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Turbidity Sensor performs laboratory-quality measurements.

April 9, 2015

Suitable for process water filtration and other industrial process turbidity conditions, Turbimax CUS52D measures turbidity from 0.000–4000 NTU with accuracy of 2% of measurement ±0.01 NTU at process temperatures from -4 to 185°F with detection limit of 0.0015 NTU. Sensor uses 90° light scattering principle in accordance with ISO 7027 standard. Available in immersion, flow cell, and inline versions, Turbimax CUS52D has hygienic design and operates at pressures up to 145 psi. Read More

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CCD Image Sensor are optimized for low-light imaging.

November 12, 2014

Intended for use in industrial applications, KAE-02150 combines Interline Transfer (IT) CCD pixel design with electron multiplication output structure. Sensor is based on TRUESENSE 5.5-micron IT-CCD platform with global shutter, image uniformity, and modulation transfer function and can capture 1080p (1920 x 1080) video in scenes in varying lighting conditions. Output circuit design allows CCD (low-gain) or EMCCD (high-gain) outputs to be utilized on pixel-by-pixel basis within same image. Read More

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Sensor System monitors level in pressurized reservoirs. .

October 31, 2014

Utilizing adjustable sensor to set specific levels, Low-Level-Sensing Reservoir System prevents empty material reservoirs from introducing air into dispensing lines, eliminating contamination during dispensing process. SB-100 controller activates warning when material in reservoir reaches specified low level and is equipped with external PLC connection that allows for total line shutdown. Low-level functions include remote visual beacon, audio buzzer, and auto shutdown. Read More

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Long Life Oxygen Sensor enhances plant safety.

October 28, 2014

Leveraging oxygen pump technology that does not have consumable anode, 4OxLL offers operational life of 5 years that covers entire life expectancy of average portable gas detector. This reduces ongoing maintenance in industrial safety-critical monitoring applications by removing sensor replacement. In addition to exhibiting <5% drift over life, sensor withstands environmental extremes and transient conditions and also minimizes nuisance alarms as well as occurrence of field failures. Read More

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Differential pH/ORP Sensor uses 3 electrodes for max accuracy.

October 3, 2014

Serving industrial and municipal wastewater treatment applications, SD7000 Series measures solution pH differentially with process (outer hemi glass) and inner reference (surrounded by known concentrated pH 7 buffer) electrodes as compared to third ground electrode for optimal accuracy. This also minimizes reference junction potential and eliminates sensor ground loop effects. Encapsulated preamp eliminates moisture problems, and design allows mounting up to 3,000 ft from pH/ORP monitors. Read More

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Lead Salt Detectors enhance field of view via short cap packaging.

March 4, 2014

Exploiting innate transmission bandwidth of Silicon, SCD-Si detectors block unwanted radiation below 1.2 microns. These single channel detectors (SCDs) are packaged with anti-reflection Silicon windows to block undesirable energy in UV and visible spectrums. Optimizing performance in 1.2–5.5 microns IR spectrum, products are available in various configurations; users can select PbS or PbSe detector material, 2 x 2 mm or 3 x 3 mm active area, and ambient or cooled designs. Read More

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Dissolved Oxygen Sensor utilizes optical technology.

October 25, 2013

Incorporating S3L digital communication link, Signet 2610-41 connects to Signet 9900 SmartPro® Transmitter Generation III as well as Signet 8900 Multi-Parameter Controller. Unit offers measurement range of 0–20 mg/L, 0–200% saturation, and accuracies of ±0.1 mg/L for 0–8 mg/L and ±0.2 mg/L for 8–20 mg/L. Built-in Modbus RS485 and 4–20 mA current loop outputs provide interface to existing control systems, while optical sensor cap with built-in calibration eliminates need for field calibration. Read More

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Digital Sensor enhances land seismic acquisition flexibility.

October 1, 2013

AccuSeis™ SL11 single-component broadband digital sensor addresses needs of oil and gas companies for high-resolution, detailed images of earth's subsurface. Utilized with G3i® and Hawk® recording systems, sensor extends and promotes operational flexibility for land acquisition capabilities. This 1C sensor, which weighs .175 kg and may be configured in single station or multi-station string, features MEMS architecture and offers flat amplitude and phase response. Read More

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Single-Use Temperature Sensors suit upstream cell culture.

July 3, 2013

Designed for R&D and cGMP scale-up, SmartRocker™ lets user configure rocking motion from smooth waveform that minimizes shear force for sensitive cell lines to aggressive motion that maximizes oxygen transfer for robust cells having high oxygen consumption. Each SmartBag™ bio-process container, which can be retrofitted on rocker platform trays or used with SmartRocker, holds embedded SensorPuck™ comprising 3 sensors – pH, DO, temperature – that monitor cell growth process for up to 21 days. Read More

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Chlorine Sensors provide measurements in real time.

