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Our Capabilities: Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis

Original Press Release

Our Capabilities: Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis

Press release date: July 20, 2012

Sigma has recently added Nonlinear FEA to its suite of advanced engineering tools. This new offering will allow Sigma's engineers and designers to better tackle some of the toughest challenges by more accurately simulating nonlinear behavior, including plastics analysis, large deformation and nonlinear/time-based loading. Of particular interest is the team's ability to effectively load and unload a part, thereby predicting any permanent deformation that may occur. Recent clients have sent preliminary plastic models for review, enabling quick review of proposed design changes and their effects on part integrity, before more expensive prototypes and tooling are manufactured. Additionally, models were simulated at elevated temperatures to recreate the real-world testing scenarios the part was designed to withstand. Nonlinear FEA is another tool in Sigma Design's advanced engineering toolbox, and complements the years of plastic part experience held by Sigma's design and engineering team. Learn more about our capabilities by viewing SIGMA'S online brochures. SIGMA Design Company- Turning Smart Ideas into Product Solutions with Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis


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