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Curable Adhesives - New Products by Parson Adhesives

Press release date: November 17, 2012

Parson Adhesives has become a renowned name in its sector for its high-quality production of acrylic adhesive, glass glue, industrial adhesives, thread locker and UV Adhesive. PARLITE UV Curable Adhesives The company manufactures a complete line of UV Curable Adhesives and Visible light curing adhesives, which are for a wide range of applications starting from encapsulating, bonding, tacking, coating and sealing. The state-of-the-art R & D department at Parson offers custom formulations to fulfil customer's specific requirements. The chemists and engineers help the customers to solve their curing, bonding and performance issues. The products are available in different types of packing like syringe, drum and bottle. SONLOK Anaerobic Adhesives SONLOK Anaerobic Adhesives is pre-applied to threaded parts and converts ordinary fasteners into self-sealing and self-locking fasteners. It is dry to touch and the thread locker becomes a vital part of the fastener. It stays inert until the parts are properly used. The thread locker is used during the assembly process and is activated by assembly forces, which releases anaerobic adhesive. It seals and locks various parts securely. These products can be used successfully, without solvents, in pressure environments as well as extreme temperature to lock and seal against steam, air, most lubricants and fluids. PARTITE Acrylic and Methacrylic Adhesives Parson provides a full line of high performance adhesives that are used for various applications. There popular product Methyl Methacrylate Adhesives are mostly used as structural adhesives, thanks to their impact resistance, excellent strength, thermal shock, peel strength and fatigue resistance. Different types of Resins Polyester resins are economic and commonly available. They have the constancy of syrup, while its viscosity depends on the Styrene monomer solvent. Most of the resins available in the market come with dual components, generally ME Peroxide and/or Benzoyl peroxide. Usually, the resins available in the market are pre-accelerated and contain metal salts, which fasten the decomposition of catalysers. Epoxy resins are a little more expensive resins. In addition to this they better hardness properties compared to other resins. Also, they have more adhesion properties and comparatively less shrinkage. Usually, the filler-free form offers similar viscosity. These types of resins are mostly available as Polyester, which boost dual component catalyser. They generally have MEK Peroxide and Benzoyl peroxide. Acrylic/Alkydic resins have different type of compositions and are normally initialized by dual components catalysers. Most of the acrylic resins are considered as valid UV-curable resins. They have higher reactivity properties when compared to other ones; on the other hand they are economically priced.


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