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Test Cell Project Completed

Jul 18, 2014

Aerospace Test Cell – another completed project Project Included 6" Schedule 80, 316 H grade H, Hi temperature stainless steel airlines 800 feet. 16" schedule 40 hi velocity stainless steel air lines. – 100 ft.  Heavy duty hi temperature 6" ball valves, pneumatically actuated.  Electronically controlled, hydraulically actuated flange ball valves for equipment control systems. Structural... Read More

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New Bridge Innovations from Contech Engineered Solutions

Oct 26, 2012

Contech's new product developments deliver impressive results WEST CHESTER, Ohio - Contech Engineered Solutions announced today the launch of three new bridge innovations that will expand the offering of accelerated bridge construction products for the marketplace. The CON/SPAN® O-Series(TM) and EXPRESS(TM) Foundations precast bridge products, as well as BridgeCor® deep-corrugated... Read More

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Construction Mats are made from fiber reinforced polymer.

Jun 18, 2008

FRP Pads and Mats offer corrosion resistant foundations and support surfaces that minimize amount of soil preparation required prior to starting development work. Providing portable access for heavy traffic or equipment to environmentally sensitive or challenging areas, lightweight, molded, and non-slip pads can be used as temporary roadways, helicopter landing pads, outrigger pads, trench... Read More

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Concrete Foundation aids in pump installation.

Nov 28, 2001

Polyshield ANSI Combo Units are made of modular monolithic pre-cast polymer concrete shells that provide foundation to support ANSI dimensional pumps. Units are made with Novolac epoxy, which resists most acids, alkalines and solvents, making it ideal for highly corrosive applications. Features include catch basins, grout holes, and inserts of 316 stainless steel. Read More