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Konya Seker Maximizes Potato Strip Quality and Yield with ADR®First Solution

December 16, 2010

Konya Seker, the innovative Turkish processor, decided to try something different on their potato strip production line. Unlike other potato processors that use optical sorters to remove defects on their primary lines, Konya Seker relies on an ADR®5 Automatic Defect Removal System from Key Technology. This new application, called the ADR®First solution, maximizes product quality and... Read More

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New Eco-Friendly Drying System Operates on Biogas from Seafood Waste

December 7, 2010

Shrimp, Crab Hulls Diverted From Landfill, Power Their Own Conversion To Fertilizer<4444>Washington, NJ: A new, eco-friendly vibrating fluid bed dryer from process equipment manufacturer The Witte Co., Washington, New Jersey (, features a proprietary design that generates process heat using a blend of natural gas and the biogenic methane biogas. Developed for the Gulf Coast... Read More

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Key Technology Introduces Equipment to Improve Wine Grape Receiving Operations

December 2, 2010

Key Technology introduces its family of Crush Pad Equipment Solutions for wineries. Modules, which can be utilized separately or configured as an integrated system, include a Receiving Hopper, Cluster Sorting Table, Post-Destemmer Sorting Table with MOG (material other than grape) separating system, and color sorters. These stainless steel systems help wineries improve their product quality... Read More

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Optical Sorter facilitates seed corn processing.

December 2, 2010

Located downstream of husker, Veo(TM) uses vision module with LED light source and cameras to inspect up to 2,400 ears of corn/min and automatically removes ears with remaining husk. Sorter receives ears that are randomly discharged from husker, then collects, redistributes, and aligns ears into uniform flow with orientation and lateral spacing needed for automated inspection. Equipped with color touchscreen control panel and GUI, system provides real-time, on-demand diagnostics. Read More

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Celsis iDairy Innovations in Rapid Testing Keep Pace with Industry Challenges

October 1, 2010

New features and options help dairy micro labs work faster, safer and smarter<4444>CHICAGO - Celsis, the global leader in rapid microbial testing systems for industry, today introduced a range of new features for its Celsis Cellscan(TM) Innovate platform. The innovations help dairy manufacturers and packers maximize testing volume and uptime, remotely access and manage system data, and comply... Read More

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Flexible Screw Conveyor handles sluggish ingredients.

August 18, 2010

Featuring stainless steel construction with 150 grit sanitary finish, Helix(TM) Hi/Lo Conveyor ensures food safety when processing sluggish powder and bulk solid ingredients. Unit conveys to heights of 12 ft at rates up to 25 cfm. With steep, conical shape, optional mass-flow hopper encourages discharge of non-free flowing ingredients without separate in-hopper agitation. Support framing is angled at 45° to discourage ingredients and washwater from settling on conveyor. Read More

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Compact, Economical Impingement Oven

July 22, 2010

IMP Jr. from Heat and Control quickly and uniformly cooks many different meat, poultry, seafood, vegetable, snack, and baked foods. Ideal for continuous cooking at food service kitchens, restaurants, pilot plants, and low-capacity processors, IMP Jr. is simple to use. Precisely adjust air temperature, air velocity, and conveyor speed from an easy-to-use touch screen. The patented impingement... Read More

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Tank Cleaning is Simple with Rotaball--The Perfect Low-Volume Rotating Spray Ball

July 19, 2010

The Rotaball tank washer is a compact, rotating-ball cleaning device used to wash the interiors of medium and smaller sized tanks. The Rotaball's powerful jets and multiple cleaning patterns make it the ideal tank washer for cleaning applications requiring both impingement and low flow rates. The available 360º and 180º spray patterns allow for cleaning from the top or from the bottom of... Read More

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Zimmerman Cattle Control Redesigns Headlocks and Milker Carts

June 23, 2010

Zimmerman Cattle Control knows that anyone working in the dairy economy is facing difficult times at present - but doesn't believe that means we're helplessly stuck and can't do anything about the situation. In that spirit, they have gone back to the drawing board and redesigned two of their products to be more affordable, without sacrificing a speck of quality. The process has actually improved... Read More

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Over 200 Spiroflow Flexible Screw Conveyors With Integral Bag Tip Stations in World's Leading Snack Food Plants

June 17, 2010

CHARLOTTE, N.C.--- Spiroflow Systems, Inc. and its sister company Spiroflow Ltd. report that over 200 Flexible Screw Conveyor (FSC) systems with integrated Bag Tip Stations known to the industry as 'flavor feeders' have been installed and are in operation at plants of leading snack food producers worldwide. The systems are primarily being used to transfer bags of seasoning and flavoring to... Read More

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Rotary Knife Cutter delivers tight control of end product size.

