Protective Gloves

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Industrial Impact Protection Gloves offer dexterity and comfort.

March 2, 2015

Providing medium impact protection, dexterity, and comfort for workers in oil, gas, and mining industries, Arma Tuff Armadillo Glove feature one-piece TPR (thermoplastic rubber) padded back that protects back of hand, fingers, and thumb. Available styles include poly/cotton corded double palms in natural as well as high-visibility green and orange or orange silicon dotted single palm. All styles come with 3 in. neoprene cuff and pull tab and Kevlar®-reinforced thumb crotch. Read More

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High Impact Glove offers dual layer of protection.

January 28, 2015

With 3rd Generation Superflex pad sewn in, Sarco 2015 Impact Glove helps protect drilling and mining workers against painful and disabling injuries resulting from impacts to back of hand, fingers, and thumb. Glove incorporates EVA, impact-resistant, closed-cell foam for protection; built-in flex points that optimize finger mobility; and wing thumb that provides added comfort while minimizing hand fatigue. Read More

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Cut-Resistant Work Glove provides optimal grip.

January 13, 2015

Combining ANSI Cut level 5 with crinkle latex palm coating for smudge-free grip, CutMaster® Aramax® XT AX5100 is suited for handling extremely sharp-edged materials. Knit glove features form-fitting shell engineered to wick away moisture and keep wearer cool and comfortable. Reinforced thumb crotch adds durability at critical wear point. Glove is suited for appliance and automotive manufacturing, glass and metal handling, fabrication, and stamping. Read More

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Static Dissipative Gloves also protect against high heat.

December 18, 2014

Measuring 14 in. long from end of fingertip to base of cuff, Static Dissipative Hot Gloves with extended cuffs are made of dissipative polyester with Nomex® lining. Construction protects wearer's hands and wrists up to 200°F, and resistance from fingertip surface to groundable point (Rgp) is <1x107 Ω. By electrically bonding through grounded operator to negate static charge generation, gloves prevent ESD events and can be used with touchscreen monitors as well as other touch devices. Read More

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Disposable Gloves are optimized for sensitivity, wearability.

September 5, 2014

Available in X-Small to X-Large sizes, Ronco Care clear vinyl gloves and Care Nitrile violet gloves feature ultra-thin (3 mil) design that promotes touch sensitivity without compromising protection. Products are 100% powder-free and latex-free, which reduces risk of allergic reactions for wearers; have Health Canada Medical Device License; and are approved for use as examination gloves. Environmentally friendly packaging comes with 200 gloves per box. Read More

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Orange Nitrile Gloves feature diamond texture.

July 25, 2014

Latex- and powder-free, Gloveworks Heavy Duty Orange Nitrile Gloves are extra thick with diamond texture, offering optimized wet and dry grip. Gloves can be worn on either hand and are polymer coated for strength. Available in medium, large, X-large, and XX-large sizes, gloves are suited for use in industrial, automotive, and chemical applications. Read More

Safety & Security Equipment

Cut Resistant Gloves feature thumb-crotch reinforcement.

May 16, 2014

With extra HPPE fibers sewn into thumb-crotch area to create additional layer, Defensor™ Cut Level 5 Gloves are resistant to wear and tear, making them suitable for jobs entailing high cut and scrape hazards. Nitrile-coated version provides abrasion resistance with firm dry grip and liquid barrier for palm. Breathable and abrasion resistant, Polyurethane-coated gloves provide grip comparable to natural hand for applications that require precision maneuvering. Read More

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Black Nitrile Disposable Gloves provide heavy-duty protection.

May 12, 2014

With thickness of 6 mil, SENTRON Nitrile Gloves provide dexterity and tactile sensitivity as well as tear and puncture resistance. Gloves are powder free and 100% latex free, minimizing risk of allergic reaction in users. Offering protection against variety of chemicals, hydrocarbon oils, fats, detergents, and solvents, gloves are suited for automotive, forensics, and inspection applications as well as emergency medical services and pharmaceutical/laboratory work. Read More

Safety & Security Equipment

Oil-Repellent Cut-Resistant Gloves combine protection, dexterity.

May 1, 2014

Delivering performance and protection needed for metal working applications, HyFlex 11-927 features Ansell RIPEL™ Liquid Repellence Technology and Ansell GRIP™ Technology combined with cut-resistant liner and high dip lining. This brings oil repellency, secure grip, and cut resistance to workers in slippery conditions. RIPEL technology creates liquid-impermeable layer in knit glove styles, preventing oil or lubricant from making even incidental contact with skin while enhancing hand health. Read More

Safety & Security Equipment, Welding Equipment & Supplies

Welding Gear Pack targets female professional fabricators.

April 8, 2014

Providing all essential personal protective equipment that female professional welders need, Jessi Combs Women’s Welding Gear Ready-Pak® includes VIKING™ Jessi vs. The Robot™ 3350 Series auto-darkening helmet, Jessi Combs Women’s Shadow™ FR welding jacket, and Jessi Combs MIG/stick welding gloves. It also comes equipped with Jessi Combs Steelworker® gloves, Women’s Starlite® clear safety glasses, and FR doo rag, all in Lincoln® industrial duffle bag. Read More

Safety & Security Equipment

HPPE Work Gloves combine protection and comfort.

