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Change of Generation for Logic Modules

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Change of Generation for Logic Modules

Press release date: February 18, 2014


Logo! 8 is a completely new generation of logic modules
Eight new basic units and diverse new add-on modules
Simplified handling, reduced space requirements, more outputs
Ethernet interface and integrated Web server
Programs from all predecessor series can be transferred

With the Logo! 8 series of logic modules for smaller automation solutions in industry and building systems, the Siemens Industry Automation Division is launching a completely new generation of devices. Logo! 8 replaces the two current series 6 and 7 and is characterized by simplified handling, reduced space requirements with more digital and analog outputs, as well as an improved price-performance ratio. All new Logo! 8 basic units now offer Ethernet communication, additional functions for remote operation and remote access, as well as simpler configuring of the communication functions. The Logo! 8 series in revised design comprises eight new basic units that are equipped with Ethernet interface and Web server and, with four subunits, again feature the same compact design as before.

With the Logo! 8 series of logic modules for smaller automation solutions in industry and building systems, the Siemens Industry Automation Division is launching a completely new generation of devices.

Four of the new Logo! 8 basic units for different voltage types have a display with six lines of 16 characters each, and three adjustable background colors. Thanks to the display's distinct signal colors, clear operator information and fewer abbreviations, message texts and status information are more visible and easier to read than before.

A wide range of add-on components (also new) supplement the basic units of the Logo! 8 series. These include a six-line text display with 20 characters to each line and four function keys, a module as Ethernet 4-port switch, as well as seven digital modules, three analog modules, and diverse power modules for power supply. The new module for communication via SMS and GPS is used for position detection, alarms and remote control via mobile phone, or time synchronization.

Logo! 8 connections are compatible with previous versions and programs can also be transferred. The new devices are configured using the new Logo! software Soft Comfort V8. The software helps to create and implement programs quickly and simply; for example, the communication functions of up to 16 network nodes are defined simply by dragging and dropping.

With the integral Web server, Logo! 8 is easy to use via WLAN and the Internet for monitoring and controlling. The Web server is designed for all commercially available Web browsers on PCs, smartphones and tablet PCs – from Chrome, FireFox, and Internet Explorer to Opera – regardless of the operating system. Web pages with a view of the logic module and external text display can be shown immediately. Users do not require any knowledge of HTML programming.

These logic modules, launched by Siemens in the mid-1990s as a new class of devices, close the gap between contactors, auxiliary relays, time switches, and programmable logic controllers. The Logo! logic modules can be used universally in industry and building systems. The numerous different applications range from simple machines to building automation. This includes mill presses, conveyor belts, sorting systems, infeed systems, automatic handling systems, car wash installations, access controls, light/door/gate controls, aquaria and terraria, expansions to heating controls, saunas, whirlpools and swimming pools, feeding systems in fish farming and livestock raising, all the way to booster stations and pump stations.

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