IP Relay Controller offers compact, peer-to-peer solution.

Press Release Summary:

With 2 x 3 in. board size, Ethernet (IP)-controlled IA-3721-E includes 2 relays, 2 digital inputs, Ethernet port, and built-in Peer-to-Peer function with communication health report function. Stand-alone operation negates need for host computer, and P2P System comprised of IA-3721-E controllers may be added to any existing facility (without changing any parameter) using any copper, fiber, or wireless network.

Original Press Release:

Online-Devices Announced New Tiny, Peer-to-Peer Solution, IP Based

Intelligent-Appliance has announced a new Stand-alone Peer-to-Peer solution, IA-3721-E, in a small footprint, that is Ethernet (IP) controlled.

The IA-3721-E is of 2x3” Board size. It includes two relays, two Digital Inputs, Ethernet Port and a built in Peer-to-Peer function with a communication health report function to ensure a secure operation for an extreme demanding system.

Stand-alone operation means no Host computer is required to gain control over the Relays of one IA-3721-E controller by the Digital Inputs of the opposite IA-3721-E controller, and vice versa, while being connected through their Ethernet Port.

The IA-3721-E IP Relay Controller may be purchased as a single controller board or as a set of Pair IP Relay Controllers, Factory set to Peer-to-Peer operation, at no extra fee.

The P2P System, made of IA-3721-E controllers may be added to any existing facility, without the need of changing any parameter, using any Copper, Fiber or Wireless network.

Open source examples and DOT.net drivers are attached to each package to get a fast and easy system integration in single mode operation.

Intelligent-Appliance is a well-known Developer and Manufacturer of Industrial I/O and Relay boards line products, designed to operate in Harsh Industrial Environment, providing high reliable solutions at a cost effective pricing.

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