June 17, 2010

Available in carbon steel or all-stainless construction, Rotary Knife Cutter features machined, one-piece rotor assembly containing 5 adjustable rotating knives that cut against 4 reversible screen-mounted stationary knives. It rotates at 550 rpm, propelling on-size particles through perforated screens having apertures from 1/16 to ¾ in. Suited for cutting corn, grains, spices, and related food products, unit has hinged doors on both sides for quick cleaning and inspection. Read More

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Daul Speed Sanitary Mixer features 100 gal capacity.

May 6, 2010

Combining low-speed planetary stirrer with high-speed disperser, Model PD-100 Sanitary PowerMix is used for development of viscous pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food products requiring combination of slow and high-speed agitation. High-speed blade provides internal shearing action, while planetary stirrer continually moves material into high-speed blade. Action of planetary blade also removes material from tank wall, ensuring good heat transfer during mixing process. Read More

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Flexsift Outperforms Traditional Sifting Technologies in the Food Ingredients Industry

February 18, 2010

The Huijbregts Group (Huijbregts) is a European food processor. They were looking to increase capacity, efficiency and quality at their facility. To this point in time, the manufacturer was utilizing various sifting technologies such as Vibratory and Horizontal Centrifugal Sifters with differing sieve size diameters, based on the initial particle size of the product. To ensure that they were... Read More

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Sizing Bakery Mix from a Dryer

December 17, 2009

A manufacturer of bakery mix approached Quadro to help them size industrial baking ingredients coming from their drum dryer. The mixture consisted of oil, sugar, flavors and flour. The material left the dryer in a flake form. However, the flakes first needed to be cooled and then reduced to a consistent particle size prior to packaging.<4444>To effectively size the product, the manufacturer... Read More

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Flavor Control Software regulates product feed rates.

December 1, 2009

Designed for snack food industry, intelli-flav® v2 flavoring system is intended for use with roflo® 3 gateless and fully reversible transfer and distribution conveyors. Program measures flavor rates and product flow to monitor and self-regulate correct feed-rates. When product flow rate changes, it issues corresponding change in flavor rate, ensuring delivery of correct ratio of flavor to product. Settings are retained as recipe on touchscreen to simplify operation. Read More

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Centrifugal Dryer removes moisture from fresh-cut produce.

November 17, 2009

Able to handle up to 600 lb/hr, Compact Dryer features Allen-Bradley controls and fully adjustable spin speed and cycle time. Isolator support frame allows dryer to be free standing and moved from one location to another. Featuring 23 x 38 in. footprint, dryer can be lifted via forklift or pallet jack as well as manually. To discourage bacteria growth, stainless steel NEMA 4X/IP64 unit has self-draining control box area and minimal horizontal and recessed areas that can trap product. Read More

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Sauce Manufacturing Simplified with Increased Quality

November 4, 2009

A large, international manufacturer of frozen prepared foods approached Quadro to help find a solution to their preparation of a sauce-mix. The manufacturer was looking for a system that would blend dry powder consisting of flake parsley, guar gum and other seasonings into an oil/water mixture. The key was to provide enough shear to disperse the guar while avoiding damage to the delicate flake... Read More

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Increasing Production Efficiency & Product Quality in Ready-to-Use Frosting Manufacturing

November 4, 2009

Ready-to-use frostings have gained in popularity in recent years. Prepared frostings typically consist of sugar, gums and flavors such as cocoa and vanilla which are dispersed into a solution of corn syrup and water. Eductor-style powder dispersers often do not effectively disperse the gums and flavors without creating agglomerates causing increased batch times and often, re-work of the... Read More

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Efficient Bulk Tank & Silo Turnover for Dairy Operations

November 3, 2009

Bulk tanks and silos are commonly found in most dairy facilities. The products they contain tend to be shear-sensitive, and separate over time. The Jet Mixer has proven to be successful in bulk tank mixing and gentle handling of shear-sensitive products. Some of the products the Jet Mixer has successfully processed include yogurt pre-mix, infant formula, condensed milk whey, milk serum,... Read More

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Meeting the Challenges of Today's Ice Cream Manufacturer

November 3, 2009

Increase productivity, improve product quality and reduce costs. Quadro can help today's ice cream processor meet these challenges with our Ytron mixing technology. Conventional mixing methods often result in long processing times, poor yield of ingredients leading to filtration and high air incorporation. Partially hydrated lumps also have a tendency to build-up on the vessel and heat... Read More