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Remote Diagnostic Unit aids LED controller/light system testing.

Press Release Summary:

May 30, 2014 - Able to interface with Unimar DLS and WLS Series of dual and white LED controllers and retrofit onto other LED-based, medium-intensity lighting systems, Uni-Mon provides system status as well as capability to control, test, and troubleshoot. Unit can interface locally via laptop or remotely via optional modem to NOC or can send messages to smartphones or email addresses. Along with self-test function, features include UI that provides step-by-step troubleshooting directions.

Original Press Release

Unimar Launches Uni-Mon(TM) Remote Diagnostic Unit

Press release date: May 29, 2014

Unimar Inc., an aviation obstruction lighting company specializing in custom and standard aviation obstruction lighting systems, announced the launch of a new Remote Diagnostic Unit under the Uni-Mon trade name. Uni-Mon is designed to interface with all of the latest generations of Unimar’s DLS and WLS Series of Dual and White LED controllers and retro fits onto most other LED based medium intensity lighting systems to provide system status as well as provide the capability to control, test and troubleshoot.  Uni-Mon can interface locally via laptop or remotely via optional modem to a NOC or can send messages to smartphones or email recipients. This new cutting edge technology comes with a number of different functions including a self-test function, which allows complete testing of the system to assure proper operation or Quarterly System Verification. The remote control capability allows users to monitor alarms, reset the system, change system modes between day and night operation and perform alarm testing. The included user interface provides step by step troubleshooting directions for resolving system faults and for training personnel. This product carries Unimar’s standard five year warranty and Unimar’s hassle free service and support.


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