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KEP Marine Releases New Line of Marine-Grade Input Devices

Mar 09, 2015

Electronics Leader Unveils Latest Waterproof ECDIS and Military Specific Controls Birdsboro, PA – Kessler-Ellis Products (KEP Marine) – the manufacturer of industry-leading, type approved displays, computers and peripherals, announced today the release of its newest line of marine-specific keyboards, trackballs and joysticks. The latest offerings from KEP Marine are well suited for exposed... Read More

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Contact-less Trackball has ruggedized, ergonomic design.

Jul 03, 2012

Supplied in ABS polycarbonate enclosure and fully sealed to NEMA 4X specifications, DP-TB-50(TM) employs laser tracking engine for accurate cursor motion at all speeds. Solid state sensing ensures continuous operation even in challenging conditions, while removable top ring facilitates cleaning/maintenance. Suited for demanding cursor control in industrial, military, and medical applications, 50... Read More

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I2C Keypad/Keyboard Controller is QWERTY-capable.

Oct 26, 2009

Key scan device, TCA8418, can generate interrupt output signal using 3-key combination to free up processor from scanning keys for presses/releases while conserving power and bandwidth. Integrated oscillator debounces at 50 µs and maintains 10-byte FIFO of key-press and key-release events, enabling storage of up to 10 keys with overflow wrap capability. Also, 18 GPIO can be configured into 8... Read More

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Monitor-Keyboard Drawer includes trackball.

Aug 16, 2005

FoldAway(TM) GFM 1501 helps minimize risk of command errors in hazardous industrial and laboratory settings. Unit packs 15 in. color monitor, full-travel 105-key Windows® keyboard, and 3-button trackball into steel rack drawer that fits in 1U height. Monitor provides 250 nits of light at contrast ratio of 350:1, resolution of 1,024 x 768 pixels, and 16 M color. It accepts analog VGA input... Read More

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Trackballs feature NEMA 4X protection.

Oct 05, 2004

Desktop TB-DT and panel-mount TB-PM offer solid-state optical trackball technology in completely sealed and waterproof enclosures. They feature 38 mm trackballs that sit inside polycarbonate housings within stainless steel cases or bezels. Trackballs are removable for cleaning, while adjustable tension ring ensures proper amount of trackball smoothness. ESD-safe and available with PS/2 or USB... Read More

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Trackball replaces navigation keys on mobile phones.

Jan 12, 2004

Miniature Trackball 360° scanning and select switch features 8 mm dia. ball housed in 12 x 12 x 9.1 mm unit. Two built-in LEDs provide electrically independent 2-color illumination. Trackball scanning switch can be set to deliver 8-24 pulses per ball rotation and can achieve 2.4-7.2 mil cycles with 300,000 full rotations. It gives selecting force of 2.2 N (±25%), scanning force of 0.35 N... Read More

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Trackballs are environmentally protected.

Oct 01, 2002

Models TBS225 and TBS200 have 2.25 and 2.00 in. ball diameters, respectively. They are enclosed and mount directly to underside of console. Trackballs employ Teflon® ball seals that prevent liquids, gels, and dust that come in contact with ball from entering unit. Model TBP138 offers snap-in front panel mount. It has small open design that is suitable for applications requiring portability and... Read More

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Trackballs are optimized for harsh environments.

Feb 20, 2002

Designed to be built into control panels, MOUSE-TRAK(R) industrial trackballs have glass filled Xenoy(TM) thermoplastic case and high density ball with low rolling force. Shafts and bearings are stainless steel. Two-button or no-button models are available with external connection for 3 user supplied buttons. Trackballs interoperate with standard mouse-drivers, so no driver installation is... Read More