Design Management Software fosters customer collaboration.

August 27, 2015

Pilot-ICE enables design firms, architectural studios, project offices, and design departments of industrial firms to store, track, and analyze project data. Functionality also promotes collaboration between companies and their customers and sub-contractors. Software uses virtual cache drive on virtual file system (Pilot-Storage), which becomes visible to all connected computers, and all virtual cache drive content is synchronized automatically with server. Read More


CAD Software supports bearing design and rotor dynamics.

August 20, 2015

Used for design, redesign, and analysis of turbomachinery, AxSTREAM is available with AxSTREAM Bearings module, which allows users to design and analyze detailed models of bearings for different configurations by performing steady-state, transient, and map analysis. Module’s capabilities produce results used in rotor dynamics analysis. AxSTREAM RotorDynamics performs this analysis of firm and dynamic characteristics of rotating machinery. Read More

Transportation Industry Products, Software, Services

Dispatch Software uses cell, GPS, and Android technologies.

August 19, 2015

Available to run from Android-based devices such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs, Mobile Dispatch provides Automated Driver Location tracking, allowing dispatchers to track progress of deliveries and assign pickups to drivers throughout day. Android functions empower drivers enabling them to open and close orders, scan barcodes, take pictures for OS&D claims, send messages to Dispatch, and capture signatures. Read More


Engineering Software handles complex simulations.

August 13, 2015

ANSYS® v16.2 lets engineers create virtual prototypes of complete systems. Performance is bolstered by integrating functionality of ANSYS Simplorer® multidisciplinary systems modeling platform, ANSYS AIM® integrated multiphysics simulation environment, ANSYS Customization Toolkit (ACT), and ANSYS SCADE System Avionics Package™. Latter addresses critical workflow and automation for complex systems engineering by automating development of embedded software systems for avionics. Read More


CAD Software optimizes modeling and reverse engineering.

August 12, 2015

Combining solid, surface, and direct modeling with reverse engineering, PowerSHAPE Pro 2016 minimizes need to transfer data between programs. Groups of features can be copied between 2 solids in single operation, and axis direction of any number of surface or solid primitives can be edited simultaneously. For reverse engineering of prismatic parts, software can identify planes, cylinders, cones, and other primitives, or create wireframe arcs and lines directly from probed points. Read More


Conduit Optimization Software increases prefabrication efficiency.

August 7, 2015

Available for Autodesk® Revit® and Revit® MEP, BendWorks™ helps designers optimize conduit runs. Electrical trade knowledge and Greenlee® bending parameters ensure error-free and export-ready conduit runs for prefabrication or on-site bending. Programming splits conduit runs to produce fewest cuts and segments. Couplings are added to models, segments are uniquely labeled for traceability on jobsite, and error checking is performed for each conduit segment. Read More


Inspection Software facilitates assessment of complex assemblies.

August 4, 2015

Along with support for MCR20 and FCR25 probe change racks, PowerINSPECT 2015 R2 supports automation of inspection sequences via such options as probe changes, feature extraction for point cloud batch inspection, and control over collision checking. UI and zoom-to-fit option in CAD view facilitate navigation and operation, option to define which features are used for any best fit calculations promotes control over RPS alignments, and graphical display aids programming of CNC edge points. Read More


CAM Software supports complete machining project mirroring.

July 28, 2015

To conserve time, PowerMILL 2016 can mirror complete machining projects in one operation and automatically maintain machining characteristics. This also accelerates programming of symmetrical objects. Used for 5-axis and high-speed machining, programming software also offers complete verification of project for machine-tool issues as well as simulation of machine-tool movements as tool changes are executed. Auto-translucency option and ability to draw translucently are also included. Read More

Software, Communication Systems & Equipment, Services

Targeted Ad Insertion/Delivery Platform supports various triggers.

July 28, 2015

Designed for broadcasters and multi-screen pay-TV operators, SPOTTER™ Ad Targeting Platform makes decisions about ads played out to viewers. Multi-criteria platform combines content type, consumer profile, and geolocation data by mining multiple databases in real-time. Along with support for multiple triggering mechanisms and types, features include ability to add ads inside, over, or around video content via slices, overlays, crawl messages, alert bugs, and video squeezes. Read More


CAD Software promotes accuracy, usability, and speed.

July 22, 2015

To improve workflow from CAD to cutter, ExactFlat v3 lets users organize pieces in complex projects, label edges, and annotate seams in various ways to simplify sewing instructions. Accuracy is promoted by initially accurate flat patterns and ability to flatten markings or sketches applied to surfaces in 3D on 2D pattern pieces. Promoting simplicity, users can obtain material and hardware costing with one button click and see real-time updates as changes are made. Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools, Robotics, Software

CAM Software offers optimized collision checking.

