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Integrated CAM Software enhances Geomagic Design functionality.

April 8, 2015

VisualCAM 2015 for Geomagic includes 2 CAM modules – VisualCAM-MILL for Geomagic and VisualCAM-TURN for Geomagic – and runs completely inside Geomagic Design v15–v17 CAD program from 3D Systems Corporation. Merging inherent machining capabilities with Geomagic Design parametric modeling capabilities, solution is fully associative to any geometry changes within Geomagic Design/Alibre and includes 2 ½-, 3-, and 4-axis continuous milling and hole making operations. Read More

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Machine Vision Software works on Android-based devices.

January 30, 2015

Run on such portable devices as tablets, phablets, and smartphones that use Android OS, HALCON Embedded for Android targets companies that develop professional imaging applications based on Android platform. Solution offers mobile OCR, IDE, and flexible architecture that facilitates accelerated development of machine vision, medical imaging, and image analysis applications. Software also supports multi-core platforms and special instructions sets, such as AVX2, as well as GPU acceleration. Read More

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CAM Software enhances 5-axis and high-speed machining.

January 20, 2015

While fostering usability via customization, PowerMILL 2015 R2 verifies project for machine-tool issues and generates detailed list of discovered problems. Automatic collision checking of area-clearance toolpaths takes into account any remaining stock on model, and all tool-holder collision checking for area clearance takes place during toolpath calculation. Other features include machine-tool movement simulation during tool changes and drilling calculations referencing stock model. Read More

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Machine Vision Software incorporates OCR tool.

November 24, 2014

AutoVISION® v3.0 includes IntelliText OCR for conversion of human-readable characters into machine-readable characters. Allowing user control of customizable parameters, IntelliText OCR can be adjusted to recognize characters regardless of marking or printing method and quality. Multi-neural network lets OCR tool train on character variations and store them for increased speed. Other features include character segmentation, image pre-processing, image binarization, and string matching support. Read More

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Multi-Camera Software facilitates packaging inspection.

October 23, 2014

In addition to controlling and visualizing inspections of up to 4 machine vision smart cameras at once, Visionscape® I-PAK® VH Software is capable of advanced label inspection and barcode validation as well as grouping and rejecting items based on color. Program can set up and save inspection jobs to user's PC, which can be loaded to Vision HAWK cameras in case of line changeover. With database of password-protected usernames, manufacturers can gate access to certain software capabilities. Read More

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CAM Software affords gear and spline manufacturing flexibility.

September 10, 2014

InvoMilling™ v1.0 enables flexible manufacturing of gears and splines on universal 5-axis machining centers. Specifically, this solution generates CNC program to produce different gear profiles with limited range of standard-stocked precision tools. Graphics promote usability, while milling path generation and simulation functionality lend to operational flexibility.
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CAD/CAM Nesting Software is used for automated cutting.

May 20, 2014

ProNest® 2015 provides automatic nesting process that makes advanced level nesting decisions based on available parts in part list. While UI closely aligns with look and operation found with business applications, tabs accelerate navigation between nests, insertion of new nests, or reordering of nests. Other features include OneClick™ production module, which automates job tasks, and Custom Remnants™ tool that lets users enter dimensions of irregular plate or remnant and then complete nest.
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Application Developer Kit is available for CEVA-MM3000.

August 8, 2013

Application Developer Kit for CEVA-MM3000 imaging and vision platforms simplifies software development experience, shortening product design cycle. CEVA-CV™ library offers 600+ programming functions for computer vision processing, while SmartFrame™ handles all system resource requirements. Other tools include DSP task management and scheduling software module, communication channels and system drivers for both CPU and DSP platforms, and software APIs on CPU for computer vision functions. Read More

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Machine Vision Software connects to entire factory floor.

July 24, 2013

Available in AutoVISION™ software, Microscan Link feature provides users with additional options for communicating with Microscan smart cameras. Parameters inside AutoVISION jobs can be connected to outside industrial control systems with single click on link icon. Whether communicating inspection results from smart camera to PLC, or communicating between multiple smart cameras remotely from networked system, Microscan Link ensures reliable connectivity between AutoVISION™ and factory floor. Read More

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Smart Camera Verification System allows inline barcode inspection.

May 29, 2013

AutoVISION™ smart cameras and machine vision software can be used to verify quality of 1D and 2D barcodes against established industry standards, including ISO 15415/15416 and AIM DPM. Included 1D and 2D Symbol Quality Verification tools help ensure cradle-to-grave traceability and process efficiency. Without PC, manufacturers can error-proof individual barcodes on their packaging inline with either Vision MINI and Vision HAWK smart cameras. NERLITE® lighting products are also available. Read More

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Machine Vision Software offers simplified UI, expansive toolset.

