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POSITAL-FRABA Inclinometers Are Taken for a Spin

Press release date: April 4, 2014

The World's largest ferris wheel, the Las Vegas High Roller, has recently opened to the public with help from POSITAL FRABA's line of TILT-IX 2-Axis ACS inclinometer. A total of 60 inclinometers are distributed around the outer diameter of the wheel, ensuring a level ride for each passenger pod as the wheel rotates.

The devices, which function as highly accurate versions of the accelerometers found in many current generation smart phones, measure the angular position of whatever their mounted on relative to the user-designated "Zero Plane". The High Roller features a model that uses an 4-20mA analog output, communicated across an RS232 interface, although many other outputs interfaces are available. Both single axis (360) and dual axis (80) models are available, each with an accuracy of 0.10 and a resolution of 0.01.

These devices can be housed in a lightweight and durable polymer, or a more rugged metal casing, with IP ratings of 54 - 69K. All models feature fully potted electronics and are able to withstand considerable shock and vibration. Additionally, their fundamental technology is based in a non-contact design, allowing the ACS to boast a MTBF of an astounding 300 years.

POSITAL Inclinometers are durable, versatile, and have a proven track record of reliability. Everight Position is proud to be the premier distributor for Posital Fraba in North America, and have a close working relationship with the manufacturer. If you are interested in this or any POSITAL position sensors, you can reach out at any time to Everight Position for more information.

About Everight Position:
Everight Position is a company that specializes in specifying non-contact sensor solutions to engineers across North America. Everight has personal and exclusive relationships with many of the world's leading sensor manufacturers, and brings decades of experience to the table. We pride ourselves on fast and informative service and always place the highest emphasis on the needs of the end user.

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