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EasySYNC Announces Powerful Software Support Environment for its Latest USB Instruments

Press release date: June 3, 2014

To complement its recently updated USB-based test equipment range, EasySYNC Ltd has introduced a comprehensive suite of sophisticated software packages. These offer a compelling combination of ease-of-use, breadth of diagnostic functionality and operational flexibility.

With versions available that are suitable for Windows and MAC operating systems, the EasyScope III software is designed to be utilized with EasySYNC's DS60M10 Stingray in both its oscilloscope and data logging capacities. This high end data capture/manipulation tool's oscilloscope features include 2 oscilloscope channels (with an FFT spectrum analyzer display on each of these), a time base covering 100ns/div to 200ms/div, a Y-scale 25Mv/div to 5V/div, on screen X and Y measurement cursors and an auto-set mechanism. Its data logger features include 2 data logging channels, a sampling rate up to 1ms (1000 samples/s) and an input saturation range from 0.1V to 20V. In order to maximize convenience, the operative can save captured data as CSV or BMP files, as well as importing from previously saved CSV files.

The EasyLogicAnalyzer Version 1.2 software has been developed to accompany the ES-DLA-8 and ES-DLA-816 logic/protocol analyzer products. Thanks to inclusion of improved waveform display algorithms it supports considerably better performance levels than were possible with the previous version. Enhancements to the waveform navigation function allow operatives to scroll or navigate along a waveform in a variety of ways. The zoom-in/out feature enables closer scrutiny of waveforms too. Thanks to improvements to the core algorithms of the waveform display, better spectral performance is delivered when operatives are moving waveforms. Ideal sampling rates can also be specified when employing an external clock. Both Windows and MAC editions are offered.

"The primary goal of developing this suite was to bestow on our customers the sort of next generation user experiences that competing solutions aren't able to provide," says Ross McGillivray, 's Sales Manager. "Through the highly intuitive human machine interfaces and advanced functionality of these software packages engineers can carry out the acquisition, analysis and subsequent presentation of test data, while ensuring the highest degree of accuracy."

The EasyScope III software package is free to download at:

Likewise, the EasyLogicAnalyzer Version 1.2 software package can be downloaded for free at:
16-bit -
8-bit -

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About EasySYNC
Established in 2001, EasySYNC Ltd is a supplier of communications and instrumentation products with specialist expertise in serial connectivity solutions based on USB, CAN and RS232/RS422/RS485 interfaces. The company's product range includes USB serial adapters, USB-to-CANBus adapters, USB-to-RS232 adapters, USB-to-RS422 adapters, USB-to-RS485 adapters, USB-to-Ethernet converters, USB based oscilloscopes, data loggers and logic analysers. EasySYNC Ltd has sales offices in Europe and North America.

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