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Thin Ceiling-Mount Antenna meet global carrier requirements.

April 26, 2016

Extending 0.33 in. below ceiling, 9.41 in. dia Clarity™ White provides wireless network access in hotels, convention centers, formal spaces, older buildings with low ceilings, and shallow spaces. This DAS omnidirectional antenna, which covers 608–2,700 MHz cellular bands and carries rating of better than -155 dBc at 2 x 20 W (2 x 43 dBm), is compatible with solid-ceiling adapter that facilitates installation even in hard-pan ceilings without convenient installation access. Read More

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Cross-Polarized MIMO Panel Antenna has PIM rating of <-150 dBc.

April 5, 2016

Designed for in-building wireless networks, including DAS applications, HyperLink® HG72708XWPPR-NF features 2 independent antennas with cross-polarization. One antenna is +45° polarized, while other antenna is -45° polarized. This directional, wall-mount antenna, fed via 2 plenum-rated antenna leads terminated with N-female connectors, offers coverage from 700–2,700 MHz, which supports such networks as cellular 4G/LTE, Personal Communication Services (PCS), and 802.11b/g/n.
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Rolling Antenna Cart extends cellular coverage.

February 16, 2016

Able to hold up to 2 user-provided antennas on masthead and 4 user-provided amplifiers on cart base, WAL-ML-SAWC Mini Portable Cell on Wheels extends cellular coverage in large venues, such as stadiums, arenas, and outdoor fields. When in use, unit can be extended up to 13 ft in height. Manually powered hand crank allows for seamless deployment and adjustment of antennas. Constructed of heavy gauge steel, tower has black powder coat finish for protection against rust and corrosion. Read More

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Telephone Access System features 22 in. color touchscreen.

April 22, 2015

Available in flush and surface mount, 22 in. Touch Telephone Access System offers customizable solution for occupant and visitor access control in condominiums, apartment buildings, office buildings, gated communities, and industrial buildings. System runs Windows-based operating system and uses custom interface modules for ADC/NSL telephone interconnectivity. Variety of programming options is available via built-in USB or Ethernet ports, as well as modem and COM-to-RS485 modules. Read More

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Public Transport: Acapela Group Creates Custom Voices for Trafikverket Passenger Information System

March 23, 2015

Vocal landmarks to commuters: Trafikverket, The Swedish Transport Administration, enriches its Passenger Information System with a new custom voice from Acapela Group MONS, Belgium - Trafikverket is the authority in charge of passenger information and public announcements at most railway stations in Sweden. Every day no less than 20 000 voice announcements are made to inform passengers... Read More

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Digium Signs Cloud Master Agent Agreement with Aligned Communications

March 19, 2015

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Digium®, Inc., the Asterisk® Company, today announced that Aligned Communications, a premier telecommunications master agency headquartered in Dallas, Texas, has joined the Digium Cloud Agent Program as a Master Agent. Aligned Communications is an expert in cloud communications services, assessing customer environments and making recommendations for the most... Read More

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Multi-Band Antennas serve small cell and outdoor DAS applications.

March 12, 2015

Comprising dual-, triple-, and quad-band models, EXTENT™ Omni Whip antennas are PIM certified (<-150 dBc @ 2 x 43 dbm) to provide optimal LTE performance and suit such deployments as small cell installations and outdoor distributed antenna systems (DAS). Functionality supports need for precision coverage in urban areas, and several frequency coverage options are available: 698–740, 740–793, 793–894, 894–960, 1,710–1,910, 1,910–2,180, 2,305–2,360, and 2,360–2,700. Read More

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Success Story Series: Acrosser's Network Micro Box Gains Visibility in European Market

February 26, 2015

ACROSSER Technology, a world-leading network communication appliance manufacturer, is pleased to announce its MOU collaboration with a European telecommunications solution provider. In this success story, the network micro box AMB-D525N2 is used as a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) multimedia system for integrated business communication. A traditional PBX enables enterprises to connect... Read More

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Acrosser's Network Micro Box Gains Visibility in European Market

February 19, 2015

ACROSSER Technology, a  world-leading network communication appliance manufacturer, is pleased to announce its MOU collaboration with a European telecommunications solution provider. In this success story, the network micro box AMB-D525N2 is used as a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) multimedia system for integrated business communication. A traditional PBX enables enterprises to connect... Read More

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Matrix IP-PBXs Now Supports Radio Network, Allows Secured Communication

February 6, 2015

Secured Communication addressing broad geographic regions is a necessity in all organizations concerning safety and maintaining confidentiality of their assets. With increasing demand for secured group transmission, organizations are looking for wireless trunk lines for better communications. Matrix Enterprise range of IP-PBXs allows your Communication over Radio and sets you free from the... Read More

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Galtronics' LTE, DAS & Small Cell Antennas are Now Available with 4.1/9.5 Mini-DIN Connectors

