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Solder Paste Stencil is available for custom stencil designs.

February 11, 2014

Able to be applied to existing production stencils, chemistry of NanoSlic® Gold coating imparts hydrophobic and oleophobic surface to apertures and underside of stencil; non-stick surface resists solder paste build-up and reduces cleaning cycle requirements.  Nano coating permanently bonds and conforms to aperture walls regardless of size or geometry. Abrasion surface withstands repeated cleaning, and paste release enables high-yield printing at low area SARs (surface area ratios). Read More

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Stencil for Solder Paste Printing increases yield, reduces waste.

January 29, 2014

Developed to address electronic assembly industry demands, NanoSlic® Gold stencil features coating based on application process that coats both underside of stencil and aperture walls. Thermally cured and permanent coating is hydrophobic and oleophobic, which repels solder paste. Minimizing rework while increasing yields, properties promote solder paste transfer efficiencies for small apertures. Furthermore, properties minimize bridging and reduce underside cleaning. Read More

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Masking Stencil targets automotive refinishing applications.

July 1, 2013

Engineered from 304 stainless steel, SHIM-MASK serves as masking stencil to prevent rub-through during sanding or shaving of minor surface imperfections. Four chemically etched shapes with smooth edges are available to choose from. Product is suited for paint and lacquer runs as well as minimizing area when sanding paint-filled chips or scratches. Read More

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Fine Line Stencil helps maximize solar cell efficiency.

May 29, 2013

Ensuring printed line height uniformity, Fine Line Stencil™ enables sub-40 µm line widths with no increase in line resistance. When used in dual print process, stencil first prints busbars with fine mesh screen, and then separately prints conductors. This allows optimized paste to be used for each process which not only gives precise control over print height of busbars and fine lines, thereby saving silver, but also allows non-contacting busbar paste to increase Voc and therefore cell efficiency. Read More

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Interchangeable Stencil offers consistent tension over time.

May 6, 2013

In addition to optimized solder paste deposition and definition, VectorGuard™ High Tension features foil tension of 33 N/cm², transferred evenly on all 4 sides. Product has no glue bonds to fail and offers frame flatness for process control and repeatability of position from foil to foil of same product, minimizing time to switch stencil. Long-term integrity of stencil ensures no tension degradation over time. Read More

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Stencil Technology meets challenging aspect ratios down to .46.

April 8, 2011

NicAlloy-XT(TM) stencil incorporates NiPlate(TM) process, ensuring smooth aperture walls and offering optimal paste release and under screen clean performance. Manufacturing processes produce uniform stencil thickness, while NanoCoat(TM), supplied as standard, ensures delivery of optimal quality print deposit. Product offers alternative to electroform stencils as well as traditional laser cut stencils. Read More

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3D Stencil targets multi-level printing applications.

December 7, 2010

Facilitating printing on different levels with upward or downward steps, VectorGuard 3D enables uniform stencil thickness to be achieved for quality print results. Electroformed nickel stencil not only prints 2 levels simultaneously, but can also accommodate levels that differ by up to 3 mm. In addition to providing coverage for dedicated areas on board, VectorGuard 3D is suitable for printing of heatsink pockets for power components or printing of 3D mounting PCBs. Read More

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Double Layer Stencil combines filling, inner-layer stages.

January 14, 2010

Suited for semiconductor applications and component manufacture, VectorGuard® Double Layer Platinum stencil is fabricated through 2-step lithography and Nickel electroforming process before mounted on VectorGuard tensioning technology. Mesh layer holds stencil intact while controlling flow of paste to second layer, and circuit layer determines thickness and shape of print deposits to deliver high-tolerance, fine-dimension printing with accuracy better than 0.1 µm/mm. Read More

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Stencil Materials are reusable, non-toxic and recyclable.

May 18, 2009

Semi-rigid Ultra-Cut II, which conforms to curved or irregular surfaces, is 8.5 mil thick white clay-coated polyethylene with repositionable adhesive on heavy natural Kraft backing. It is designed for applications of characters ¼ in. and larger. Synthetic Stencil Board-Cut is 10 mil thick, semi-rigid coated polyethylene stencil material comprised of non-adhesive material adhered to natural Kraft backing with removable adhesive. It is designed for applications of characters ½ in. and larger. Read More

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Interlocking Stencils suit industrial marking applications.

