New Pig Introduces PIG® Sheet for Custom Liquid Control and Containment

Tipton, PA - October 28, 2009 - New Pig Corporation has invented the PIG® Sheet for custom liquid control and containment in common problem areas. The PIG® Sheet can be bent, molded, cut and folded to create a variety of troughs, trays, splash guards and more.

A moldable steel mesh core coated with pliable, corrosion resistant PVC allows the PIG® Sheet to be shaped again and again without cracking. Light-weight and rigid, the PIG® Sheet can be pushed into and pulled out of tight spaces easily. In addition, the PIG® Sheet's large surface area provides maximum coverage when used under equipment and machinery and is more efficient than using multiple trays. The product can also be attached to metal surfaces by magnets for hands-free use. When not in use, the PIG® Sheet can be stored flat or rolled up.

The PIG® Sheet is available in three sizes: 22" x 36", 12" x 94", and 36" x 94". Optional accessories include a Folding Tool to help create sidewall bends and an Edge Trim to provide a finished appearance.

In 1985, New Pig invented the first contained absorbent, the Original PIG® Absorbent Sock, changing leak and spill management forever. Built around its award-winning Pigalog® catalog, innovative product line, and legendary service, the company has thrived. Now a multi-channel, multi-brand supplier of innovative liquid management solutions and industrial maintenance products to industrial, institutional, and government facilities in over 70 countries, PIG® products, services, and technical expertise help workplaces stay safe, clean, and save time and money.
The company's 500 + page Pigalog® catalog features a wide variety of exclusive and innovative PIG® Brand products, including the largest selection of absorbent socks, mats, pillows, pans, and booms in the world. In addition, the expanding product line includes material handling equipment, personal protection apparel, spill response supplies, disposable and pre-moistened wipers, and other workplace safety products.
PIG® products and other quality brands are also available through its web site at Other channels offering PIG® products include all Safety-Kleen branches and NAPA stores, select Integrated Suppliers, and B-to-B E-Commerce exchanges.
For more information or a FREE Pigalog® catalog, contact New Pig at One Pork Avenue, Tipton , PA 16684 or call 1-800-HOT HOGS® (468-4647). The company's e-mail address is and website is

NOTE: PIG®, 1-800-HOT-HOGS® and Pigalog® are registered trademarks of New Pig Corporation.

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