Marine Radar System provides optimal target separation.

Built on 18 in. FMCW radome, Broadband 3G(TM) Radar provides navigation and collision avoidance in all weather conditions. System offers detailed views of surroundings at range scale down to 1/32 nautical miles and marks objects within 2 m of boat. Advanced clutter rejection virtually eliminates tuning, while InstantOn(TM) enables radar to power up instantly from standby. Drawing 19 W of power...

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Digital Radomes feature 4 kW transmitter with 48 NM range.

Providing digital and analog signal processing, RD418D and RD424D Radar Scanners include low-noise receiver technology for small target detection, and 8 pulse width/5 PRF transmitter, which ensures optimum performance through every range scale. Auto GST technology automatically provides intelligent control of gain, sea clutter, and tune adjustments, while optimizing small target returns.

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