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Lead-Free Solder Recovery System reduces solder consumption.

September 1, 2015

Lead-free EVS 500LF targets those with one lead wave and one lead-free wave, those who use Nitrogen or want to reduce Nitrogen usage, those with selective solder pots who only remove small amounts of dross every hour, or those with multiple waves. Users can recover up to 80% of pure solder from waste dross. ISO14001-compatible system works with environmental control systems and also helps to reduce carbon footprint by utilizing latent heat already imputed to dross to help recovery process. Read More

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Reflow Simulator accommodates full size PCBs for testing.

July 9, 2015

By using hot air of upper heater and extreme infrared radiation of lower heater together, MALCOM RDT-250C can reproduce temperature profile of reflow oven while allowing operators to observe melting state of solder paste and record process. Local matrix control system of upper heater enables reflow soldering of PCB in which thermal capacity is balanced with best heating temperature. Operator can observe state of soldering through wide glass windows from rear of unit. Read More

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Flash Soldering Laser System achieves speeds of <0.3 sec/point.

May 28, 2015

Able to integrate pre- and post-soldering processes, such as SMT and through-hole devices, Unix FS Series employs integrated optical laser configuration that promotes speed and productivity. System speed enables 100 points to be soldered in <30 sec depending on various conditions. Along with integrated soldering process for both solder paste and wire, features include coaxial camera as well as simple setup and operation with direct teaching. Read More

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Laser Soldering System optimizes laser exposure diameters.

May 26, 2015

Offering adjustable beam spot diameters from 0.1–3.0 mm, Multi-Phi Laser Soldering System optimizes soldering conditions for each component. Diameter range is determined by optical fibers and lens configuration. Laser’s output power is converted into thermal energy, and robot’s z-axis (vertical) stays fixed when adjusting beam diameter. Supporting variety of soldering patterns, component shapes, and sizes, Multi-Phi can feed solder wire from any direction with feeding mechanism. Read More

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Solder Paste is temperature stable at 26.5°C for 1 year.

March 4, 2015

Halogen-free and lead-free, LOCTITE GC 10 enables abandon times of up to 24 hours and has startup time of 0. Product offers stabilized and consistent print transfer efficiency, expanded reflow window, and increased activity for optimum results with soak temperature from 150–200°C. Temperature stable up to 40°C for one month, paste eliminates requirement for cold packing, overnight shipping, and refrigerated storage. Read More

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Selective Soldering System offers high-precision jet-fluxing.

February 12, 2015

Featuring laser-controlled wave height compensation, Model IS-T-300 handles double-sided and mixed technology PCBs up to 300 x 500 mm, with option for 460 x 700 mm. All-titanium solder pot and pump assembly, compatible with lead-free or eutectic solder, is mounted to X/Y/Z-axis drive mechanism for repeatable, point-to-point and continuous soldering. With 3–14 mm diameters, 360° wettable nozzles produce miniature waves that can be programmed to 0.5 mm minimum clearance from adjacent components. Read More

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Wave Soldering System combines capacity and capability.

June 17, 2014

Optimized for production capability and capacity, Electrovert® Electra™ uses IsoThermal convection pre-heat. Full nitrogen tunnel can be field upgraded, and Intelligent Flux Control is available with Full Tunnel feature. Along with 24 in. process width capability, this wave soldering system features integrated fume extraction, dual head ServoJet™ fluxing and DwellMax™ Plus solder nozzles. Read More

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Dip Soldering Systems suit short-run, batch applications.

May 14, 2014

Touchscreen controlled models of Auto-Dip series feature programmable preheat and dip height settings as well as adjustable, finger-type PCB holder that firmly grips edges of board throughout soldering cycle. Accommodating heavy component-laden assemblies and customized pallets of small, irregularly-shaped PCBs, systems offer programmable speed, dip angle, lift angle, and dwell time. Largest model handles PCBs up to 23.6 x 13.8 in. and has 100 Kg, titanium solder pot. Read More

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Selective Soldering System features modular design.

April 11, 2014

With no change-over required, SEHO SelectLine can dynamically process variety of assemblies with short cycle times. Fluxer module, various preheat modules, and soldering modules may be equipped individually, and depending on requirements, they can be configured into complete manufacturing line. Two electro-magnetic soldering units for mini-wave processes may be integrated. With automatic ultrasonic cleaning unit, liquid solder is set into oscillation which gently cleans surface of nozzle. Read More

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Advanced Reflow Systems include batch ovens and inline variants.

March 10, 2014

Via combination of hot air reflow, nitrogen purge, and heat circulation vacuum, Eightech Vacuum Reflow RNV Series can reduce presence of solder joint voids when soldering larger PCBs and area-array packages. Flux-free soldering, accomplished by utilizing vacuum reflow in combination with hydrogen/formic acid, provides such benefits as no-flux wash process, minimized influences on insulation resistance and ion migration, as well as void-free soldering. Read More

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Batch Selective Soldering System offers operational flexibility.