July 28, 2008

Available in 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 18 in. sizes, Quadra Lock interlocking stencils are comprised of letters, numbers and spacers that fit together like puzzle pieces to form words, phrases, and numbers for industrial marking and parking lot applications. All characters are pre-spaced to facilitate alignment and can be painted via roller/brush or sprayed with any paint, ink, or stain. Uses include curbs, parking lots, sidewalks, and containers. Read More

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Stencil is suited for surface mount applications.

June 12, 2007

Maintaining compatibility with standard VectorGuard frame, OptiGuard provides alternative mounting process that is suitable when stepped or multilevel stencils are deployed. It can be used with laser-cut, precision etched, laser-formed, or electro-formed stencils. Read More

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Stencil System offers portable convenience.

March 6, 2006

Complete Roll-On Stencil Kit includes 3 in. roller, 4½ x 7 ½ in. ink pad, quart of stencil ink, and custom-made, reusable stencil in choice of .010 mylar or .040 polyvinyl. Stencils allow small quantity markings for any size package and are also suited for marking doors, loading areas, bays, and buildings. They can be made with company logos, universal symbols, and special warnings. Read More

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Multi-Level Stencils reduce need for post-print rework.

October 21, 2005

Multi-level stencil helps ensure that appropriate paste volumes are deposited for all components, from power and I/O connectors to discretes and fine-pitch devices of all types, in one squeegee pass. This is achieved by controlling thickness of stencil in selective areas across its surface, local to each component; apertures in thinner areas deliver less paste, and apertures in thicker areas deliver more paste. Read More

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Products and Services offer comprehensive lead-free solution.

June 15, 2005

DEK Lead-Free(TM) Branded products include stencils for lead-free solder paste, squeegees and cleaning materials, lead-free stencil storage, and lead-free Printer Caddy. Formalized approach to implementing lead-free pre-placement begins with focused process audit and Site Implementation Plan methodology. Tutored workshop sessions are provided with unlimited Q and A, allowing customers to gain hands-on experience with lead-free materials and processes. Read More

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Software and Stencils facilitate lead-free printing.

April 19, 2005

Suited for continuous screen printing in SMT applications, Europa and Horizon printing platforms integrate Instinctiv user interface for interpretation of complex process information and on-board recovery. VectorGuard(TM) versions of stencil technologies, including PumpPrint(TM) and electroformed stencils, as well as stainless steel laser cut stencils, are safe to use on factory floor, store in space-efficient filing system, and disassemble at end of life. Read More

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Stencils facilitate high-speed adhesive deposition.

September 29, 2004

Available in 23 x 23 and 29 x 29 in. sizes with 3 mm thickness, VectorGuard(TM) PumpPrint(TM) Stencils utilize tensioning system of VectorGuard frame, which attaches directly to acrylic PumpPrint stencils by engaging in channel routed around circumference. Stencils allow large numbers of adhesives deposits of almost any shape and size to be made on populated PCBs with sub 8 second cycle times. Read More

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Stencils withstand heavy use and abuse.

August 7, 2003

PolyTough(TM) Stencils are cut from 1/8 in. high-grade plastic. Heavy weight and flexible characteristics allow them to conform to any surface. Large stencils have all inside corners radius-cut to relieve stress and minimize damage. When paint dries, it flakes off, making stencils easy to clean. Stencils keep parking lot, factory, warehouse, or athletic field clearly marked. They are suited for marking numbers, letters, arrows, signs, logos, and mascots. Read More

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Stencils mark plant and warehouse floors.

October 22, 2002

Made from 1/16 in. PolyTough plastic, Floor Marking Stencils are designed to improve plant and warehouse safety and traffic flow. User lays stencil on floor and paints over it with spray or brush. If marking gets damaged or worn, user can simply respray it. Stencils available include: CAUTION FORK LIFT TRAFFIC, KEEP AISLE CLEAR, and NO SMOKING. Read More

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