Nuclear Components

System detects above and underground nuclear explosions.

LOKI system pinpoints locations and verifies nuclear explosions while monitoring radioactive fallout in airports, seaports, cargo terminals, and border crossings. By using photonuclear gamma ray technology, system penetrates shielding to identify nuclear material, narcotics, chemical and biological agents at molecular levels. Detection system meets CTBTO standards which monitors nuclear test ban...

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Injection Process can reduce maintenance time.

On-line NobleChem(TM) (OLNC) platinum injection process mitigates intergranular stress corrosion cracking (IGSCC) in boiling water reactor (BWR) plants, potentially reducing maintenance outage times while protecting reactor internals. On-line NobleChem(TM) eliminates critical path refueling outage time by effectively utilizing small quantities of noble metals at times when reactor is operating at...

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