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Ensure Safe, Sterile Transfer of Aseptically Packaged Liquid Foods from Specially Engineered Barrier Bags and Fitments by Aran Group

October 20, 2016

Greer, SC – The safe discharge of perishable liquid foods from aseptic large IBC bags into aseptic processing tanks and equipment can now be achieved efficiently without compromising sterility with specially engineered bags and fitments from Aran U.S.A., part of the Aran Group. (Booth #E-10419 at PACK EXPO International, November 6-9, 2016 in Chicago’s McCormick Place) A major aseptic...Read More

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Sanitary Drum Dumper is equipped with roller conveyor.

September 20, 2016

Constructed of stainless steel and suitable for wash-down, TIP-TITE® Sanitary Drum Dumper allows dust-free transfer of bulk materials from drums to downstream equipment. Design also accelerates sanitizing between changeovers. Pneumatically powered and certified for use within hazardous areas, dumper can tip drum 45°, 60°, or 90° and employs motion-dampening feature. Dust-tight seal allows controlled, dust-free discharge via pneumatically-actuated butterfly valve into vessel. Read More

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Hydraulic Laundry Cart Dumper increases safety and efficiency.

September 6, 2016

Hydraulic laundry cart dumper, by eliminating repetitive, heavy lifting, and time-intensive procedures associated with manual handling of bagged and loose laundry, increases worker productivity and safety in incoming soil-sort area. Upon pushbutton actuation, dumper automatically lifts loaded laundry cart (1,500 lb max) and turns it upside down for emptying onto sorting table or conveyor. Unit fits Poly-Trux® 72P style carts as well as other carts with heights to 67 in. and widths to 29 in. Read More

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Dust-Tight Drum Dumper is rated for hazardous areas.

August 30, 2016

Suitable for Class II, Division 2, Group E environments, TIP-TITE® Drum Dumper allows dust-free bulk material transfer from drums into process equipment and storage vessels. Rollers on hydraulically raising drum carriage assist with drum positioning, and dump angles of 45°, 60°, or 90° are possible. Low-profile lift radius allows operation in areas with 100 in. of minimum headroom. Unit handles 30–55 gal drums up to 750 lb that measure 36–48 in. tall; adapter is available for smaller drums. Read More

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Schwarze Industries Reaches Milestone in Colorado

August 18, 2016

HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA [August 15, 2016 - Schwarze Industries is pleased to announce that OJ Watson Equipment and Schwarze Industries, Inc. recently completed the delivery of 4 Schwarze M6TE Avalanche High Dump Mechanical Street Sweepers and 4 Schwarze A8 Twister High Dump Regenerative Air Street Sweepers to the City of Colorado Springs. The City of Colorado Springs previously utilized two...Read More

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Dust-Free Bag Dump Station features tubular conveyor.

May 24, 2016

Manual Dumping Station with integral FLEXI-DISC® Tubular Cable Conveyor collects dust created during manual dumping from containers and gently conveys material at any angle over short or extended distances. Vacuum fan draws airborne dust from operator's atmosphere, and automatic reverse-pulse filter cleaning allows continuous operation. Modular system, with single or multiple inlets and outlets, is constructed of stainless steel finished to food, dairy, pharmaceutical, or industrial standards. Read More

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Bulk Bag Weigh Batching System integrates tubular cable conveyor.

May 3, 2016

Automated Bulk Bag Weigh Batching System meters ingredients into FLEXI-DISC® Tubular Cable Conveyor, which transports, dust-free, batches of specified weight to processing equipment. While BULK-OUT® BFC Series Discharger has cantilevered I-beam with electric hoist and trolley for forklift-free loading/unloading, FLOW-FLEXER® Activators foster continuous, complete materials discharge. Conveyor accommodates metered and non-metered inlets as well as multiple full-flow outlets and valved outlets. Read More

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Mobile Drum Dumper features dust-tight design.

March 28, 2016

Mounted on mobile frame with quick-action floor jacks, TIP-TITE® Mobile Drum Dumper allows dust-free transfer of bulk materials from drums into process equipment and storage vessels. Unit accommodates drums from 30–55 gal weighing up to 750 lb and measuring 36–48 in. in height. Dumper is available constructed of mild steel with industrial finishes, with material contact surfaces of stainless steel, or in all-stainless steel finished to food, dairy, pharmaceutical, or industrial standards. Read More

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Bulk Bag Discharger employs hopper shuttle system.

February 18, 2016

Integrating shuttle system that lets used hopper be exchanged for clean, dry hopper in <1 min, BULK-OUT® Bulk Bag Discharging Station prevents cross-contamination during material changeovers and eliminates down-time associated with hopper cleaning. Each hopper is equipped with stainless steel rotary valve that meters material into process equipment positioned below mezzanine. Once empty, hopper can be rolled within 2 C-channels to either side of central filling position for sanitizing offline. Read More

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Box Dumper features 135 degree dump angle.