April 3, 2014

Available in sizes 6–12, GPD780 features HPPE blend that delivers ANSI Cut Level 4 protection while also promoting breathability and comfort. Other elements of construction include soft; elastic, color-coded overcast; and 10-gauge shell and NitriX® Grip Technology. Latter consists of sandy nitrile palm coating that channels oils and liquids away to promote grip in wet and dry applications. Gloves also offer ANSI Level 4 Abrasion Resistance and ANSI Level 4 Puncture Resistance. Read More

Safety & Security Equipment

Light-Duty Work Gloves provide abrasion resistance.

February 28, 2014

Providing comfort, safety, and durability, HyFlex® 11-818 and HyFlex® 11-840 incorporate FORTIX Abrasion Resistance Technology, which applies thin, resilient, and breathable nitrile foam coating to knitted gloves for abrasive applications. HyFlex 11-818 is designed with 15-gauge nylon-spandex liner, while HyFlex 11-840 features 18-gauge nylon liner. Using varying stitch designs around stress areas, ZONZ® knitting technology optimizes hand movement for dexterity and minimized fatigue. Read More

Safety & Security Equipment

Impact Gloves offer ANSI Level 4 cut resistance.

February 27, 2014

Featuring 13-gauge shell comprised of HPPE, polyester, glass, and nylon fiber, TRX540 Impact Gloves offer form-fitting comfort and dexterity. Gloves provide firm hold in wet and oily conditions with proprietary NitriX™ sandy nitrile palm coating, including impact- and puncture-resistant gel padding and flexible, scored design that allows them to bend with hand. Supplied in high-visibility colors, gloves have hook-and-loop wrist closure for secure fit. Read More

Safety & Security Equipment

Ergonomic Rubber Insulating Gloves protect electrical workers.

January 24, 2014

Ergonomically shaped to reflect hand at natural rest position with non-splayed fingers, low voltage (Class 00 and 0) and high voltage (Class 2) Marigold Industrial Rubber Insulating Gloves protect workers' hands when interacting with exposed energized, de-energized, or re-energized electrical circuits. Flexibility and dexterity allow for comfortable, prolonged wear during all electrical applications, while flared cuff allows room for clothing and improves ventilation. Read More

Safety & Security Equipment

Coated Safety Gloves offer usability in oily conditions.

November 8, 2013

Available in 4 models, Skytec Safety Gloves feature APG™ coating, which consists of complex neoprene and bi-polymer formula that enables resistance to abrasion without need for thick coated and cumbersome gloves. Models include: 3/4 APG coated Epsilon with 18 gg liner; Lamda with APG palm and cut level of 4; Sigma 5 with APG palm and cut level of 5; and APG-coated Zeta with 35 cm gauntlet. All are flexible, offering comfort and dexterity for user. Read More

Safety & Security Equipment, Welding Equipment & Supplies

Welding and Rigging Gloves offer complete hand protection.

November 6, 2013

Suited for welding, rigging, cutting, and grinding, Roll Cage™ Gloves are constructed with fire-resistant cowhide and sewn with Kevlar® thread, then enhanced with segmented, high-temperature-resistant silicon pads for knuckle protection. Gloves have protective overlay on palm that reinforces high-wear areas; long-length cuff that guards wrists and forearms against heat and sparks; and fire-resistant Velcro® wrist guards that secure gloves while allowing quick removal. Read More

Safety & Security Equipment

Impact Resistant Glove targets construction industry.

October 30, 2013

Made with ActivArmr® Madgrip Injection Technology™, ActivArmr® 97- 321 Glove merges grip coating onto single seamless knitted liner, resulting in optimized impact protection, grip, and abrasion resistance as well as comfort and dexterity. Orange color maximizes visibility in dark or low-light conditions. In addition, breathable 97-300 ½-dipped glove is intended for masonry, carpentry, and other abrasive handling in outdoor work, while 97-310 series offers back-of-hand protection. Read More

Safety & Security Equipment, Laboratory and Research Supplies & Equipment

Sensitivity-Optimized Gloves provide alternative to latex gloves.

September 30, 2013

Touch N Tuff® 73-500 sterile sensitive neoprene gloves and Touch N Tuff 73-300 clean sensitive neoprene gloves for Life Sciences industry are manufactured using SENSOPRENE® formulation, promoting sensitivity in double donning and dry applications. For workers in aseptic and clean environments, Touch N Tuff 83-300 powder free synthetic polyisoprene gloves have anti-slip finish on surface of fingers and palm area to enhance grip in wet handling applications. Read More

Safety & Security Equipment

Nitrile Gloves protect hands against chemical exposure.

July 2, 2013

AlphaTec® 58-330 and 58-335 gloves help prevent hand injuries related to exposure to oils, fuels, solvents, bases, and esters in both medium- and heavy-duty applications while maximizing worker comfort via AquaDri® technology. Open-celled foam structure of AquaDri provides benefits of sponge with optimized moisture absorption to prolong glove use. Worn in wet and dry environments, gloves feature nitrile compound that offers puncture, snag, and abrasion protection. Read More

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Film Isolator features portable, flexible design.

June 24, 2013

Along with curved film design that optimizes working volume, Purair Flex offers tapered sleeve/glove options. Glove bags with double O-ring design on polyurethane cuffs facilitate glove changes to meet dexterity requirements, while semi-rigid support rods facilitate setup and provide stability even if bag is not inflated to full pressure. Measuring 23.6 x 24.6 x 23.6 in., product offers reliability and safety via HEPA filter, bag-in/bag-out port, and nitrogen purge inlet connections. Read More