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Uniform Coatings exhibit high laser damage threshold.

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Uniform Coatings exhibit high laser damage threshold.

October 24, 2013 - High laser damage threshold (LDT) coatings, available for various component geometries, are designed for use with diode, diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS), and gas lasers as well as other high-energy systems. Featuring laser damage threshold levels as high as 25 MW/cm², these low insertion loss coatings exhibit low reflectance with AR coating performance rating of R <0.25%. Thresholds accommodate such applications as laser cutting, machining, drilling, and welding as well as micromachining.

Deposition Sciences, Inc. - Santa Rosa, CA

Original Press Release

DSI® Introduces High Laser Damage Threshold (LDT) Coatings

Press release date: October 15, 2013

Santa Rosa, CA – Deposition Sciences, Inc. (DSI®), global manufacturer of highly durable thin film optical coatings, introduces a new line of high laser damage threshold (LDT) coatings.  Designed for use with lasers and other high energy systems, these coatings are ideal for diode, diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS), and gas lasers.  DSI’s new products feature laser damage threshold levels as high as 25 MW/cm2.

High laser damage threshold performance is coupled with the company’s unique, field-proven ability to uniformly coat a wide variety of component geometries, including complex shapes.  For example, DSI’s new low insertion loss coatings feature extremely low reflectance with an AR coating performance rating of R< 0.25 percent, according to Dr. Michael Newell, Director of Sales and Marketing.

Dr. Newell reports, “DSI has successfully deployed the new line of LDT coatings in a variety of critical applications, with components such as micro lenses, fiber lenses, collimators, beam shaping optics, ball lenses, hemispherical lenses, LED lenses, and even domes and reflectors.  Our specialized IsoDyn™ low-pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD) process gives us a unique capability to provide excellent performance and high laser damage thresholds for laser systems.  Our customers are excited by the high level of performance our new LDT coatings deliver.”

High damage thresholds are extremely critical for many of today’s laser applications, including laser cutting, laser machining, micromachining, laser drilling, and laser welding.  For more information on DSI’s new high LDT coatings, please visit or call 866-433-7724.

For more information on DSI’s LPCVD coatings, please read David McLean’s feature article posted in DSI’s online News Room titled, "Optical Thin Films on Complex Substrate Geometries".

Deposition Sciences, Inc. (DSI) – Santa Rosa, CA – - For over 25 years, Deposition Sciences has produced the most durable optical thin film filter coatings in the industry.  DSI’s coating capability ranges from the ultraviolet (UV), through the visible and includes near-infrared (NIR), midwave-infrared (MWIR) and out to the longwave-infrared (LWIR).  At the heart of these coating capabilities for optics and other thin film technologies are DSI’s patented MicroDyn® reactive sputtering technology enabling superior multilayer thin film coatings, and the company's IsoDyn™ LPCVD method that permits exceptionally conformal optical coatings on complex shapes and sizes.


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