February 2, 2016

With dump height ranging from 24–84 in., ROLO Box Dumper is suited for carts, bins, and cans, efficiently handling scrap metals, metal chips, corrugated materials, and hospital waste. System is available with 5–10 hp motor and 6–10 gpm pump. Built with structural steel frame, dual cylinders, and high-tensile steel pivot shaft for durability and stability, customizable dumper features max capacity of 8,000 lb and cycle times ranging from 26–137 seconds. Read More

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Electric Drum Dumper is custom-designed for application.

November 16, 2015

Featuring heavy-duty carbon steel frame with continuous welds for durability and easy cleaning, Low Level Drum Discharging System safely empties drums of various materials into process. System has custom carbon steel open pour chute with fixed position retention bars. Chain and gear operating system features full safety cover and NEMA 12 operator control panel mounted at ergonomically correct height. Read More

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Hydraulic Side-Load Drum Dumper delivers dust-tight operation.

September 16, 2015

Side Load 180° LIFT & SEAL™ Direct Lift Hydraulic Drum Dumper accepts drum filled with material loaded from side on gravity roller conveyor. Once loaded, drum alignment system allows proper sealing of drum to stainless steel pour cone for dust-tight operation. Dual Control-Link™ Rotation system inverts drum for maximum product discharge, and pneumatic vibrator system further assists discharge. Custom designed unit is available with discharge heights up to 40 ft and rotation to 180°. Read More

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Drum Dumper utilizes 2-speed hydraulic system.

July 9, 2015

Docking drum to gasketed pour cone for dust-tight operation, Lift & Seal System™ safely inverts drums and empties materials into existing process. Pour cone features fully mounted orifice gate and docking flange to mate with existing hopper. For maximum product discharge, Control Link™ Rotation System provides controlled 180° drum rotation. Read More

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Bin Dumper moves loads vertically in excess of 30 ft.

July 9, 2015

Available in 135° light capacity and 150° heavy capacity sizes, EHD Bin Dumper features structural steel frame designed for stability under extreme conditions. Machines can empty material directly from container into production, recycling, or waste handling equipment and meet/exceed ANSI and OSHA specifications for safety. Along with >30 ft max and 7 ft min dump height, features include 1–2 cylinders, 4,000 lb max capacity, 5–10 hp motor, 3–6 gpm pump, and 30–285 sec cycle times. Read More

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Installation Kit targets disk-type fluidizers.

April 9, 2015

Suitable for silos, hoppers, and bins, Fast-Fit Kit only requires 2 in. diameter hole to be drilled. Disk-type Fluidizer is then inserted from outside vessel. Alignment plate correctly positions Fluidizer stem for attachment, while retaining cable assists in installation of gasket, washer, and nut. Fluidizer is effective at preventing rat-holing and bridging by utilizing air pressure to move material while gently vibrating vessel wall. Read More

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New Rayco Tracked Dumpers Arrive at Multi Machine, Inc.

April 1, 2015

JUST IN!!! The demand for these dumpers, entirely made in USA has been tremendous! Like no other Manufacturer in the industry, all components are readily available in the USA. The service team at Rayco is excellent as well. If there is ever a problem, which has been very rare, they are on it immediately. If you have a job that is just too wet for your wheeled dump trucks, this is the machine...Read More

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Discharge System minimizes required cleaning effort.

March 18, 2015

Used in conjunction with Ross planetary and multi-shaft mixers, Discharge System with Electronic Pressure Control suits high-viscosity material applications. Vessel rolls over after mixing cycle to Discharge System, which is programmed to maintain desired platen pressure. This enables automatic and controlled transfer of finished product directly into filling line. Components include hydraulically lowered platen with o-ring, cylinder-mounted linear transmitter, and PLC-based control panel. Read More

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Portable Bulk Bag Discharging System is designed for talc.

February 16, 2015

Custom-designed Material MASTER™ provides sealed discharge of talc into existing process. Flo-Master™ bulk bag massaging system promotes material flow, while Flo-Lock™ gate halts material flow for partial bag discharge. Unit also includes loss-in-weight scale system with digital weight indicator. With gull wing doors and Sure-Seal™ discharge spout sealing system, Seal-Master™ bag spout access chamber ensures dust-tight material discharge. Read More

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Heyl & Patterson Announces Sale of Railcar Dumper Equipment

January 30, 2015

Pittsburgh, PA– Heyl Patterson Inc., a world leader in bulk material handling and thermal processing systems, has announced the sale of a turnover railcar dumper barrel to Oxbow Carbon LLC. The unit will be installed at an Oxbow facility in Argentina, and will be used to unload fuel grade coal for use in their production facility. The new steel structure, including an upgraded clamping...Read More

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Lift & Seal(TM), Lift & Dump Drum Dumper

January 12, 2015

Unit accepts a drum of non-free flowing material and discharges the contents into a hopper at approximately 140” above floor level. Unit features an exclusive Lift & Seal™ system for dust-tight operation, a patented Control-Link™ Rotation system for 175 dump carriage rotation, and 304 stainless steel product contact surfaces. Unit features a continuously welded tubular steel frame for...Read More