD 2016 displays temperature, RH, and up to 6 channels of particle data in cumulative or differential mode. Powered by Lithium Ion battery, unit incorporates 3.8 in. backlit LCD touch-screen display, and may be used as mobile particle monitor or as part of larger facility monitoring system. Able to download data using LMS Express software, product features include 0.1 cfm flow rate, memory for up to 3,000 records, and internal audible alarm. Read More

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Particle Counter has dynamic range of 0.3-10.0 µm.

July 1, 2003

SOLAIR 3100+ stores particle count data for 6 particle size channels as well as data from up to 4 environmental sensors. Data can be downloaded to computer or printed to built-in thermal printer. Portable counter offers 0.3 micron sensitivity at 1.0 cfm flow rate and has 5.7 in. color touch-screen display. Product utilizes optical particle counting technology and has stainless steel enclosure that houses 32-port universal manifold. Read More

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Laser Particle Counter features color touch-screen display.

July 1, 2003

SOLAIR 5100+ portable counter offers sensitivity of 0.5 micron and flow rate of 1.0 cfm with dynamic range up to 25.0 microns. It can store particle count data for 6 particle size channels and data from up to 4 environmental sensors. All data can be downloaded to computer or printed to built-in thermal printer. Sample output is internally filtered to HEPA standards. Unit runs on removable Li-Ion battery or standard AC power. Read More

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Particle Counter monitors air in cleanrooms.

June 18, 2002

Computer-programmable, Model P3610 APC Portable Airborne Particle Counter measures up to 6 size ranges down to 0.3 micron at 1 cfm flow rate. Total particles are measured in 3 concentration modes: particles/m³, particles/L and particles/ft³. Model P3610 stores data for up to 1,000 sample locations. Names for each location (up to 22 alphanumeric characters) may be created and stored. Unit includes back-lit LCD touch-screen. Read More