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chemical processing & waste management, plant furnishings & accessories, waste handling equipment

Accessible Absorbent Cabinet accelerates spill response.

March 18, 2016

Accommodating facilities with spill-prone outdoor areas, PIG® Spill Kit in UV-Resistant Wall-Mount Cabinet is designed for facilitated location and accessibility. Prepackaged solution includes universal mat, absorbent socks, loose absorbents, and PPE capable of absorbing up to 8.3 gal of oils, coolants, solvents, and water. While see-through front panel aids inventory level checking, gasketed door and UV-resistant poly construction of weather-resistant cabinet keeps moisture out. Read More

chemical processing & waste management, safety & security equipment, waste handling equipment

Portable Biofluid Spill Kit reduces risks to facility employee.

March 2, 2016

Able to absorb up to 8.5 gal, PIG® Biohazard Spill Kit helps facilities reduce employee risks when cleaning up blood, urine, and other biofluids. Components – PPE, PIG Absorbent Pads, PIG Absorb-&-Lock Bio-Fluids Loose Absorbent, germicidal wipes, and other supplies – come in UN-rated container suited for shipping regulated wastes for disposal. Carrying handle facilitates transport. Users include first responders as well as hospital, school, nursing home, and industrial facility personnel. Read More

material handling & storage, safety & security equipment

Storage Cabinets safely secure pesticides for decades.

January 22, 2016

Built to survive continuous industrial use, Pesticide Safety Cabinets features double-wall (1.5 in. insulating air space), MIG-welded, 14- and 18-gauge steel construction. Ribbed polyethylene shelf liners help keep containers out of contact with spilled liquids. Along with 3-point zinc latch, features include 4 in. bullet hinges with self-lubricating, fully enclosed brass pins and full-width, welded shelf hangers; self-closing doors with gas springs; and 2 in. leak-proof sump in base. Read More

materials & material processing, plant furnishings & accessories, waste handling equipment

Leak Diverter Kits contain roofs and pipe leaks.

September 3, 2015

Applicable regardless of leak type, PIG® Leak Diverter Combination Kit for Roofs & Pipes provides all products needed for response and control: pipe and roof leak diverters, drainage hoses, hanging straps, absorbent mats/wipes, pipe wrap, and multipurpose repair putty. All items, supplied in adjustable carrying bag, minimize potential for damage to other products and processes as well as prevent slippery floors. Leak diverters are constructed of vinyl-coated, impermeable tarp material. Read More

material handling & storage, waste handling equipment

Hazardous Material Overpacks come in 20 and 30 gal sizes.

April 24, 2015

Made of chemically-resistant polypropylene, UN-Rated 20- and 30-gal Overpack Salvage Drums keep hazardous waste safely contained and facility in compliance with shipping regulations. Products are X-rated and suitable for Packing Groups I, II, and III hazardous materials. Designed and sized for shipping leaking cans, bottles, and 5-gal pails as well as lab packing applications, containers feature leak-proof, twist-on, notched lid and can be nested when empty. Read More

chemical processing & waste management, waste handling equipment

High-Visibility Spill Kit accelerates response to accidents.

May 1, 2014

Packed with PIG absorbents, PIG® Spill Kit in High Visibility Economy Container can be placed near spill-prone areas throughout facility. Non-threaded, lift-off lid accelerates access to contents, and molded-in handles facilitate carrying. With bright yellow color that helps locate kit when needed, polyethylene container resists oil and chemical splashes and keeps contents clean and dry. Temporary disposal bags are included, and tamperproof seal helps prevent pilfering of contents. Read More

fluid & gas flow equipment, material handling & storage

Roof Leak Diverter Kit opens in less than 2 minutes.

April 18, 2014

Designed to quickly deploy from storage bag, PIG® Spring-Open Roof Leak Diverter Kit catches nuisance leaks and channels them to floor drain or collection container via flexible PVC drainage hose. Rigid outer rim allows Diverter to spring open, while attached straps and hooks keep unit in place. Made of non-permeable vinyl-coated fabric, Diverter resists punctures, UV damage, and mildew. Kit features flow rate of 3.33 gpm when used with supplied ½ in. ID hose. Read More

waste handling equipment, green & clean

Drain Cover offers emergency spill response protection.

April 18, 2014

Packaged in easy-open, hi-viz storage tube, PIG® Rapid Response Drainblocker® Drain Cover has urethane bottom layer that creates tight seal for quickly sealing both floor and storm drains during spill emergencies, indoors or outdoors. UV-resistant polypropylene top layer will not stretch or tear when picked up. Offered in 4 sizes for square or round drains from 9–36 in., drain cover is suited for fixed facilities, fleets, hazmat, and other response teams who need to meet EPA regulations. Read More

safety & security equipment

Cleaning/Maintenance Kit helps safely extend battery life.

November 15, 2013

Providing all supplies needed to safely maintain and extend battery life, PIG® Battery Cleaning & Maintenance Kit includes acid neutralizing mats, wipes, sprays, full face shield, and apron. Neutralizers, personal protection equipment, and nonconductive tools minimize risk of acid burns and shock during maintenance. Color change indication makes it evident when neutralization is complete as to ensure safe handling. Also included, temporary disposal bags help facilitate cleanup. Read More

material handling & storage, safety & security equipment, waste handling equipment

Spill Response Center combines visibility and security.

April 3, 2013

Safety-yellow, heavy-gauge steel PIG® Spill Kit in a Cabinet arrives assembled, complete with adjustable shelves, and ready to serve as central spill response center. Lockable drawers are suited for PPE, patch and repair supplies, and other quick response-related items, and tamperproof seals help prevent pilfering. This spill response center also features coat rack and comes with PIG® BLUE Socks, PIG® Mat and Pillows, wipers, and temporary disposal bags with ties. Read More

packaging equipment

Latching Drum Lids help comply with regulations.

