Optical Gratings

Optics & Photonics

Planar Diffraction Gratings suit laser system applications.

Oct 16, 2013

Available for 633–1064 nm waveband with 1,600 lines/mm, LA Series exhibits diffraction efficiency of 98%, which is critical to expansion and compression of laser pulses for light sources used in laser processing. Gratings can also be used in analytical instruments for research in life sciences, chemistry, and environmental monitoring, as well as synchrotron radiation and optical communications.... Read More

Optics & Photonics

Diffraction Gratings feature aberration correction.

Jul 23, 2013

Guaranteed to meet groove profile and density specifications from prototype to production, Holographic Diffraction Gratings are aberration-corrected, meaning that unwanted optical effects such as keystone and smile are eliminated. Small-form-factor, temperature-insensitive products offer high SNR and low stray light performance. Applications include color management, plant phenotyping, pathogen... Read More

Optics & Photonics

UV Transmission Gratings disperse light for fixed applications.

Sep 16, 2011

Manufactured from UV grade fused silica substrate, UV Transmission Gratings are suited for applications in 250-450 nm wavelength range. Units are relatively polarization insensitive and are fairly impervious to alignment errors. When incident light strikes gratings' coarse groove spacing, it is dispersed to opposite side of grating at fixed angle. As groove spacing increases, diffraction angle... Read More