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Free Webinar: Mixers and Frequency Conversion

Press release date: May 6, 2014

When: Tuesday, May 20th at 11:00 AM ET

Where: Presented online by Microwave Journal. Register now at:

Speaker: Allen Podell, IEEE Life Fellow

Presentation Abstract:
Frequency conversion is a critical function in all wireless systems. A key component used to accomplish this is the mixer. Designers need to understand different mixer topologies and specifications in order to meet their system requirements. This webinar provides a brief overview of frequency conversion and introduces the mixer as the component used to accomplish this function. Areas to be covered include:
  • RF system architectures
  • How many conversions?
  • How to convert? What is a mixer figure of merit?
  • Passive diode mixers versus passive FET mixers
  • Monolithic silicon active mixer issues
  • Comparing mixer specifications
  • Design overview
Who Should Attend: Engineers, managers, and program managers interested in frequency conversion and mixers. Students also welcome!

Mini-Circuits is pleased to sponsor this informative webinar as part of our ongoing commitment to support our customers and friends in the industry with valuable information. We hope you will join us for this educational online presentation.

Registration is now open for the May 20th webinar.

Link to register:


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