May 28, 2013

Available in 0–2, 0–5, and 0–10 ppm range models, FCL500 series sensors use amperometric measurement for accurate monitoring in process applications. Membrane design includes mesh reinforcement clamp for stability and durability. Units feature 4–20 mA isolated signal output that eliminates ground loop errors and blocks high-voltage surges; output interfaces with PLC, SCADA, and other process control systems. Units also feature electrolyte reservoir with replaceable membrane cap and solution. Read More

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Pulse Oximeter Sensor measures blood flow at nasal ala.

May 13, 2013

Via nasal ala, Assurance® Alar Sensor monitors oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin and pulse rate of adult and pediatric patients. Since measurement point is rich in vasculature and fed by external and internal carotid arteries, signals are highly responsive to change. Design and placement makes sensor immune to ambient light interference, which is common with fingertip sensors. By detecting signals even at low oxygen saturation and minimizing false alarms, sensor optimizes patient safety. Read More

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Water Sensor prevents system failure, unnecessary interruptions.

April 24, 2013

Intended for hydraulic and lubrication fluids in industrial environments, TWS-D has integral display area that removes need to connect and mount separate display for monitoring water content of fluid. It may also be rotated along 2 axes, enabling visibility from nearly every angle. Equipped with internal switch, this water saturation and temperature sensor can be programmed directly from display and sends alarm if water saturation level exceeds limit. Read More

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Methane Gas Detector targets alternative fuel vehicles.

April 16, 2013

With Xintex® Methane Gas Detection System, methane level is constantly monitored with both visual and audible alarms, which are activated prior to methane levels becoming too high. Unit features green, yellow, and red LEDs to indicate functionality, operational status, and danger, along with test function and reset button, waterproof methane sensors, and remote status indicator panels. System is designed for Green, environmentally friendly alternative fuel vehicles using CNG and LNG for fuel. Read More

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Carbon Dioxide/Methane Meter meets biogas industry needs.

April 8, 2013

Available as battery-operated, handheld device or in NEMA 4 enclosure, combination meter can display up to 100% methane (CH4) and 50% carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in real-time or be used as datalogger to record gas levels over time. Both versions, which leverage non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor that does not require frequent calibration, use built-in micro-pump to take sample via tube port, measure sample, and return it via second tube port to form closed-loop system. Read More

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CO2 and CH4 Gas Level Meter targets biogas industry.

April 5, 2013

Based on non-dispersive infrared sensor, CO2 and CH4 Meter measures up to 100% methane and 50% carbon dioxide levels in real-time, or can be used as data logger to record gas levels over time. Meter is available as hand-held, battery-operated device, or in permanently mounted NEMA4 enclosure. Both use built-in micro-pump to take sample via tube port, measure sample, and return it via second tube port to form closed-loop gas measurement system. Read More

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Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor provides years of service.

February 22, 2013

Employing fluorescence quenching sensing element that eliminates need for frequent calibration or membrane replacement, Triton DO80 continuously analyzes oxygen level, water temperature, and air pressure to calculate dissolved oxygen values. Max error is less than 2%, repeatability is ±0.5%, and resolution is 0.01 ppm or 0.01% saturation. Developed for harsh municipal and industrial water treatment environments, sensor offers 0–20 ppm, 0%–200% percent saturation, or 0–6 psi outputs. Read More

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Drug and Explosives Detector is effective in large areas.

January 31, 2013

Based on chemical reaction instead of electronic search, Sniffer enables users in field to search for explosives as well as illicit drugs in large areas, such as rooms, containers, cars, and clothes, within seconds. Applicator is considered as core of this system and is also able to wipe down surfaces. Designed to facilitate use, detector works on any surface, provides instant response, and does not produce any false positives. No special maintenance is required. Read More

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Hemodynamic Monitoring Sensor System is minimally invasive.

January 21, 2013

Used with existing arterial catheter and connected to Edwards Lifesciences Vigileo® monitor, CardioFlo™ provides accurate, reliable hemodynamic monitoring data. System facilitates real-time assessment of hemodynamic and cardiovascular status, helping guide clinical decision-making and effective management of critically ill patients. In clinical testing, agreement between hemodynamic data provided by Edwards Lifesciences FloTrac and the ICU Medical CardioFlo sensor systems was within 1%. Read More

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Oxygen Test System gains functionality via 3 accessories.

October 9, 2012

Serving food and pharmaceutical applications, OpTech® system uses optical sensor that gives off light directly related to amount of oxygen present in package headspace or dissolved oxygen in liquid product. Available accessories include portability kit to enable mobile testing away from lab; needle attachment, with fluorescing sensor material applied to its tip, for testing packages with minimal headspace; and ImPULSE™ sensor for working with opaque materials and retort applications. Read More

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Dissolved Oxygen Sensor utilizes optical technology.

August 31, 2012

Incorporating optical sensor cap that is factory calibrated and requires no field calibration, Signet 2610 eliminates need for replacement of membrane and reference solutions when monitoring dissolved oxygen levels in wastewater treatment systems. Unit features measurement range of 0-20 mg/L with accuracies of ±0.1 mg/L for 0-8 mg/L and ±0.2 mg/L for 8-20 mg/L. Built-in Modbus RS485 and 4-20 mA current loop outputs provide interface to existing control systems. Read More