February 19, 2014

Able to be configured with single nozzle or 2 nozzles, CUBE.460 offers batch platform with flexibility for through-hole applications. Selective mini-wave soldering system supports exchangeable solder pot for dual alloys and comes with various features: heated nitrogen at soldering nozzle; 0° and 7° soldering to accommodate various types of nozzles, including wetted nozzle tips and non-wetted nozzles; live viewing camera, and Quartz IR bottom side preheater. Read More

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Print-Place-Reflow Package performs prescision, high-mix assembly.

January 29, 2014

Occupying minimal floor space, 2500-MV accommodates companies that require short-run, in-house production capability for ultra-precise, high component-mix SMT assembly. Included MC-400 pick and place system features Cognex® on-the-fly and bottom vision alignment for high-accuracy, 2,500 cph placement of SMDs. Additional package components include heavy-duty MC-110 stencil printer, which offers ±0.02 mm (<1 mil) repeatability, and MC-301 profilable batch reflow oven with benchtop design. Read More

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Vapor Phase Reflow Soldering System has compact footprint.

June 18, 2013

In addition to 3-step profiling with principle of injection (5 with void reducing vacuum), CondensoXS vapor phase condensation reflow soldering system offers horizontal transport of assembled board to prevent components from slipping. Use of injection principle and control of temperature and pressure (vacuum) allow precise and diverse reflow profiling. Measuring complex requirements of lead-free soldering of units with high thermal mass, unit accelerates reliable solder of heavy units. Read More

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Reflow Soldering System offers void-free results. .

February 20, 2013

Combining convection heat and hyper-pneumatic module, MaxiReflow HP ensures virtually void-free solder connections. Instead of using complicated vacuum process, system is equipped with excess pressure chamber, enabling gas convection to be used for heating assemblies. Each heating zone of MaxiReflow HP – as well as zones integrated in hyper-pneumatic chamber – has tangential fan that ensures homogeneous heat distribution with large volume of ventilated process gas. Read More

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Selective Soldering System offers in-line concurrent processing.

January 21, 2013

Fully-configured SMEMA-compatible, KISS-205 Selective Soldering System combines fluxing, pre-heating, and soldering into simultaneous functions to achieve gains in productivity. Dual universal PCB edge conveyor provides program controlled width adjustment, positive PCB location, and PCB flattening. Additional features include automated fiducial XY and skew correction, volumetric atomized and/or drop jet fluxer, and independently controlled dual pre-heater modules. Read More

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Selective Soldering System features benchtop design.

January 21, 2013

Suited for companies that hand solder through-hole components on PCBs, ULTIMA TR2 is equipped with 35 lb-capacity solder pot that handles lead-free or Sn/Pb solders. Integral nitrogen hood with micro pre-heater inerts solder site and stabilizes wave temperature, while 3-axis drive mechanism moves PCB with positional accuracy of ±0.01 mm. Point-to-point and drag soldering functions, along with solder pump speed, wave height control, dip height, and dwell parameter settings, are fully programmable. Read More

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Selective Soldering System requires 36 x 31 in. of table space.

October 10, 2012

Suitable for soldering through-hole components and connectors to SMT and mixed technology PCBs, ULTIMA TR2 incorporates X-, Y-, Z-axis drive that moves PCB, rather than solder pot. Solder pot and pump assembly features integral nitrogen hood with built-in micro-preheater for inerting solder site and stabilizing wave temperature. Via bottom-side witness camera, operator can view live video of soldering process on laptop/PC. Universal PCB holders handle boards up to 13 x 10 in. or 18 x 15 in. Read More

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Solder Reflow Oven features dual-lane, dual-speed design.

August 13, 2012

PYRAMAX(TM) features High Efficiency flux management system, which collects flux residue by processing oven atmosphere from multiple extraction points through series of heat exchangers, ensuring clean operation. Dual-lane design doubles throughput of oven by allowing 2 boards to be run simultaneously in parallel, with identical or near identical boards. With ability to adjust one lane while other lane continues production, WINCON 5.0 control software offers true dual process capability. Read More

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Automated Selective Soldering Machine processes 12 x 12 in. PCBs.

May 24, 2012

Intended for companies performing prototype volume, quick turn jobs that have few through hole components, entry-level KISS 101A uses traveling mini-solder wave soldering process and features controls mounted in a way that minimizes system footprint. Universal PCB location rails are standard, and lead or lead-free alloy solder pot and pump assembly are available. Along with 6 and 12 mm bullet nozzles, features include programming camera, teach functions, and programmable process parameters. Read More

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Dual-Wave Solder Machine facilitates lead-free-to-Pb switchover.

October 11, 2011

Measuring less than 5½ ft long, Model 16.350 can be configured with 2 pots on roll-out carts to provide lead-free-to-Pb switching. System features 200 kg solder pot capacity, 350 mm wide adjustable finger conveyor with built-in cleaner, and 600 mm pre-heat tunnel with forced hot air convection for thorough and even heat penetration. In addition to motorized inlet conveyor, Model 16.350 includes motorized spray that evenly distributes flux. Read More