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Rand McNally Broadens Its Mobile Fleet Management Solutions with Motorcoach E-Logs for HOS Compliance

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Rand McNally Broadens Its Mobile Fleet Management Solutions with Motorcoach E-Logs for HOS Compliance

Press release date: February 17, 2014

TransCor America, LLC signs on as flagship account

LOS ANGELES - Today, at the UMA Motorcoach Expo, Rand McNally announced that the company's mobile fleet management solutions now include E-Logs compliant with the Hours of Service regulations specific to the passenger-carrier market.

Motorcoach HOS is available on Rand McNally's TPC 7600, a full featured in-cab mobile computing device; the TND™ 760, a revolutionary one-box, one-cable mobile fleet management device providing unparalleled ROI; and via the HD 100, a small black box about the size of a deck of cards designed to pair with tablets, phones, and the company's IntelliRoute® TND 720 GPS device to create a mobile fleet management solution.

"The bus/motorcoach transportation industry faces regulatory and operational challenges similar to over-the-road commercial transportation fleets," said Steve Fletcher, CEO of Rand McNally. "It was a natural extension of our efforts in the commercial transportation market to develop a solution that meets the specific requirements for passenger-carrying drivers as well.  Now motorcoach companies have access to  the compliance and safety benefits of mobile fleet management, cost reduction due to automation of tasks, navigation specific to larger vehicles, and monitoring of vehicle and driver behavior for maintenance and training."

Rand McNally also announced that TransCor America, LLC (TCA), the most experienced detainee/prisoner transportation company in the country, is in the process of installing the TND™ 760 throughout its organization. Having transported more than 1.2 million detainees/prisoners at all security levels during the past 23 years, TCA operates throughout the United States 24 hours per day, seven days per week. TCA is a subsidiary of Corrections Corporation of America.

TCA's previous provider of mobile fleet management was unable to support the new HOS regulations and the anticipated E-log mandate with multi-seat functionality, a necessity for long-haul prison transport.

"We reviewed a variety of solutions for 18 months before selecting Rand McNally as our partner for mobile fleet management," said David Spence, Managing Director, Fleet Management and DOT Compliance, TransCor. "We wanted to be ahead of the game with E-Logs and HOS specifically related to our industry. Rand McNally's unique feature for multi-seat recording supports our reality - up to six drivers on a transport, each of whom must be compliant with HOS regulations."

In addition to operating under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and in conjunction with federal regulations, TCA is one of the first detainee/prisoner transportation companies to be in full compliance with the Federal Transportation of Dangerous Criminals Act of 2000 (Jeanna's Act). The Act establishes specific regulations for private entities that transport prisoners across state lines.

The automation of HOS for TCA will provide a simpler and more efficient way to manage reporting. Specifically, TCA anticipates a reduction in the seven-to-ten days spent compiling and auditing paper logs to nearly automatic reports. In addition, the all-in-one TND(TM) 760 device provides bus locations visible via the Rand McNally Connect web portal, allowing the TCA's operations group to manage its entire fleet and anticipate necessary adjustments to the routing plan for each vehicle.

"An added benefit of the TND 760 device is the driver experience. The ease-of-use has reduced the stress on drivers to keep track of and calculate hours, allowing them to focus on driving," continued Spence. "Another great thing is that the device allows us to review driver behavior. We reward our drivers for their commitment to safe driving, as evidenced through benchmarks provided by the TND."

Spence reported that drivers currently using the device also appreciate the advance warnings for steep grades, sharp curves, and speed limit changes provided by the TND 760 devices.

TCA has already installed the TND 760 across its fleet of passenger motorcoaches, and intends to install them in prisoner vans as well.

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