March 21, 2013

Suitable for product dispensing and waste collection areas, PIG® Latching Drum Lids are designed to open and close with one hand. Lids feature Nitrile gasket and locking mechanism that minimizes vapor emissions and seals lid so drum contents stay dry and secure. Removable hinge pin allows lid to be removed without loosening band to facilitate container dumping, while Fast-Latch drum ring allows lid to be moved from one drum to another without wrenches or other tools.<br /> Read More

waste handling equipment

Crush-Resistant Barrier Kit offers leak and spill containment.

March 21, 2013

Used indoors or outdoors, Build-A-Berm® Barrier Kit lets facilities create semi-permanent spill containment barrier around machinery or storage areas without building cement curbs or cutting and installing angle iron. Pliable, open-cell solution can be shaped to suit any application or environment and returns to original state after being walked on or rolled over. While high-visibility yellow color increases safety, 18 oz, all-vinyl covering resists oils, coolants, and chemicals. Read More

waste handling equipment

Hazmat Spill Kit comes in see-through container.

March 21, 2013

Constructed of polypropylene, PIG® Hazmat Spill Kit in See-Thru Container enables facilities to conduct visual inventory inspections. Container holds enough PIG® Pads, Socks, and Pillows to absorb up to 8 gal of acids, bases, and corrosive hazardous liquids. Snap-tight lid protects absorbents from dirt and moisture during storage, while 1.5 in. casters allow kit to roll over smooth surfaces. Ampho-Mag Neutralizer instantly turns blue for bases, red for acids, and yellow/green when neutralized. Read More

material handling & storage, waste handling equipment

Drum Containment Bag features 6,000 lb lifting straps.

October 21, 2011

UN-rated for solid hazardous materials shipments, PIG(TM) Drum Containment Bag provides secondary containment and way to hoist containers on and off truck for field-to-shop mobility. Puncture-resistant, PVC-coated shell clips shut to keep rainwater out, while abrasion-resistant bottom enables bag to be dragged across gravel and other rough surfaces. Removable poly liner contains leaks and drips inside of bag and can be cleaned and re-used. Read More

waste handling equipment

Transformer Spill Kit absorbs up to 40 gallons of oil.

October 21, 2011

Suited for cleaning up large quantities of transformer oil leaks or spills outdoors, PIG® Transformer Spill Kit contains enough oil-only absorbent mats, pillows, and booms to absorb up to 40 gallons of transformer oils on water or land. Opaque, UV-resistant polyethylene container blocks sunlight from degrading both contents and container for up to 8,000 hours. To protect against pilfering, kit features leakproof, twist-on lid and tamperproof seal. Read More

chemical processing & waste management, safety & security equipment, waste handling equipment

Universal Absorbent Pillow helps prevent hazard conditions.

October 20, 2011

Able to capture and absorb nuisance leaks at source before they hit floor, PIG® LEAKTRAPPER(TM) Universal Absorbent Pillow features loop-backed bottom and attaches securely to heavy-duty Velcro® hooks to facilitate positioning around hose connections or anything that leaks. Cellulose filler absorbs up to 33 oz of oil, coolant, solvent, or water per pillow, while puncture-resistant, impermeable poly backing prevents strike-through onto surfaces. Read More

chemical processing & waste management, plant furnishings & accessories, waste handling equipment

Adhesive, Absorbent Mat increases workplace safety.

October 20, 2011

Offered in rolls, pads, rugs, or dispenser box, PIG® Grippy® Mat has adhesive bottom and soaks up leaks, drips, and overspray without bunching, curling, or sliding. Mat withstands high-traffic work areas/walkways and peels up without leaving residue. Featuring spunbond top layer with heavy-duty stitching and 8 layers of fine-fiber polypropylene, NFSI-certified product absorbs oils, coolants, solvents, and water. Poly backing creates additional barrier to prevent pass through to floor. Read More

plant furnishings & accessories

Absorbent Floor Mat increases safety by preventing slips.

March 12, 2010

Able to withstand heavy foot traffic while soaking up liquid and minimizing slips, PIG® RHINO(TM) Absorbent Mat is available with or without poly backing. Thermally bonded, spunbond polypropylene top layer with zig-zag stitching enhances strength and is resistant to wear and tear. While 8 layers of absorbent fine-fiber polypropylene form base, dimple pattern accelerates wicking of liquids throughout mat. Product can be wrung out and incinerated. Read More

waste handling equipment

Drain Cover protects indoor/outdoor drains in heavy traffic.

February 19, 2009

Able to withstand heavy traffic from tankers, trucks, and forklifts, PIG® Drive-Over DRAINBLOCKER(TM) resists punctures, tearing, abrasion, and UV rays. Rubber (HogHyde(TM) Skin) protects urethane sealing layer, ensuring tight and reliable seal on any surface. Suited for use as preventative measure as well as in emergency response, cover eliminates need to frequently deploy and remove temporary cover or permanently seal drain. Solution also resists water, oil, and chemicals. Read More

waste handling equipment

Funnel bends and molds to fit virtually any application.

January 22, 2009

Constructed of moldable lead interior and fully coated with pliable rubber, Form-A-Funnel(TM) is chemical resistant and can be shaped to channel, catch, and divert hard-to-drain liquids directly into container, keeping drips off of equipment and floors. When not in use, funnel will retain shape until next application, and can be flattened out or rolled up and stored. Read More

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