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New Software Release Lowers the Cost of Modal Testing Using VTI's DSA Hardware

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New Software Release Lowers the Cost of Modal Testing Using VTI's DSA Hardware

Press release date: April 8, 2009

Irvine, CA April 8, 2009 VTI Instruments Corporation is pleased to announce a new software solution designed to enhance the modal testing capabilities of its dynamic signal analysis (DSA) product family. Dynamic Measurements, Inc. has released its new Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (MIMO) Frequency Response Measurements component, an addition to its Acq_Mat turnkey software. Acq_Mat enables users to quickly set up VTI hardware and acquire data that can be directly ported to MATLAB for analysis. Acq_Mat is a multipurpose software package that provides a GUI used to interact with MathWorks' MATLAB program. The new MIMO option supports up to eight excitations (source channels) and numerous response channels. With the new capabilities, Acq_Mat provides options for time and frequency measurements, swept sine, octave, RPM run-up & run-down, order tracking, and multi-reference impact testing. VTI has a long history of providing world-class hardware solutions for DSA applications, said Chris Gibson, VTI Business Development Manager. The combination of Acq_Mat and VTI hardware provides engineers with a powerful yet cost-effective solution for modal testing. The software runs on top of MATLAB on PCs with Windows XP or Vista. It supports multiple channels of VTI's DSA hardware, including VT1432A/B, VT1433B, VT1434A, VT1435, VT1436, and VT2216A, with either the Firewire or EX2500 Gigabit Ethernet interface. Engineers can also export Acq_Mat data using the Universal File Format type 58 in either ASCII or binary. About VTI Instruments Corp. VTI delivers precision instrumentation for electronic signal distribution, acquisition, and monitoring. ISO9001:2000 registered, the company serves the following key markets: aerospace, defense, and energy and power generation. VTI's technology allows its customers to optimize their capital investment through product longevity while ensuring unmatched measurement integrity and data reliability. With plants in the U.S., Europe and Asia, worldwide product support is provided through a network of VTI-certified engineering representatives. VTI is a sponsor member of the VXI Consortium and a strategic/founding member of the LXI Consortium.


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