January 23, 2015

TORONTO -- Galtronics Corporation Ltd., a Baylin Technologies (TSX:BYL) company, announces its portfolio of state-of-the-art antennas with high performing 4.1/9.5 miniDIN connectors. The antennas with 4.1/9.5 mini DIN connectors are available for immediate shipping from Galtronics' US Arizona warehouse. Approved by leading carriers in North America and the availability of the antennas in... Read More

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SureCall's New Cellular Signal Boosters Add WiFi and HDTV; Simplify Installation

January 16, 2015

FREMONT, Calif. - SureCall, the leader in cellular signal booster technology, has introduced three new models intended to make signal booster technology a standard addition to the millions of homes and offices needing stronger wireless service. Providing a unique combination of connectivity solutions, the SureCall Fusion7 is the first device to simultaneously enhance cellular signal reception,... Read More

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Mobile POS Accessory works with smartphones and tablets.

January 13, 2015

Measuring 117 x 49 x 25 mm, KDC®500 Mobile POS Companion combines chip-and-PIN and MSR secure payment transaction technology with 1D laser- or 2D imager-based barcode scanning and NFC capabilities that support Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows mobile/PC over Bluetooth technology. EMV/MSR/NFC features provide full transition options with KTSync® data collection and application generation tools. EMV/MSR/Barcode/NFC sled, included, is PCI compliant and detachable.

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Ceiling Mount MIMO Antenna offers inter-port isolation.

December 1, 2014

Operating from 698–5,900 MHz, PIMinator™ DASLTE500NFMIMO Antenna achieves -25 dB or better of inter-port isolation, preventing reduction in SNR. Low passive intermodulation of -155 dBc at 2 x 20 W ensures high data rates to support streaming video for mobile devices. There is minimal crosstalk between ports and horizontally stable radiation patterns across all frequency bands. Housed in injection molded radome, distributed antenna system offers 6 dB or less of peak gain differential. Read More

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Securus, Inc. to Exhibit Next-Generation Mobile Safety and Security Devices at ISC East 2014 Conference

November 18, 2014

eResponder, eCare+Voice and eZoom Offer Security Resellers New Opportunities to Grow Their Businesses CARY, N.C. – Securus, Inc., a leader in mobile safety and security products, will attend ISC East on November 19-20, 2014, at the Javits Center North in New York City. The company will discuss how security product dealers can increase business by adding mobile security products to their... Read More

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Portable Telemedicine Kits enable remote consultations.

November 6, 2014

Based on SecureChat video encryption and compression software, DigiMed kits provide real-time teleconferencing with emergency medical professionals via satellite or terrestrial wireless links. DigiMed Mini contains Windows® tablet with built-in camera, Bluetooth® headset with mic, and Wi-Fi macro camera. DigiMed Vital adds EKG sensor and DigiMed Access dashboard software. DigiMed Plus further adds Bluetooth sensors, blood pressure cuff, blood glucose meter, and other medical devices. Read More

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Laird Antennas Enable Connected Car and Enhance Driving Experience

September 3, 2014

First application of LTE/MIMO technology for North American automakers Laird, a global technology company, announced that their LTE/MIMO antennas will be installed on a major domestic automobile manufacturers North American vehicles, beginning model year 2015. The Laird antennas enable 4GLTE cellular connection to mobile devices, infotainment and safety options inside the vehicle. This offers... Read More

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Voice Command/Audible Alarms deliver customizable messages.

July 7, 2014

Designed to quickly and clearly alert individuals of emergency or critical situation, Smart Alert systems utilize various alarms, while MP3 Smart Alert systems utilize voice and alarm technology. Playlist programming editor enables customized MP3 messages to be created, stored in SD card, and then loaded into MP3 Smart Alert unit. Offered in models for indoor and outdoor use, systems are also available with coordinated, high-visibility, single and multiple color LED signal lights. Read More

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Omnidirectional Antennas enable seamless 3G/LTE in remote areas.

June 30, 2014

Ensuring cellular connectivity even in remote locations, TerraWave LTE-band Mobile Antennas support 3G/LTE, SCADA, wireless backhaul, and broadband communications. Available solutions include 3G/LTE Terminal Omni Antenna (TESSCO No. 515219) with hinged right-angle SMA connector; 3G/LTE Outdoor Omni Antenna (TESSCO No. 566090) with N-style plug connectors; and 3G/LTE/Wi-Fi/GPS Omnidirectional Antenna (TESSCO No. 512336) with three 13 in. pigtails. Read More

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One Experience, One Voice and Video Conference, One Answer: Compunetix

June 24, 2014

MONROEVILLE, Pa. - Compunetix, Inc., the leading provider of advanced collaboration solutions, announces the newest integration of the CONTEX Summit® voice and EVERGREEN™ video multipoint media processors at the upcoming InfoComm event in Las Vegas. The two market-leading platforms work together seamlessly behind the scenes, allowing users from room-based video terminals, PSTN phones, desktop... Read More