July 15, 2015

With PowerMILL Robot 2015, manual and CNC programming of robots can be combined in single program. Software provides optimized collision checking, automatic avoidance of wrist singularities, and ability to generate robot programs from tape files produced in other CAM software. Users can duplicate in virtual environment teach-and-learn programming of robot for linking moves, which can then be integrated with cutting moves to provide complete sequence of operations. Read More


Data Translators support native-CAD designs in SmartCAM.

July 15, 2015

Available as optional modules for SmartCAM Siemens' Solid Edge Connection™ and SmartCAM PTC Pro/ENGINEER & PTC Creo Connection™, SmartCAM Native Data Translators allow native-CAD design models to be opened directly in SmartCAM without need of intermediary, generic CAD file formats. Updates support .PAR and .PSM part files created in Solid Edge versions 18 through ST6, as well as .PRT, .PRT.*, and .XPR part files from Pro/ENGINEER version 16 through Creo 2.0. Read More


Schematic Diagram Software aids electrical contractors.

July 13, 2015

Designed for smaller electrical contractors, Residential Wire Pro v3.0 provides residential wiring information and documentation while allowing contractors to leave customers with updated schematic printout. Key feature is ability to import existing PDF floor plans and add reports to inventory database. Built-in symbol library allows contractors to draw electrical floor plans without steep learning curve usually associated with CAD software. Read More


Illumination Design Software models freeform optics.

July 10, 2015

With Advanced Design Module, LightTools® v8.3 enables modeling of reflective and refractive freeform optics in both single-surface and segmented configurations for diverse set of illumination applications. Software also assists designers in modeling spatial temperature and power density variations in phosphor-based LEDs. API lets users develop custom volume scattering components, while Volume Scatter Logger reports scattering and phosphor conversion events in surface materials. Read More


3D Metrology Software enables simultaneous measurements.

July 2, 2015

Available for FaroArm, FARO® ScanArm, FARO® Laser Tracker, and FARO® 3D Imager, CAM2 Measure 10.5 connects multiple 3D measurement devices, within same coordinate system, and simultaneously scans into single seat of software on one computer. Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing provides streamlined analysis and visual reporting. Workflow efficiencies are maximized with ability to automate repeat inspections by programming data analysis to automatically occur after measurements are taken.
Read More


Hi-Res 3D Printer has longevity-optimized resin plate.

June 30, 2015

Riverside Photocuring 3D Printer uses liquid resin, sensitive to 405 nm UV wavelength, that can be shaped into monolayer slice and subsequently accumulated into 3D object. While min layer thickness is 0.1 mm, max allowed object size is 135 x 135 x 180 mm. Software kit provides interfaces for CAD software and facilitates transition to printing after molding. Weighing 10 kg, this 35 x 38 x 55 cm printer has min print layer thickness of 100 µm and uses SLA molding technology. Read More

Software, Test & Measuring Instruments

Protocol Analyzer enables line-rate Wireshark analysis.

June 22, 2015

Facilitating Ethernet packet capture/inspection, Hammerhead™ for SierraNet™ Protocol Analysis systems integrates dedicated, line-rate protocol analyzer with Wireshark™ network packet capture application. Solution melds SierraNet recording abilities and Wireshark's UI to supply complete, upper level traffic captures. When nanosecond trigger granularity is required, Net Protocol Suite™ provides tools, which includes timer and counter functions, for creating complex and detailed capture solutions. Read More


CAD Software features context-sensitive dasboard.

June 12, 2015

In addition to modern, user-friendly interface, MEDUSA4 R6 features ribbon menu that can be customized via dialog box. Dashboard contains all context-relevant information and features, responds to task at hand, and displays everything users need to solve task. Symbol Manager, also completely overhauled, offers complete overview of all symbols and filters them according to which items have been selected. With MEDUSA4 R6, users can also set Favorites and place QR codes in drawing. Read More


Cost Estimating Software offers 3D CAD feature recognition.

June 12, 2015

With AFR function, Costimator® with 3DFX recognizes 3D CAD features and their parameters from solid models. Costimator 3DFX 3D CAD viewer supports over 30 file formats from developers such as AutoCAD, STEP, IGES, NX, and SolidWorks. Estimators can instantly collect accurate measurements, cut dynamic sections, and play animation. CAD features and parameters that are selected and sent to Costimator are automatically estimated via industry-validated cost models. Read More


CAD/EDA Software offers thermal management capabilities.

May 28, 2015

Featuring CAD-centric technology and mesher which simulates complex geometries, FloTHERM® XT provides thermal management capabilities for electronic systems and PCBs. Product supports transient analysis, Joule heating, parametric studies, extended EDA integration capabilities, and modeling options, including ability to represent copper in detail for complex PCBs. For thermal specialists and design engineers, FloTHERM XT provides early design virtual prototyping and what-if analysis. Read More