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Stainless Steel Bands, Buckles offer all-weather binding/clamping.

Jan 26, 2016

IDEAL-TRIDON® Band and Buckle system includes TruFlex .020 gauge thick banding, available in 100 and 200 ft lengths, and wing seal TruFlex clip/buckle. Latter can be used with all available banding. Bands are constructed of 201 corrosive resistant stainless steel and form to any diameter. Also constructed of 201 stainless steel, ear and wing seal style buckles come in various sizes.... Read More

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New Exercise Bands from Alliance Rubber Now Available on

Sep 30, 2015

Alliance, the world's largest rubber bands manufacturer, will offer exercise bands online through Walmart. HOT SPRINGS, Ark. - Beginning today, Alliance Rubber Company exercise bands are stretching and springing online at The Workout Bands and the Resistor Strips from Alliance, based in Hot Springs, Ark., are offering exercise enthusiasts an uncomplicated workout option outside... Read More

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Heavy-Duty Rubber Bands secure items during move.

Jul 27, 2015

With capacity to stretch to almost twice their resting length, Mover Bands are suitable for holding and securing furniture, appliances, and other large items. Reusable bands can also hold moving blankets in place, keep refrigerator doors shut, and prevent dresser drawers from opening during transit. With just one properly sized Mover Band, stabilization for most loads can be achieved. Read More

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Alliance Rubber's Oversized Band Product Now Available at Tractor Supply Company

Jul 01, 2015

Supersize Bands will be sold on shelves at the rural retail store operator for a trial period HOT SPRINGS, Ark. — Blue Supersize Bands are now available in limited quantities at most Tractor Supply Company locations. The bands will be in stores for the next six months. Sales results from the trial period will help determine if the bands are added to the permanent product list. "We believe these... Read More

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Alliance Rubber Adds New Product to Walmart Shelves

May 19, 2015

Rubber band manufacturer will supply tie-dye bands at retailers throughout U.S. HOT SPRINGS, Ark. — Although it is often associated with hippies and counter-culture, tie-dye is also among the biggest trends of fashion’s resort 2015 season – meaning that consumers will continue to find it everywhere this spring. And now, fashionistas can create tie-dye styles at home for a fraction of the... Read More

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Alliance Rubber Company Product Makes Organized Storage a Reality

Jan 23, 2014

Supersize Bands keep large-scale organization projects from getting messy. HOT SPRINGS, Ark.– Alliance Rubber, a leading global supplier of rubber bands, office and packaging supplies, offers a helpful option for keeping large organizational projects neat. Supersize Bands are designed for the distinct application needs of the industrial market, and provide quality solutions for personal use as... Read More

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Black Light Bands maximize promotional impact.

Oct 16, 2012

Made of stretchable rubber, Black Light Wristbands™ use black light-reactive ink, turning regular wristbands into glowing billboard for maximum promotional effect. Each wristband is printed to custom specifications, including event logos, sponsors' logos, dates, and special offers. With 6 different ink colors to choose from, bracelets offer customizable accessory for various events. Read More

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Alliance Rubber Company Antimicrobial Rubber Bands Reduce Risks Associated with Rising Bacteria

Aug 08, 2012

World's only antimicrobial rubber band is helping to protect more than 14 million health care workers. Hot Springs, Ark. - According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, (OSHA), increasing exposure to mold and other hazards can cause a variety of health effects and symptoms. While latex products have proved effective in preventing the transmission of many infectious diseases, the... Read More

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Machine-Washable Head Band blocks wind, sun, and dust.

Oct 01, 2010

CORE Performance Work Wear® line includes 6488 Fleece Multi-band, which provides soft, stretchable, fast-wicking polyester microfibers as well as fleece liner to deliver warmth for cold-weather workers. Comfortable, seam-free design can be worn in over 10 work-ready configurations, and technical treatments such as High IQ® and Silpure® counteract unpleasant scents. Read More

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Banding System enables ties of any length.

Dec 19, 2008

Unlike smooth plastic banding that must be connected with steel buckles, Q-Band® is designed with teeth that allow connecting clip to grip band. Q-Band® is adjustable and reusable, and since clip is not pre-connected to band, ties of any length are possible. Made of polypropylene with fiber reinforcement, Q-Band is suited for HVAC, insulation, electrical, chemical, and maritime industries. Read More

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Tamper-Evident Shrinkbanders offer 30-400 cpm line speeds.

Jul 12, 2007

Suited for food and diary product packaging, tamper-evident F-Series Shrinkbanders are fully mechanical and do not use vacuum or pneumatics. They apply tamper-evident bands 1-1.6 in. high to large diameter tubs and containers used for various applications, and accommodate band dia from 2.5-6.75 in. Built to UL standards, fully enclosed, stainless steel systems interface with Smooth Diversion... Read More

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Heater Bands are CSA and UL recognized.

Jun 12, 2006

Designed for plastics processing machines, Hot Sleeves Replacement Heater Bands feature rust resistant steel sheath, stainless steel strap lock-up, mica insulation, and nickel-chromium resistance wire element. They incorporate 12 in. treated glass braid leads at end of band and deliver average 31-46 W/in.² to ensure consistent operation. Notched sleeve allows insulation to be flush with nozzle... Read More

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Pallet Bands offer alternative to shrink strapping.

Apr 14, 2004

When stretched around top row of cartons, reusable Rolmar Pallet Bands can stabilize whole pallet load. They can be applied by hand, eliminating need for application equipment. For rough handling applications, bands can be applied around several rows for additional stability. Units are ¾ in. wide, 1/16 in. thick, and available in 5 sizes to fit any standard pallet. Read More

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Expandable Heater Bands facilitate barrel band replacement.

Mar 25, 2004

HTFlex Bands(TM) replace hard-to-remove, one-piece and two-piece barrel bands. They fit 4-10 in. diameter barrels and come in widths from 1¼-4 in. in ¼ in. increments. Units support operating temperatures up to 1,400°F and watt densities to 90 W/in². Engineered to expand and slide over barrel diameter, bands can be installed and removed from any point on barrel without removing other... Read More