January 21, 2013

AutoVISION™ 2.0 combines intuitive UI and toolset for inspection, error proofing, and identification applications. In addition to Verification and OCV (Optical Character Verification) Tools to validate print quality, feature set includes Logic Tool for building pass/fail criteria as well as support for automated job changeover. Microscan LINK enables connectivity to PLCs and other industrial control systems, and support for Vision MINI and Vision HAWK Smart Cameras is also standard. Read More

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Machine Vision Software supports inspection and error proofing.

January 7, 2013

Supporting Microscan’s Vision MINI and Vision HAWK Smart Cameras, AutoVISION™ 2.0 is intended for inspection, error proofing, and identification applications. Software includes Verification and OCV tools to validate print quality, logic tool for building pass/fail criteria, and support for automated job changeover. In addition, program features Microscan LINK for connectivity to PLCs and other industrial control systems. Read More

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Machine Vision Software supports multi-platform use.

May 17, 2010

Suited for machine vision boards, GigE solutions, and smart cameras, Visionscape® v4.1 provides blob analysis, OCR, OCV, barcode, vector, and edge algorithms, plus Intellifind pattern-matching tool. Color matching tool is suited for high-speed applications such as sorting parts, while color segmentation tool enables other tools to be applied in specific color plane. With Visionscape® v4.1, users can create custom user interfaces via and C#. Read More

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Machine Vision Software supports Windows 7.

April 6, 2010

VisionPro v6.1 supports 32- and 64-bit Windows 7 in 5 languages. It includes line scan distortion correction tool that eliminates horizontal lens distortion and equalizes pixel width across sensor. ToolBlock feature adds Drag & Drop Terminal, which graphically links multiple vision tools, and Simple Script, which reduces amount of scripting needed to set up complex applications. PatMax® software for object location and other vision tools are also included. Read More

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Surface Inspection Software leverages visual-based input.

March 1, 2010

Used to inspect surface of materials, VisionPro® Surface combines visual defect detection and classification technology with interface designed to facilitate accurate defect detection, classification, and surface texture assessment during manufacturing process. Self-learning solution monitors visual appearance of material and uses statistical analysis to automatically identify potential defects and then classify them into groups based on similarity in contrast, texture, and/or geometry. Read More

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Vision System Software includes edge inspection tools.

February 10, 2010

Designed for In-Sight® vision systems, In-Sight® Explorer v4.4 features InspectEdge(TM) tools for detecting edge defects and inspecting edge pairs. Program also includes color tools in EasyBuilder that simplify color training, distortion correction for line-scan cameras, support of up to 8,192 lines for large part imaging, and 32-point calibration in In-Sight spreadsheet. Position timing feature enables scheduling of programmed and job complete discrete outputs. Read More

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Machine Vision SDK supports multiple cameras.

January 20, 2010

TeliGCAM AIA GigE Vision compliant software enables machine vision developers to control Toshiba Teli GiantDragon(TM) series and CS6910G GbE cameras. Multiple copies of program can be run in single application, allowing independent adjustment and seamless parallel acquisition from multiple GigE Vision cameras in design and run-time modes. Supporting Microsoft® Windows® 7, SDK features separate display and acquisition threads to optimize multicore CPU performance. Read More

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Pattern Recognition/Metrology Software supports color images.

December 16, 2009

Suitable for deployment on PCs and embedded platforms, including Sony Intelligent Cameras, HexSight v4.1 features geometric pattern recognition technology that offers contour-based identification of objects unaffected by scale, orientation, lighting, occlusion, or subtle color variation. After finding objects, HexSight measures and confirms that parts meet key tolerances. Version 4.1 supports GigE vision cameras as well as IEEE 1394 and USB cameras that use DirectShow driver. Read More

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Vision Software provides various image acquisition options.

November 18, 2009

Supporting 64-bit OS and images up to 16 bits in depth, VisionPro® v6.0 enables use of large cameras and nontraditional acquisition sources such as 3D profilers, thermal cameras, and x-ray imagers. When using line scan cameras, one calibration board image is sufficient to correct camera distortion and camera displacements such as rotation and tilt. ID symbol reader tool can read 2D codes up to 144 x 144 and supports development of GS1 conforming applications. Read More

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Measurement Software optimizes vision system productivity.

July 21, 2009

Designed for manual and DCC vision measurement systems, multi-sensor measurement systems, and CMMs equipped with vision probes, PC-DMIS Vision 2009 includes RGB pixel adjustment for optimized edge detection with color cameras. CAD-based 3D vision measurement program also includes MultiCapture feature, which automatically finds multiple features that fit within same field of view and captures their measurement data simultaneously. Read More